Slog AM: New Vaccine Mandates for Washington, Bank Robber Caught Too Late, and a Little Kitty in a Big City



«The Seattle Times endorses the racist right-wing Sawant recall.»
The whole recall is about "getting that uppity colored woman out of there" just like when the GOP went nuts trying to oust Obama.
The open racism inspired by the MAGA movement has encouraged this sort of thing around the country.


lol. Hard to imagine a more cringe image of someone masked outside.


The Sawant anti-endorsement is an editorial, not an op-ed. An "editorial" is the collective view of a newspaper's editorial board and is not credited to any individual. An "op-ed" (so-called because in print they typically appear opposite the editorial page) is an opinion essay credited to one or more individuals.


The recall is neither right wing nor racist and continuing to insist it is continues to damage the credibility of the solidarity campaign (btw its not voter suppression either). It makes it seem like Sawant can not defend her actions, knows she is wrong and rather than address the issues she continues to dog whistle and gaslight voters in District 3 in hope she and her supporters can create enough doubt in people's minds to vote no. If Sawant really wanted to defend herself she should just admit that these things happened, apologize and commit to doing better in the future. Of course she won't do that because her and her supporters minds the ends justify the means and that is exactly why she should be recalled. She has zero contrition for jeopardizing the health of people during a pandemic and risking the safety of another public official to score some faux political victory. If she survives this, which is very possible, we can look forward to more of the same and probably worse as it will be clear that she is allowed to bend and/or break laws and rules in pursuit of her movement. For my part I hope the voters of District 3 have had enough. They deserve better.


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If the recall is "right-wing" and "racist" it just balances the left-wing racism of cravenly voting to slash the salary of one of the only Black, female Chiefs of Police in the country. What comes around goes around.


@7 Poetic justice as fairness ahoy.


Perhaps Matt should listen to old recordings of Radio Moscow to find new superlatives to describe the recall effort. "Right-wing and racist" is so 2000 and late.


Agree that the recall is not “racist” or “right-wing,” and agree that Kshama’s people using that terminology is unfortunately how she typically operates (bullshit leftist dog whistles, simplistic descriptions of complex issues and motivations, etc).

However, I’ll still vote no, because it’s total bullshit that this wasn’t on the ballot we JUST filled out a couple weeks ago, and the entire petitioning exercise constitutes an abuse of the recall process.

I’m not going to vote for her again when she’s up for re-election if she has a half-decent opponent, but this is a terrible precedent to set. If it works, you’ll see all kinds of bullshit recall petitions anytime a local politician does something unpopular.


@10 I'd also argue it is very difficult to abuse the recall process here in WA state unlike CA where you simply need to gather signatures. Here you need the signatures plus a court ruling that the charges are sufficient to warrant recall. That is a very high bar as evidenced by Durkan's recall getting thrown out and also an indication of just how egregious Sawant's conduct was. I'd turn this around on you and say if you don't recall Sawant based on these charges than short of catching an election official with a smoking gun in their hand is there any circumstances that matter? What message are you sending to our officials? We're ok with you abusing your office as long as we agree with you politically? This is beyond being unpopular. The Supreme Court found the charges were sufficient. In order for our political system to work there needs to be accountability for officials who willingly and knowingly violate their oath of office. I hope you reconsider your position.


Uh, Sawant opening the doors of City Hall to hold a rally during a public health related stay home order is problematic. No other Councilmember of any racial or ethnic background did that. Funny you left that part out.


Recall elections are bullshit. They are an antidemocratic loophole for angry voters who can't unseat a politician through normal elections, so they put an election on a random date on the calendar and hope that the incumbent's opponents are more motivated to vote than their supporters.

If she broke the law she should pay whatever restitution she owes (fees or jail time), and if she cannot fulfill her duties a replacement should be appointed to complete her term.


That is some mask commitment that I respect, my man! Thank you also for the bus operator breakdown.


7 - Yeah! And kill the poor!


It wasn't bank robbery, it was bank theft. Get your terms right if you want to be a reporter.


99 mph winds on Mt Rainier (Tahoma).

60+ mph winds everywhere.

Highways shut down due to severe flooding in BC ID MT WA OR.


We said expire all fossil fuel subsidies, depreciation expensing, set-asides, and exclusions NOW. Not in 2025. Not in 2030. Not in 2040. Not in 2050. Not in 2060. Not in 2070.

Hey, I promise to stop drinking in 2070.

Until then ...


“ The Seattle Times endorses the racist right-wing Sawant recall.”

Oh just stop it. Not every disagreement or calling for a council member to be held accountable for some bullshit she pulled is based in hatred and racism. Such a simplistic world view.

@2 - lol. Dude loves posting photos of himself, masked, for some reason….staring at a comic book in the same exact pose week after week, for example.


Yeah no, the recall campaign may have followed the law but it does not axiomatically follow that any election the law allows in a country that calls itself democratic is inherently democratic, at least not in any way that is relevant to my point


@6 A man with a family just died. You’re a real POS!


22 this is like saying hitler wasn’t a dictator bc he was elected. Like ok sure your facts aren’t wrong but in context they are neither relevant nor meaningful. It is the kind of reasoning a child would use

(also btw you’re not fooling anyone by having multiple sockpuppets open at the same time, when you make the same glib & juvenile arguments you’ve been making here for years ppl can spot you from a mile away)


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So let me get this straight: the most left district in Seattle gathered signatures to recall Comrade Tax Amazon, a court in Washington state, which are overwhelmingly left leaning, held that the recall reasons are valid, represents a “right-wing” recall? You’re fucking insane, Matt.

As others have noted, this is why Sawant is a joke: a complete lack of self awareness. Her and her minions are t-shirt wearing zombies.


Matt Baume: for fuck’s sake, learn the difference between an op-ed piece and an editorial before you spend any more time posing as a journalist.


If i call you a shithead & you respond by saying your head is actually made of skin and bone and neural tissue technically you would be correct, but technically so am i, because I’m not talking about the literal composition of your head. Most people can pick up on context clues when they’re reading but yeah not everyone I guess.


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