If Sawant were a white man, she'd be punched out for being obnoxious.


Look, all she has to do is become a white male billionaire and nobody will attack her.

Plus, then she can not pay taxes and get the US military to pay for your space joyrides (it's in the military budget this year, if you didn't know).


Amazing to see Hannah implying it's sexist for the debate moderator to try and shut Sawant up when she constantly blew past his time limits, ignored his repeated requests to follow the debate rules, and ended up speaking 3x as much as her opponent, all while refusing to answer any of the actual questions.

We've already seen how that debate performance gets treated when it's done by a white man. That was Trump's first debate against Biden.


What a piece of sh*t hack job. The Stranger sinks to a new low. If she was a man she would not have made it this far in liberal Seattle. It is because she is a woman and POC that she is able to get away with all of the illegal and ethically compromised crap she pulls. This article is pulling out all the racist and misogynistic tropes possible to make a very elusive and illogical point. I’m beginning to hate this rag.


It occurred to me that today was the day ballots were sent out and thus we get not one but two Stranger propaganda pieces. Hannah has a way to go before she matches Rich’s level of gaslighting but this is a good start. I won’t repost what I wrote on the other thread but I encourage those who are reading this to go there. This is just more noise to confuse the point. Focus on the facts and vote to make Seattle a better place.


Hanna is right; we are all treating Kshama unfairly due to her female POC status. Many white male leaders worldwide are burnt in effigy in the streets. I Googled "Kshama Sawant burned in effigy" and got nothing*. Time to rectify this terrible injustice.

*Do post if you have found something I did not.


I’m so pissed about this recall attempt. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but damn right this is MOST DEFINITELY sexist and racist and an attempt to silence an elected official. I’m fucking voting NO.


Caption: "The moderator tries to get Sawant to talk about the 'substance' of the recall. She thinks there's more to it than the charges."
Yeah, no kidding there's "more to it" than the three court-sanctioned charges. It's her entire Trumpian personae and antics.
Predictably the "POC woman" card is thrown on the table. (Kshama, Trump...POC women just can't get a break.)
How about giving us a break Hannah.


@1 reekypig: No. RepubliKKKan men should be castrated and shipped off to a remote island, wrapped in heavy chains. End of story.


@13: How about you and you and your fellow oinking male chauvinists getting a fucking CLUE, seadawg? Awwwwwwww.... are you scared of competent, educated women?


...Grabs another bag of delicious popcorn...



"are you scared of competent, educated women?"

What relevance does this question have to Kshama Sawant?


As a long-time progressive campaign staff (never Sawant, so far) worker, I immediately recognize the opening anecdote. People talk SO TOUGH on text messages from volunteers. I'd recommend knocking doors, if you're not looking to receive any death or rape threats. As a friendly reminder, if you get a campaign text you don't want, all you have to do is respond "stop" or "remove" or "don't text me" or the like, and they'll remove you from the list (but yes, it is 100% legal for us to get your number from the public voter file. We do have to remove you from the list if you ask, tho)


In that picture it looks like she has about five people in supporting her with a combined age greater than the Declaration of Independence. Yup that about all the support she has left in Seattle, besides The Stranger.


@14 please, I want to know how you really feel about 50% of the country?


Go get ‘em auntie grizelda—don’t forget to shove a hot poker up their ass and rotate it.

There can be no doubt this recall Sawant campaign is an attempt to railroad an educated woman of color out of office because she intimidates the white male aristocracy with her oratorical ability and political power.

People, especially the Bellevue Squares who populate the Seattle region, resent change.

When someone like Kshama Sawant enters the political arena the Scandinavian yahoos who control this soggy one-horse town get agitated and use misinformation along with propaganda to activate their angry, pitchfork wielding mobs to drum the interloper out of office, which is made more imperative by her ethnicity and gender.

These recall efforts are echoes of the genocide white European settlers committed against the Duwamish Indians and Original Peoples of the Pacific Northwest, when their fascinating culture and peaceful ability to coexist with Mother Nature was desecrated by the despicable need for enslavement and money lust.

The angry complaints against Kshama Sawant are baseless fabrications, and the gathering at City Hall, a call to arms if you will, was an exciting example of democracy in action, demonstrating the deep commitment of Councilmember Sawant to the needs of her constituents, and willingness to fight for their interests.

If anything, we need more people with Sawant’s chutzpah and worldly educational credentials in positions of power in the Seattle political machine.

The fact that The Seattle Times used their platform to defame Councilmember Sawant indicates what a bunch of Elks Club shitheads they are.

Thank good ness for The Stranger, which provides a fresh and informed alternate point of view on Seattle City politics, rather that the freeze-dried horseshit the Times dishes up.

There’s more than a little anti-feminism in evidence in this mindless recall as well.

If a white male with political power has an intern perform fellatio on them in the Oval Office, or a well-known Representative takes photos of his schlong and texts them to appalled women, everyone thinks it’s sort of eccentric or “he’s a good ol’ boy with lusty urges” and sweeps it under the rug.

Regrettably, when an educated woman of color with political power stands up for her constituents, she’s deemed a firebrand or usurper, and vilified by the white male power brokers.

Additionally, councilmember Sawant’s pro-union stance and concern for worker’s rights makes the business community shit their pants.

Nice to know the King County Democrats are standing behind Kshama Sawant, and you should too.


Polly never wants a cracker, ever!


"Democratic Women Defend Sawant"

Perhaps you could kindly inform these women that Socialist Alternative, including CM Sawant, regard the Democratic Party as the worst kind of craven, treasonous sell-outs?

"Given the conservative, cowardly, compromising outlook which dominates the psychology and ideology of the Democratic establishment ... we will need to continually but patiently help the best workers and youth draw the conclusion that there can be no trust in the Democratic Party and a new party is needed ..." (

"...Seattle Democratic Socialists of America..."

No, CM Sawant's march to Mayor Durkan's family home was organized by both Socialist Alternative and Democratic Socialists of America, as the Stranger has itself previously reported: "The event was organized by Socialists [sic] Alternative and the Democratic Socialists of America. Sawant was invited as a speaker." (

So, you're asking us to believe that Socialist Alternative co-organized a rally which just so happened to arrive outside the family home of one of Sawant's most effective political opponents, Sawant just so happened to have a speech ready to attack that opponent, and all of this was just a great big set of coincidences? You must really lack respect for the intelligence of voters in District 3. The Supreme Court of Washington State (at Sawant's request) explicitly rejected these absurdly ludicrous claims, and so should the voters of District 3.

'“Recalls are often used on people that the folks think have vulnerabilities, and a lot of times that is unduly put towards women people of color,” Conrad said. '

Recalls are hardly ever used at all.

"Shasti Conrad, who is the first woman of color to chair the King County Democrats, agreed that men in Seattle have seen less backlash for far greater sins, citing Mayor Ed Murray and his sex abuse allegations as an example."

Ed Murray was hounded from office, driven from public life, and permanently branded a rapist. He received no due process, he was not allowed to face his accusers in court, he had no opportunity to appeal, and we voters, who had freely elected him to be Mayor of Seattle, had no say in his departure. By contrast, the Recall Sawant effort has followed the legal, constitutional process of recall to the letter; CM Sawant has appealed to the Washington State Supreme Court and lost, and far more than enough signatures have been collected from the citizens of District 3. Although not required, the head of the Recall Sawant campaign has faced her in open debate. The voters of District 3 will now decide if she is fit to remain their CM. The injustices done to the white, male Murray illustrate perfectly just how much better woman of color Sawant has been treated by the recall process. (Given how well invoking Murray worked out for CM Gonzalez, it's little wonder you're trying it again.)


@29: Since the election, several of your comments in threads here have indicated your disdain for your fellow commenters. There seems to be no indication any of your targets has stopped commenting, or even self-moderated comments, as a result of your repeated complaints. Perhaps you could use a more rewarding hobby? It might help to alleviate some of that bitterness you're expressing. Just a helpful thought.


CM Sawant demanded then-Mayor Murray should resign for things "that happened 33 years ago or maybe didn't happen," to quote another CM back then. The Stranger enthusiastically agreed with her demand. If it was ok then to overturn the results of the most recent election, and force an elected official from office, what's wrong with it now? Murray never admitted any of the accusations against him were valid, while Sawant has (but only after a judge ruled against her). By those measures, the Recall Sawant effort is factually and legally superior to anyone who demanded Murray resign.

@32: All you're really doing is spending your time to amuse your intended targets with the risible impotence of your jejune attacks. If that hobby works for you, then I'm not one to judge. (And if you counter that spending vast time and effort to obtain the opposite of your goals is the overarching theme of your entire existence, I won't argue with that, either.)

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