Slog AM: Vancouver Is Cut Off By Floods, Seattle School Board Wants Mandatory Vaccines, There's an Eclipse Tonight



"Facebook/Meta is tinkering around with gloves that provide a bit of tactile feedback for VR users."

Stop shilling for a shit company please. Or at least stop complaining about the shit company if you are going to continue to do PR for and use their stuff.


jeez, I thought this was Charles until I read yesterdays pm by him. The editorializing is unwelcome and weak.


Did you know that high-speed mass transit and highways are not mutually exclusive? Now you (finally?) do.


“I have never seen a "Recall Sawant" sign in front of a house that was worth less than $1.5 million”

LOL, this person does not spend much time in the CD, I guess. Or maybe he assumes anybody who lives in a house just rolls around in giant piles of money all day, regardless of how leveraged they are or how many kids they’ve got or any other complicating factors.


I'm going to Vancouver tomorrow. Pretty sure it's still accessible from the south.


@5: And it's not like owning, using, and yes enjoying, a car precludes being a sincere and committed environmentalist doing a citizen's duty to combat climate change.

Devoted to absolute snarkism doesn't make someone a good citizen.


it's always funny when people get personally offended bc someone says they don't like cars, you guys know you're being trolled right


not as funny as how people conflate being annoying as trolling right


@9 made me lol! Thanks!


Are all Slog commenters like this? Why are y'all here everyday if you hate The Stranger and everyone who writes for them so much? You guys make me sad.


@11: yes, it is always like this, and today is mild. baume covered 2 of slog's commenter triggers: highways and sawant.


Meanwhile as the pandemic continues to take lives:

Trump and his regime committed — or at least condoned — mass murder. America just doesn't care

It's clearer than ever that Trump used mass death as a political weapon. Do Americans now think that's normal?

Donald Trump is the most successful bio-terrorist in human history. This is not an accident.


@13 xina: Glad you're here commenting. I am just as outraged as you are.
No, this is not normal at all. It's sick and deranged, and the sooner we remove Donald Jackass Trump out of the limelight the better. The Orange Turd should be cornholed in federal prison.

OMG that photo of Vancouver, B.C., Canada! Brought to you by RepubliKKKans, the Party of Trump.


own the libs > several hundred thousand dead people


@8: "you guys know you're being trolled right"

That's what I desperately believe, because holy shit has Matt made some pretentious, entitled, sanctimonious, myopic statements in the past. I refuse to believe the Stranger has slid so far in quality that they'd allow someone on their staff who ISN'T intentionally trolling through that persona (though a small part of me also immediately chimes in to remind me of Ansel Herz's tenure, so...)


@15: That's the greedy fossil fuel industry coddling, science denying GOP for ya.
If filibuster stymied Democrats can't stop 'em, COVID and nature finally will.


Sending love to Vancouver. Terrible destruction. Humans need to wake up to ourselves as it is of our making. And the virus is another manifestation.
Keep wearing proper masks, not cloth ones, & keep social distance. As much protection as possible because this isn’t over yet & people pretending it is, doesn’t make it so.


@8 I don't think its trolling. Stranger has a consistent and comprehensible editorial position. And one that isn't particularly unusual. But it is a mystery that so many tote baggers hang around here squeaking about it. Doesn't the Seattle Times have a news blog with views more to their liking?


Hi xina. Hope you go well.


I don't know. This Slog kind of worries me. You guys OK back there? Cheap shots from the hip. I had to duck twice. Would a paywall help? ACK! How about an 8-page home improvement advertising section? Kidding! But I do remember when the Sun got like this. Broke my heart. No shit. Don't worry, everybody's having a rough go of it. Nothing to do with ideology self painted into a corner. Nothing at all. What y'all got is too many Woody Allens and not enough Woody Guthries.


BC is suffering during the epic floods. However, it is the interior of BC as well as the Fraser River Valley and Sumas Prairie (the latter of which used to be a lake until they pumped it dry in the early part of the 20th century) that are most impacted. Vancouver itself has not been devastated. That picture was from Japan after the Tsunami, not BC currently.


@19: Why would it be a mystery that other commenters are wasting their time here as much as you are?


The West Seattle Bridge is closed indefinitely. The U District bridge got stuck in the open position the other day (happily, it got unstuck), we know the two Magnolia bridges are crumbling, and the Ballard bridge is a nightmare, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. The Fourth Ave S viaduct has been down to one northbound lane for years.

But at least we’re getting bike lanes on an over-stressed road (See West Seattle Bridge) in an industrial area. I love Pramila Jayapal, but she needs to bring home some real bacon, not silly stuff like that.

Now I think I’ll go take the F-150 around for a ride in honor of Our Dear Matt.


Jas and to a lesser extent Rich aren't pummeled so much when they do Slog, so maybe it's something to do with the writing because the same plethora of trigger topics is in among their picks.


I don't think trolling and having an editorial position on the issue are mutually exclusive but in this particular instance, a snarky caption under a photo just reads as trolling to me. I agree there is an anti-car editorial slant, but unsure whether it's the official position of the paper or just a hobbyhorse for some of the staff. I don't doubt the sincerity behind the remark but also think buttons are intentionally being pushed.


Paywall! Spare us. Just scroll on by. Harmless little critters, and take ‘em on if you must. These boys are as worthy of saving as much as anyone else. Attitudes are for turning.



My guess is most of them have gotten killfiled from all the other local news blog sites, so they congregate here like old guys at the single diner in a one-horse town to complain about how the coffee never tastes as good as what they make at home...


Ain't nothing like pan fried Folgers.


"Harvard grads aren’t smart, just rich. Almost half of Harvard’s white students are there for reasons other than academic performance — their families either bought their way in, or had the right connections."

See, THIS is part of the problem. There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THE ABOVE STATEMENT!!!!!!!!

The problem is, it's that enough of us po folk can't get in also. But that's a WHOLE DIFFERENT PROBLEM!!!!

A long time ago, maybe 50 years, I saw a quote from some English guy to the effect that the difference between Americans & the British is that, when an American sees someone driving a fancy car he says to himself, "I'm going to find a way to get one of those for myself". He said the British would say, "I'm going to find a way to take that car away from that guy so he's without a car like I am".

Unfortunately, this is what America's come to. Hating the rich, rather than aspiring for ourselves.

More unfortunately, there's reason for that: American systems have been rigged to oppress the poor & exalt the rich. We need to fix the system, rather than getting rid of rich guys. Of course, I'd argue that that involves taxing the rich more than we do now.

@1, Hear, hear!!

@24, good point.


@28: With you in drag as the waitress pouring the coffee completes the vignette.


The easiest way to deal with Facebook VR is to pour honey on it.

Or acid.

Torn as to which one is better.


@28 see what happens when all the coffee shops have reduced hours?

Pro tip: there's a new one at the Capitol Hill light rail station.


I still need to be convinced that BC, Washington, and Oregon shouldn't form Cascadia and work towards self-rule. We get ignored by Washington where transportation funds are first designated for the NE corridor, and Ottawa sees the western provinces as "out there."

Not a surprise about Harvard or any Ivy League school, really. I've always known there was a huge legacy aspect about admissions. If your family donates a dorm, you're in. If daddy or mommy attended, you're in. Look at ole W...had a C-minus GPA in prep, and his ass was in! I don't really care all that much. I was a lower-middle class white kid, and I didn't DREAM of getting into Harvard (although I would have loved to attend Columbia). My parents weren't poor enough to qualify for grants. I didn't have the grades for a scholarship. We wouldn't have been able to afford it. University of Tennessee was pricey enough! Ha, I think tuition in 1970 was just under $500 a quarter.

No, you had to be either rich or very poor and smart to go to an Ivy League school. And as I said, so what? Except that an Ivy League diploma does open doors that a diploma from Utah State or Oklahoma or North Arizona will not. That's kind of tragic because those schools have polished some rather great minds while Big Ivy League, Little Ivy League and other famed schools have produced their share of mediocracy.


@24 In light of our infrastructure problems and poor transit connections down here in the south end, those "bike lanes on an over-stressed road in an industrial area" are very badly needed.

If you'd ever tried to bike from Burien/White Center/West Seattle to downtown, you'd recognize that too. And if you'd spent an hour and a half on the 131 trying to get downtown from White Center before bailing in SODO (my typical commute on days when I go into the office), you'd realize how much more "silly stuff like that" the south end needs.


I'm sure that the bike lanes will be appreciated by bicycle enthusiasts.

But we have a city that needs easy ways to get around by car, and one of the priorities should be getting in and out of our peninsula neighborhoods. It's my fervent hope that Mayor Harrell will take a good long look at the Seattle Department of Transportation, and adjust their headcount accordingly: More maintenance workers and less Bright Young Things who want to replicate what they saw when they backpacked through Europe on their year off from their undergraduate studies.


@36 You chose to move to an isolated peninsula with one precarious main arterial bridge. A bridge that has routinely had closures and issues for over three decades. Nothing happening now is a surprise to anyone.

You need to take responsibility for your own decisions.


@37: Chateau Vet-DuRay in on Beacon Hill.


Roger Dear, I'm sorry that you don't understand how cities work, and feel sorry for you that you feel the need to try to disguise that with some sort of Libertarian nonsense.

And, as Our Dear Raindrop points out, I am not a resident of West Seattle. I have a sensible home in a sensible neighborhood.

You don't need to attempt to school me on the history of the West Seattle Bridge. I'm surprised that it lasted this long, given all the graft and corruption that lead to its construction (including a murder!!!!). But that proves my point: The city should have been, and should be now, looking at its precarious infrastructure. But it opted to be precious about it instead.


In the Seattle Fire Department, we’d call that an engine, not a truck. Seattle fire trucks have 100’ aerial ladders on top. Maybe it’s different in Canada - whatever.

That’s a plug in hybrid like a BMW i3, not an electric vehicle. I’ve had an electric vehicle for 7 years and I’m a fan but am also aware of the drawbacks. I think it’s a niche solution and won’t work well for in a hilly environment, particularly for busy firehouses. Don’t expect to see an electric or hybrid fire engine in Seattle anytime soon.


Catalina Dear, I'm srry that you don't understand how cities work: 'But we have a city that needs easy ways to get around by car". Do we though? Should cities care about easy ways to get around by car? All the real nice ones dont.


Shobop dear, your comment is quintessential neurotic Seattle, which is the Marsha Brady of cities: Instead of forging our own way, based on our community needs, we stare in the mirror and wonder why we're not as pretty as Vancouver, San Francisco, or LA.

People need cars, and roads to drive on. That's why the "market rate" housing is built with parking (not just here, but in every other city). That's part of the reason why the carpenters union went out on strike. The folks in 700 Fifth Avenue need to realize that.


@36 We are not "bike enthusiasts". We are commuters. Usually I appreciate your point of view but I do not appreciate this myopic bullshit. Also hello everyone from a world class lurker.