Slog PM: House Dems Finally Set to Vote on President's Budget, Beetles Invade Central Washington, Inslee Offers No Notes on Biden's Vaccine Mandate



Increasing childcare costs by paying caretakers more? Childcare workers tend to be grossly underpaid women with a hard job. A friend (with education training) worked at a place in downtown Seattle that charged A LOT per child was paid slightly over minimum wage to care for a dozen small children (too young for pre-school). The company was making $$$ exploiting cheap labor. Sure, things may be different in rural areas, but if we are going to subsidize childcare, that money should go to workers not into profits. If it works anything like the ACA did, the guaranteed monthly stipend payments may well end up being worth more than low cost individual payments.


Good Lord Rich, journalists in general have a horrible understanding of science but let me point out that Dr. Michael Worobey is not ARGUING anything. He is stating that the evidence he has reviewed suggests the first case was in a vendor at the Wuhan market.

Other scientists will now review Worobey's findings with a skeptical eye because that is how science works.


Wow Rich are you telling me that increasing labor costs (giving well deserved and long overdue raises to childcare workers) will make a product (child care) more expensive!

Holy crap that's amazing, it's almost like something you might read about in a freshman level economics text. Of course increasing labor costs increases the cost of the product. Did you party through college? Did you go to college?

Now if you are talking about paying burger flippers who flip untold thousands of burgers a bit more an hour those burger costs will only go up a few pennies.

However if you are talking about suddenly paying professional wages to child care workers you are talking about a huge (well deserved) wage increase that needs to be spread across a smaller number of customers. So yeah, child care will go up for some. In the case cited the increase would be borne by those making greater than the median. In King county the median is just over $94,000 per household. So yes an increase but it is not accurate to claim it will increase the cost for poor people.


I wonder what would serve those First Hill tenants better: A Council Member who staged a loud rally outside their building, or A council member who quietly put pressure on the City Attorney to enforce the law on building maintenance and livability?


Here's what that linked article said about the child care plan:

"Nearly identical language, probably written by the exact same people, is found in the Build Back Better (BBB) child care plan currently being debated in Congress. That language requires states to ensure that child care worker wages “are equivalent to wages for elementary educators with similar credentials and experience in the State.”

The key here is "similar credentials and experience." Teachers are required to have masters' degrees here. So far as I now, child care workers are not even required to go to college. So it would appear that the mandatory wage increase would not generally apply to them anyway.


@5 Good catch. A quick glance through Indeed showed "child care postings" that required a high school diploma or GED.

So it is likely that with the exception of a very small number of exclusive child care providers who demand BAs or MAs but pay crap wages very few providers of child care will be covered.


The lady on the block who has been taking in kids for 15 years, has 15 years of experience in childcare. Sure, it is an informal economy situation but that's how affordable childcare happens in a lot of places.


@5 & 6, You may be partly right, at least as far as WA state goes. But WA has higher standards than most other states for teacher credentials. WA more-or-less requires a MA degree (or very close to it) to become a certificated teacher. But that's not true for most other states. There are a handful of states that only require a high school diploma and short certification course. Lots of states only require a BA/BS, and that only for teaching secondary school. So this clause would be relevant to lots of states, even if it has minimal effect on WA.


@2 Do you really think Rich is smart enough to understand nuance like that? I mean, he writes for the Stranger.


Imagine leaving the commentary on the Julius Jones situation at "he still says he didn't do it" — without bothering to detail the many, many, many fucked-up goings-on of this case, including the fact that another man has confessed to committing that murder and letting Jones take the fall multiple times —and still calling yourself any kind of journalist.

I love the Stranger but everyone's work lately has been absolutely embarrassing.


@10, Since we're talking about good journalism, let's be accurate. Three people have come forward claiming that Christopher Jordan admitted to committing the murder and framing Jones. This should be taken seriously but very is different than a confession.

The defense didn't do a great job, but there was quite a bit of evidence against Mr. Jones as well. It's hardly a slam dunk that he's innocent as his supporters seem to claim.


Republicans have not voted for ANY legislation FOR the people of this country (supposedly the people who elect them to represent them and for whom they work) in decades. They collect their paychecks, they obstruct everything, they do nothing but lie and commit heinous offenses, and when the people like what the Democrats have done (like the recently passed infrastructure bill) they take credit for it even though they voted against it. It is really absurd. Our government is a complete farce. Our so-called representatives are criminals who should be REMOVED from their jobs, not voted out, FORCIBLY REMOVED. Corruption, financial crimes, supporting sedition and treason, threatening the lives of fellow members of Congress, and lying to the people of this country endlessly and defiantly - when will it be enough? Will it ever be enough? This slow slog death of this country is intolerable. I long for the '80s fear of the nation ending in a nuclear flash. Instantaneous destruction.


Rich, thank you and bless you for sharing Amy Beach's Gaelic Symphony and Hannah Lash's hauntingly dissonant solo harp piece, Stalk. This is just what I needed.

Come on, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow true Democrats (NOT Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, who are Mitch McConnell's RepubliKKKan bootlicking sock puppets), push the bassackwards RepubliKKKan Party of Trump BACK, already. Preferably off a cliff until every self serving crooked one of them is gone.

@12 xina for the WIN! Agreed and seconded.
It may just take the global disaster of a nuclear flash to finally eliminate the RepubliKKKan Party of Trump. If filibuster-stymied Democrats can't take them down, nature and COVID eventually will.