...more delicious popcorn, please...


Another dumb ad/article for the Sawant-shilling Stranger.


What difference does it make that some of the donors are familiar?


The Seattle Stranger 24/7 Sawant coverage. Is so sad and desperate.


@4 such double-dipping makes a mockery of contribution limits


While Hannah, Rich et al are digging through the garbage of the Recall Sawant supporters for more dirt to fuel future propaganda pieces can I suggest articles on how they put their pizza boxes in the recycle bin instead of the yard waste or some of them owning gas powered leaf blowers? Maybe how they are not true Seattle denizens because they use umbrellas in the rain. Posers!


Another day in the Recall Sawant balloting means another headline post in the Stranger, dutifully vilifying anyone who dares oppose their Dear Great Maximum Leader. Every such post must repeat an element of their anti-Harrell postings from last month, as those succeeded so well; this post covers how scary the Recall Sawant campaigns donors are.

Amusingly, the Stranger apparently didn't notice that all of these donors are locals. Given the huge gobs of money Sawant's campaigns have received from outside the city, one might think calling attention to the local roots of her opposition might not be the very best of ideas, but then, the Stranger does seem intent on making Gonzalez vs. Harrell look like a squeaker.


A Libra, great.
This issue seems ugly, and yes, racist.


Then again, maybe not. Seattle sounds like an intense city.


Politics makes for strange bedfellows sometimes. I don't care who's also in favor of recall, I just want her gone because she's an asshole, a discredit to authentic progressivism and in the long run counter-productive. Who pays her, anyway, Karl Rove?


There must be some really bad internal polling that the Sawant campaign has for The Stranger to be rolling out daily posts like this.


Time to send Sawant’s Socialist Alternative cult packing. She uses people of color as props and coopts movements for her own gain. Like game of thrones, her strategy is to divide and use chaos as a ladder. It is time to have somebody that cares about the District represent us not a Revolutionary zealot. Somebody that represent everyone and can effectively build coalitions, not just her cult and special interest groups.

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