Leaf the bike lanes alone
Leaf the bike lanes alone Charles Mudede

An investigation found two Seattle School Board members violated anti-harassment policy. According to a report that the school district did not post on its website, Board members Chandra Hampson and Zachary DeWolf harassed two women who work for Seattle Public Schools over their work on an anti-racism policy. We don’t know exactly what was said, but the report found that Hampson and DeWolf berated staff and accused them of being dishonest about their work.

The Music Always Matters
No matter what, KEXP is here to help with music and community. Join us at 90.3 FM and KEXP.ORG.

Truly awful news out of Wisconsin: A man drove an SUV into a holiday parade, killing at least five people and injuring dozens. There’s lots of speculation about what happened floating around on social media (and video of the incident, which is as horrible as you’re probably imagining) but very few confirmed facts, so beware of “well what I heard happened was” speculation.

Car-free Pike Place coming soon? It is LUDICROUS that this wasn’t done literally decades ago, but someone in power is finally talking about freeing Pike Place Market from the pointless plague of slow-moving cars that ruin the experience for everyone. If this isn’t fully implemented by this time next year I don’t know what hope there is for us as a species.

Feel like you have no idea what the metaverse is? No problem, neither do any of the leaders of the companies supposedly building it. When asked to explain their metaverse plans, the people in charge of the biggest tech companies in the world all sound like someone in the middle of a job interview that they should never have been called in for.

E Union is all clear now, thank you. Old wet leaves have been piling up in bike lanes around town for the last few weeks, and this week a group of neighbors — tired of waiting for the city to take care of it — spent a few hours clearing out E Union St. Where should they send the bill?

Beware of the elk. A contagious, incurable disease is spreading amongst elk, deer, and moose in Idaho and Manitoba, and Washington wildlife officials are scrambling to keep it from reaching our state.

Washington is safe from invasive mussels … but for how long??? Three cheers for Puddles the dog, who detected invasive mussels hiding on the underside of a boat passing through a checkpoint. Her reward: Playtime.

A good weekend for cozy costumes. Creatures of all shapes and sizes descended on the Hyatt Regency this weekend for Anthro Northwest, our newish local furry convention. No reports of any troubles with the hot tub.

Not every creature was at the Hyatt this weekend. This one decided to take a stroll through a forest.

Shop smart this Black Friday. Don’t buy through Wirecutter affiliate links unless the NY Times comes to an agreement with the union. Here are some tips for not crossing a digital picket line.

The deepest of deep cuts: Here’s some helpful context for that “everybody today is doing drugs” skit on SNL this week.

You have just a few more weeks to get caught up on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure before Part 6 drops on December 7. It features a character named “Weather Forecast,” which I think might be even more delightful than Robert E. O. Speedwagon.

Here’s the scene this weekend a block away from SPD’s East Precinct. Another jorb well done!