Slog AM: School Board Harassment, Carnage in Wisconsin, and Car-Free Pike Place Market is "Big Priority" for Andrew Lewis



Here are some new comics for you Matt:


Credit where credit is due. This is post is pretty much the prototype of what I'm looking for in a Slog AM. One fascinating item after another, whether uplifting or depressing, that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Kudos to Puddles the mussels-sniffing dog. Kudos to SNL for doing a takeoff on Rock Hudson and Bea Arthur. Cecily Strong is a national treasure.

Looking forward to a car-free Pike Place Market and leaf-free bike lanes. Removing cars from Pike Place Market will benefit not only the pedestrians; it will benefit the drivers.

As for that furries convention, I look at that and I think, "This is how life changes now that COVID is endemic."


OK, no sooner do I praise distinctive geniuses of Puddles and Cecily Strong @2 than I realize the obvious connection. I'm embarrassed to say, I found SNL's "new military weapon" skit more amusing than perhaps I should have. I just hope that wasn't a real knife.


Will the Wisconsin driver claim self defense?


Sure wondering which forest that fisher video came area where it was reintroduced, or an area where it spread? Fingers crossed it was central or north Cascades!


@ 4, Since the Republinazis legalized driving cars into crowds, all the driver has to do is claim self defense from CRITICAL RACE THEORY, and he'll be a right wing media star.* The judge will pat him on the back and call him a hero.

*Provided that he's a white racist. All others will be shot.

The grotesque fact that it's now perfectly legal for white trash supremacists to murder you and get off on "self defense" if you try to stop them from shooting you really sums up what this nation's all about.


@6: The suspect in the case is black.


@ 7,

Even better! If the Wississippi Republinazis can get him bug-eyed and squealing about CRITICAL RACE THEORY, he’ll wind up on the Supreme KKKourt : )


thanks for that rock hudson/bea arthur clip; I knew I was looking at some inside-baseball gay lore on SNL, but had no clue what.

it was 2 saturdays ago, BTW.


Wisconsin legalized homicide so why should they give a shit about people being run down in a Christmas parade? The FBI has gotten involved, too. Fascinating since the FBI refused to get involved in the Rittenhouse case even though it crossed state lines. And the news today is full of stories of people who believe they should be released from prison because they just did what Rittenhouse did and since he isn't in prison why are they? Anything and everything to protect white privilege - especially white male violent rage.


@10: Trying to be provocative again we see.


@10: And to be fair, that driver accelerating at extremely high rate of speed into the parade falls the category of male violent rage as well. Or is it only male rage of a particular hue that concerns you?


The school board harassment stuff will disappear since one of the alleged harassers is gay and the other was the one championing the idea of the vagrants camped out (still) on public school property. They’re both virtually untouchable around here.


@15 - The fact that the comment thread pretty much disappeared when it turns out the outrages of the day were committed by a black man, a woman, and a gay man pretty much support your hypothesis.

I, for one, am enjoying the fact that now that there are people of color and women, et al in leadership positions, turns out they are fallible humans just like the fucking old white guys, prone to the pitfalls of power. Welcome to the war not-straight-white-males!


Puddles and Cecily ftw!


Nary a peep from the "Silence is Violence" crowd about their reduced-bail-for-criminal-offenses experiment. Hypocrites, all.


@4,@6,@7,@8,........Don't be silly. He said the magic words, "I can't breathe" so he's got the free pass.....drugs, counterfeit currency, weapons, trying to kick the teeth out of police officers.....whatever.

" beware of “well what I heard happened was” speculation." Finally. FINALLY. After Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Geo Floyd, Jacob Blake, Rayshard Brooks, Jamar Clark, and a host of others, SOMEBODY in a newspaper finally says, "Wait till the facts are known". Whodathunkit?

@10, more manure about crossing state lines. I rest my case.


Oh Stranger, you knew about this Seattle School Board directors Chandra Hampson and Zachary DeWolf and their use of their “positional authority” to harass two Black senior women staffers months ago. I know this because I told you. Twice.

The Times knew. KUOW knew. A lot of supposed journalists and media knew. But somehow there was this secret handshake agreement in Seattle media to NOT report it. Hmm.

You have that copy of the report because I had to get it via public disclosure from the district and upload it myself. The district paid about $160K for two law firms and a judge mediator. It was Hampson and DeWolf who - mistakenly - demanded an investigation rather than actually sitting down like grown-ups with the two women. I think both directors have such an inflated sense of self that they thought they couldn’t possibly be guilty of anything. Whoops.

Important to note: Both directors claim Native American heritage and the two staffers were Black. No white people involved. Plus Hampson claims that the Black women seemed to not believe her about her Native heritage so that was racist behavior and the Black women say Hampson and DeWolf had racist-type action towards them.

Meanwhile the rest of the Board were like the three monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Of course, Hampson is a known bully so this comes as no surprise. And, when the report came out, did the Board force Hampson to step down as Board President? Nope.

And, if either Hampson or DeWolf want to think about running for office, good luck with that. Any other candidates would have a field day with what DeWolf and Hampson said in their interviews and their actions against the two staffers.

Original letter of complaint which is quite the epistle.


You know, @21, I haven't yet decided how I feel about it, and I don't yet have a clear premonition of how it's going to look or work itself out, but anyone who thinks the future is going to be brighter because America will be majority minority is in for a really rude awakening. When the animosity among black, Hispanic, Asian, and any other minority comes to the forefront because because they don't have Casper to hate anymore, we'll all get to see that people are just people, and most are just trying to climb the social ladder by putting a foot on someone else's back. That's the real American Dream. $$$$$$$$$$$$

We'll see what Naomi Ishisaka has to say when Al Sharpton is President.


It's interesting that many in the media worked overtime to paint Rittenhouse as a white supremacist, despite any evidence actually suggesting such, while ignoring all the evidence indicating that the Wisconsin Road Rampager was clearly a racist black

You can't play any game when you have different rules for everyone. You either have one set of rules for all or no one plays.