New Maritime High School Could Make Seattle a Hub for Oceanic Jobs



Wouldn't it be more like that Japanese anime about the high school where everyone is on boats because most of Japan is submerged?

well, except not as kawaii


This is a great idea, I hope the partner with both Seattle Central maritime school, and Cal Maritime, that plus the maritime Unions and this will be a model for the U.S.


So Evergreen College, but the wet, high school version.


Except Maritime High School will prepare students to pursue a good high paying blue collar career that can't be outsourced.

Evergreen College prepares students to live in tent encampments or write for the Stranger.


@2 Yea, I'm amazed it's taken this long. I would think every High School in Seattle would have some classes geared towards directing students to a maritime career.

It's the whole Prepare Everyone For College dogma that has permeated schools for 20 or 30 years. Not everyone needs a college education. Doctors? Yes. Lawyers? Yes. Machinists? No. Deckhand? No.

By pushing everyone into a college track we fucked up the lives of a couple generations.

I'm inept with tools, can barely pound a nail straight. I went to college, and graduate school and have a good job that pays me enough to live in Seattle.

But I recognize that a good electrician or plumber will be making more than me and probably got paid to learn instead of having to shell out money for tuition.


You can make a decent wage doing underwater welding.


Maritime High School is certainly an interesting concept. I wonder with all the time they're doing 'projects', will they have time to achieve required competency in the basics like Math, Science, and Basic English?

Or is MHS just an excuse for kids to spend most of their time on what are essentially field trips without doing the intellectual grunt work you'll need to do to be a functioning adult in this society; one who can balance their checkbook, write in complete sentences/paragraphs, and are able to think critically?


@7 You could ask those same questions of any high school. I like that MHS attempts to provide a clear path forward for kids that either want to work in the maritime industry or just need a more hands-on style of learning.