The Karen Episode of Queen Latifah's The Equalizer Shows All That Is Wrong With the Current Anti-Woke Movement



Always a good reminder that this bullshit happens at the most random times, and when it does START VIDEOING.

The best was at the end of the ep when Delilah did some equalizing of her own!


Charles, this is a television show. A scene written with a happy ending ending just in time for commercial breaks.


@2 or START RECORDING as that might be more useful than whatever VIDEOING is or does.


@3 help me understan....are you sad or happy that this time it wasnt an old white guy or young incel that used a rifle to do a mass killing?


Why must everything Chuck writes have to be in the tone of us vs them mentality? "You stay awake to stay alive," WTF!? You watch TV shows and get paid to write analysis for the wokest rag in the wokest city in America, how deluded can you be!? Is there anyone living in Zimbabwe right now who wouldn't trade places with you in a heartbeat? If America is so racist and bigoted what is keeping you from leaving? So much BS in one place, The Stranger can start an organic fertilizer business to stay afloat.


It just goes to show when you're writing fiction you can make sure the Moral of the Story is hard to miss.


Thank you, Charles, for your perspective and your writing. You are an important asset for all of us.


i mean, yes, this BS does happen in real life unfortunately but this is a TV show we're getting worked up about. come on....


Nothing like pointing out an obvious fact of life for POC to bring out the white fragility trolls and their cries of "Whatabout?!"


A fiction designed to show that anti-wokeness is bad shows that anti-wokeness is bad. That's the article.


Is Charles aware this is a fiction? This review is exactly like someone reviewing Birth of a Nation and concluding that the movie demonstrates how hard it is to live with blacks.


Is BC aware that Birth of a Nation was a propaganda film designed to inflame white racism against black Americans nationwide, and not just what most kids watched Saturday mornings?


@16, you're almost there. Just squeeze your little noggin a little harder and you'll find the surprise.