I'm surprised Rich and the rest of the stranger staff aren't coming to the Waukesha parade killer's defense. He's the product of racism, he's the product of police brutality, blah blah blah.

It's wisconsin, I'm surprised only one person tried to shoot the guy. You'd think that Jeep would be bullet hole riddled.


MQAC needs to lower the boom on the good Dr. Elperin and permanently revoke her license. Then she needs to be prosecuted for fraud.


And while I'm on a rant: Mr. Brooks is the poster child for the kind of guy who should have been denied bail. The fact that he posed a substantial risk of further violence is quite clear from his past record. The felon in possession of a firearm charge alone is a huge red flag, even if you assume that he ran over his ex by accident.


@1: Tell me did you get your materials for that straw man you built from the feed store or did you just pull apart your kitchen broom?


please tell me you made up the job title 'verticle conveyances director' lol


I'm not seeing a lot of similarities between the Ahmaud Arbery and Rittenhouse cases. Even though I despise the legality of being able to carry firearms in public (especially high powered rifles), I was pretty sure he was going to get off on self-defense after watching the video. Protestors were singling out Rittenhouse which led to tragedy.

Arbery on the other hand was chased down by armed civilians and was shot when trying to defend himself. I hope those fucks spend a long time in jail.


@5/@6: @1 doesn't need to tell you anything. One of our famous commenters was eager to pick up the ball with twisted narratives (in Monday's Slog AM):

"Wisconsin legalized homicide so why should they give a shit about people being run down in a Christmas parade?"


@7 - I assumed that the line about the criminal punishment system not working was intended to mean that the criminal justice system failed in terms of properly dealing with Mr. Brooks, not that he personally was not well served by it.


Wow. Just watched that quack's video. a disgrace to her profession. Not even a good liar.


Perhaps the GA defense lawyer should have just played Birth of a Nation for the jury.


@11 that's how it should read however this being Rich I think regular readers know he is advocating for more of the NKT approach with this case. This is where the progressives always lose me. There are some people who need to be removed from society because they are a danger to themselves and/or others. It would great if we could save them but in the short term you need to lock them up before they do something truly heinous like this.


@14: Deliberately ambiguous - Rich is first a poet



Rich won't be correcting shit. His quotes were taken directly from the linked Washington Post article.


@19: Indeed he is (spend a few minutes at - and a pretty talented one I must say. A number of them are romantic. I like this one - 'On Ceremony' in the Monarch Review:

If you could reveal to me from beneath
the comforter your body, your romper corporeal,
if you could in one hand hold a sign
and in the other a complementary sign,
if you could also in Spanish with a wave,
even just a wave of your hand, perhaps
with a ticket for Tokyo in it, or if you could
in a small note tucked beneath a lamp in a Hilton,
if you could from your cheek remove
that first blush, from that mortar the spark
in that joyous July, from that sky a cloud
and with that cloud the whole sky,
if you could from the sea remove the sea
and in the drying sand beneath it
write in bold your NO, would it kill you?


@18: What, WaPo is infallible? No such thing as new details? He wasn't being chased by the cops:

Brooks, 39, of Milwaukee, had left the site of the domestic disturbance before officers arrived, and was not being chased by police at the time of the crash, according to the chief, who gave no further details on the dispute.



Certainly didn't suggest that the Post was infallible and it sounds like the two of you here should be directing your ire toward them. I stand quite confidently by my assertion that Rich won't be correcting shit.


@1, that is a disgusting comment.
Racism in the USA is apparent to the whole world, and how flamin long is it going to take to change such blatant irregularities in the judicial system. It happens in my country too.


@24: I'm without ire on the matter. Journalists and staffers should enjoy correcting copy - it's their life's blood - it's not about correcting @#@t!


This is fun as hell.


Whine, bitch, whine. You are destined to live out your pathetic ass life reading The Stranger. And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.


Fuck you, Ellensburg horse-spittle quack, Anna Elperin, for willfully profiteering off your most gullible of anti-vaxxers and stubbornly remaining unmasked. You and everyone else in healthcare putting people's lives in danger deserve to get your licenses yanked. I'll bet you ecstatically voted for Loren Culp as well as Donald Jackass Trump, too. Did you storm the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, claiming you were doing it for your children?

@12 dvs99: Agreed and seconded. No further questions, Your Honor.

@29: Chug some hydroxychloroquine already and drop dead, troll, drop dead. As your pathetic avatar suggests, you are a wart on the butt of humanity.

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