Slog PM: Jury Sends White Power Organizers $25 Million Bill, King County's Undersheriff Becomes Actual Sheriff Next Year, More Rain and Floods Coming this Week



Fuck Off
Waves and Particles, I advise not making eye contact with The Dehumanizers.


Trump declaring his presidential bid before the midterms could save the Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate.
Nothing would nationalize the races faster than his looming presence.


Jews will not replace us!
Jews will not replace us!
Oh wait, I need a really good lawyer!



A before the midterms announcement is just an absolutely harrowing thought, even as it could potentially tip things a bit beneficially leftward. My goodness, three freaking years of that idiot dominating headlines day in and day out? I'm as cynical and jaded about human nature as most anyone I know, but even I don't think we've sunk far enough as a society to reckon that. Yikes.


Also, not sure where that pic in the header was taken, but the "jagoff" reference screams Western Pennsylvania (though it could certainly be Seattle. Us western PA natives take an obnoxious amount of pride in our homeland and heritage, but the reality is there's so many of us scattered throughout the country in large part because western PA is such a shithole that people are desperate to flee.)



Wait, wut?

Can I have some of that peyote you're obviously over indulging on?


@5 He is only allowed to dominate headlines because it's good for business.


Re: the recall blurb.

Is there anything worse than religious nut-jobs quoting the Old Testament whilst wearing garments of blended fabrics?

Here's a quote for them: "Yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell!"


@5 mike blob: Every time I see that butt-ugly Orange Turd in the media I scroll down or rip up the newspaper page with his overblown and grossly overhyped image. I'm grateful to have never to opened a Twitter account, even though I know DJT has been banned from making any more Twitlerspeak.

@8 Asinine_MAGA_goof: Still unvaxxed and unmasked, fahtin' fer yer Free Dumbs? COVID is up and 2022 is forecast to be a very cold winter. At least get a fucking flu shot before you go face down in the gutter.


@4 pat L for the WIN! That these rabidly neofascist idiots really want a combination of a second Civil War in the U.S. and another Kristall Nacht is incomprehensible.


@14: Asinine_Troll_Goof: How old are you--40 going on 14? I am up to date on all my vaccines, idiot, but doubt that you have or ever will until you croak. I can just hear your last words now: "If only I had gotten that shot...". It's obvious that your claim to be fully vaccinated is insincere. I am calling you out on your typical pro Trumpist MAGA bullshit. Get a frontal lobotomy before you drop dead in a senseless heap. You're welcome.
So, are you bunking at Swifty's too, tonight for weenies and tater tots before your usual brain-draining FOX-TEEVEE binge before passing out? I thought so.