Whatta relief that Cletus, Dingus, and Cletus Jr. got convicted. One more rigged sham trial, and Jeebus was gonna vomit with rage.

It’s just surprising and disappointing that they’re only facing life in prison. You’d think those deranged wingnutz in Georgia could hang ’em or at least give ’em the chair.

On the other hand, there’s nothing that they love more than nasty racist Republinazi trash in Georgian prisons, so that could actually be worse.


In both the Rittenhouse and the McMichael/McMichael/Bryan Jr. trials, the juries weighed the evidence in the context of the applicable State laws and came to the correct decision.

Be glad that you have the privilege of living in a country that thousands of the less fortunate will literally walk a thousand miles in a desperate attempt to live here. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


@2 Yes, no individual weather event, no matter how unusual or extreme, is evidence of climate change. Of course the world is getting warmer rapidly and extreme events are expected to increase in frequency and intensity.


I don’t think fly by night means what you think it does.


It really warmed my cold dead hurt to watch the facial expressions of those slack-jawed assholes when their verdicts were read. Great start to the holidays.



That's because these "historical 'atmospheric rivers'" have only been observed since the 1860's, and subsequently have become more frequent in the last 20 years. The term itself only dates back to the late 1960's, so despite your completely insouciant insinuation, it's not at all a frequently occurring thing in a climatic sense, and falls squarely within the period when people became aware of the concept of global climate change.


Aaron Rogers has a broken toe.


"The thinking is as old as the hills: the flood of government cash is pushing up prices because it made too many dollars seek fewer and fewer products. "

Oddly, most of the articles I have read on this blame things like suddenly higher demand for things that are not being produced in the usual quantities for the inflation we are seeing, hence the view that it it likely temporary.


Hmmm Glynn County, Georgia District Attorney gets a conviction while Kenosha County, Wisconsin District Attorney gets an acquittal.

Could it be a factor of experience and philosophy? It would be interesting to see if there is a difference between the Kenosha County, Wisconsin District Attorney's Office philosophy and the philosophy of the Glynn County, Georgia District Attorney's Office philosophy.

Kenosha County is a suburban Milwaukee County. It's not a stretch to think the DA's office has embraced reformative Justice trying to make sure they work with the criminals to change their lives. Meanwhile Glynn County, being a rural county, probably is not a place where changing the lives of criminals is a high priority.

Could it be that the Kenosha County District Attorney's Office just isn't used to actually trying to convict criminals? Do they spend their time seeking restorative justice rather than trying to convict criminals? Something tells me the Glynn County DA doesn't give a flying fuck what life circumstances caused someone to commit a crime.

Maybe we need less reformist DAs.

I don't give a fuck why someone commits a crime. Whether they are crazy, incompetent, or malicious, is irrelevant. If they committed a crime they should be prosecuted and removed from society through incarceration.

I want the DA to be rabid and focused on getting convictions and not giving a shit why a criminal is a criminal.

Our criminal Justice system depends on two equal but opposing factions. I want someone like Nicole Thomas-Kennedy to defend the accused. I also want someone like Roy Bean to be the DA.


Interesting …. 11 whites and 1 poc came to the correct decision in both trials???? Would have rather see the panel reflect local demographics better, but the system works most of the time.


@10, here's an explanation that's a bit simpler. Claiming self defence might work if you kill someone pursuing you with violent intent and not so much when you are pursuing someone with violent intent. I know, this doesn't bolster either the left or right, so we'll never hear such an opinion in today's media, but it's a good theory and does match up with the law.


any word if the cattle farmers are lobbying for the slaughter of rain clouds? I mean, when a wolf eats a cattle it's the end of the fucking world and all wolves must die.


@ 10,

Prosecutors that don't give a shit about about anything other than convictions, combined with systemic racism in the sham legal system, are the reasons that we have countless innocent people locked up or executed.


@14: Well, you can make an exception for the prosecutor in the Ahmaud Arbery case and an exception for the Missouri prosecutor in the Kevin Strickland case getting an innocent man out of prison after four decades.

Happy Thanksgiving


Would you want Dan Satterberg prosecuting the McMichaels and Bryan?

He is so used to apologizing to criminals and coming up with excuses for their behavior that he's probably forgotten how to get a conviction.

It is not the job of the prosecutor to care about the defendant. the job of the prosecutor is to get the defendant convicted and incarcerated. It's the job of the defense attorney to to care about the defendant.

If a Defense Attorney doesn't offer a vigorous defense it makes people loose faith in the justice system, Well the same holds true for prosecutors. When prosecutors, like Dan Satterberg, continuously apologize and excuse the defendant, and act more like defense attorneys, that also makes people loose faith in the Justice system.

I want aggressive prosecutors and vigorous defense attorneys.


@14 'I want aggressive prosecutors and vigorous defense attorneys.'

That ain't the system we've got. We have laws that are meant to intimidate the accused rather than convict the guilty. You take the deal the DA offers or, if you dare to invoke your right to a trial, you will be charged with enough to send you away for many times longer. For the vast majority, it makes sense to take a deal regardless of your innocence. It's also better to be rich than innocent, which is kind of the definition of corruption.


LOL Not in King County.
In King County we have a prosecutor who will go out of his was to avoid prosecuting.

It’s been almost two years and he hasn’t gone to trial with Tolbert and Tolliver. What is he waiting for everyone to forget about the shooting so he can plead them down to a misdemeanor gun charge and release them with time served?

How about Christopher Teel. It’s been over 3 years, when’s his trial? Or is he also going to be pled down to a misdemeanor assault and released?

We don’t have a criminal justice system in King County because Satterberg refuses to do his job.

I really hope he gets a challenger in his next election. I’d prefer a tough as nails Democrat, but if I have to vote for a Republican to get an enforcement minded prosecutor so be it.


Happy Thanksgiving, Charles. Enjoy all that great turkey, stuffing, yams, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Or you can whine and bitch about capitalism.


@ 15,

The district attorney in the Ahmaud Arbery case has been indicted and arrested for misconduct in trying to help the murderers evade charges, so that's exactly my point. It was only public outrage after the video went viral that led to the arrest of those monsters.

In tandem, we wouldn't have so many innocent people in prison in the first place if racist prosecutors actually gave a damn about finding the guilty parties.

Former district attorney arrested after indictment in connection with Ahmaud Arbery investigation


And just in case anyone forgot, the United States, land of the free, has far more people in prison than any other country in the world. It's not even close.

Even China's brutal, despicable Communist dictatorship has fewer people locked up despite having a population of >>>over four times as many people!


@25: Obviously one country has to have the most, otherwise there wouldn't be a statistic. But do tell me, which country has more personal freedom and rights? That's the criterion, not this statistic. But yes, way too many people are languishing in prisons throughout the world.

USA - love it or leave it.


Or try to make it better?


Absolutely, which I would classify under loving it.


@25 "And just in case anyone forgot, the United States, land of the free, has far more people in prison than any other country in the world. It's not even close."

We're also one of the most violent cultures on the planet. In the 245 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence the USA has been at peace for a total of 15 years. We have a violent culture that glorifies war and bloodshed. It should really come as no surprise that we are one of the most violent countries on Earth, nor that we lead the world in criminal incarcerations.


@29: Well, okay, so?


"Luke Ray" ?

Or, could it be "Link Wray" ?

How about something from "Dickhead Dail" ?
Or "The Adventures" ?
Or "The Beechnut Boys" ?
Maybe those classic musicians "the Everlasting Brothers" ?

Whoever wasn't a teen-ager in the 60's doesn't know what they missed.
Yes, Moo-Deadbeat I'm lookin' at YOU.


@29 I thought most people in prison were there for drug charges. They did those crimes to glorify war and bloodshed? That's a heck of a theory.


@31 It means we are exceptionally violent people more likely to solve our problems by resorting to violence than the populations of other nations.


@33 That's only Federal Prisoners who only make up 6% of the total prison population.

The majority of prisoners are held in State Prisons. Of State prison populations 55% are incarcerated for violent crimes and only 14% for drug crimes. Adding public disorder and weapons charges with violent crimes results in 67% of state prisoners being held for violence or threats of violence.

State prisons are not filled with poor SOBs busted for having a joint. They are filled with violent individuals who absolutely need to be separated from society.


It seems very reasonable to say KYle should have been convicted of ‘something’. It’s not reasonable to say he was guilty of those murder charges beyond a reasonable. Doubt. He killed a couple of white trash in a riot who attacked him and then presented a sympathetic defense. The prosecutor outplayed his hand and lost. It’s nothing more or less than that. Now If kyle would have driven a Keep over a bunch of grandmas we might have a different story.


@37: The context is the disparaging insult itself to elicit racist inclinations in the jury.


@38 Exactly


They have had all-electric and zero emission heavy duty trucks available for purchase in Canada and BC since forever. In point of fact, they can't sell any other type starting in 2030.

So complaining about gasoline or diesel costs doesn't make a whole lot of sense, unless you've been ignoring the car and truck news and all the many many many many advertisements on all the Canadian TV channels for the last few years.

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