Bellevue School District Student Speaks Out About Abuse, Gets Expelled



If she reported abuse to a school admin. and they did not act on it, the school and that administrator is liable. This is the law. I do not see how Newport has a case.


Yes yes, PLEASE follow our schools more closely. Seattle Times took months to pick up the harassment/intimidation/bullying finding of two Seattle School Board Directors. Schools are shutting down for lack of staff. Every teacher I know says this is the WORST YEAR EVER in terms of student behavior as mental health is still a bit unstable and kids went feral after a year of lockdown. And there are sexual misconduct allegations roiling Ballard High also. So some solid media coverage would be nice thankyouverymuch.


For crying out loud. To presume a school should transfer a kid into other classes because of bullying allegations is gall of unacceptable proportions. Parents and teachers should make them work it out off campus, like adults. Expelling them was the correct action.


Book smart kids … Ass clowns in the real world. The economic privilege of Newport and Interlake students is unbelievable.


If school was following its established procedures for abuse allegations, then student was wrong to promote a walk-out and the expulsion was justified.

If school was not following procedures, then walk-out was justified and expulsion was wrong.

Hannah Krieg, can you tell us what the procedures are and whether the school was following them?


This is her test for the real adult world. Get the police and lawyers involved. Get a restraining order, because this could keep happening to her, no matter what institution of learning she happens to be at.


This is sort of confusing. It sounds as though the boy first reported that his girlfriend was abusing him, and then during the investigation she made allegations? Had she never said anything before? How well substantiated were either one's allegations before the demands for changing class schedules started? Not entirely clear what happened.

As an aside , kids must have changed. When I was in HS in that very same suburban hellhole (and I am not making a judgment as to whether this is OK), any boy who claimed his girlfriend was physically abusing him would have been laughed out of town and undoubtedly given some nickname that would have followed him for years.


'Principal Dion Yahoudy said “escalated to substantial disruption to the educational process.”'

Sounds very much like the "it is a distraction" canard.
I guess Yahoudy cannot use the "think about the children" platitude.


3, 4, 5 et al, it's not just "entitled little twats" at Bellevue. Are students at Moses Lake High school entitled little twats?



Clear as mud. Have a nice day.


This is crazy. The stranger is reporting on a bad high school breakup where the guy originally reported the girl for bullying - not the move of a possessive/abusive ex because he clearly wanted nothing to do with her. She counters with an abuse claim of her own after the fact and here comes the stranger to elevate this shit to level of regional news. You all really suck for this one. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


This is an interesting example of the mechanics of a dysfunctional upper middle-class bureaucracy.

The student reports abuse and gets ignored and ostracized by the fat and happy administrators who treat them like prisoners.

Kids don’t vote, so they get treated like farm animals or those fuck-puppies in the movie “Zoo”.

If a student is being bullied or harassed, the administrators and teachers must take these allegations seriously and conduct an investigation and take appropriate disciplinary steps, or at the very least separate the students.

The school administration is intractable, so everyone is going to get lawyered up and only the attorneys will win on this one.

The big challenge with academics these days are these complacent administrators who are inept at problem-solving and tend to blame the students for any social difficulties that arise.

We see this a lot at the university level, where tuition costs have gone through the roof, in large part due to excessive bureaucratic overheard from the largesse of these bureaucratic sand-baggers.

Campus life was better back in the old days when the professors and teachers ran the school, rather than these indifferent, unionized stuffed-shirt pencil-pushers.

No wonder so many students are migrating to private schools and the plea for school vouchers from parents is totally understandable.

These public schools are based on the factory model of herding students into padded cells and brain-washing them so they conform to the needs of the White Power Masters, then sending them out into the world to be good little complacent automatons.

Heads may roll thanks to social media and it looks like local elected officials are jumping in, so Newport High School better develop a more robust anti-harassment mechanism.


“Several weeks ago, Su met with assistant principal Leif Moe-Lobeda to discuss a complaint from Su’s ex-boyfriend, another Newport High School student, alleging that she was bullying him. (That claim has since been dismissed, according to Su.)”

Huh. So the abuser says the claim from the person she allegedly abused has been “dismissed.” Sounds legit.

Is there some other reason we should believe her claim over his beyond the fact that she’s a girl? And was there some other reason for all this drama beyond a completely typical bad breakup between two emotionally immature young people?

I get that abuse exists and clearly a discussion needed to happen in a general way to address it, given how the concept clearly resonated across the district. But the real story in this case is how the adults involved would rather protect the precious egos of their children than engage in actual parenting or leadership.


What these kids need is a swift kick with a pointy shoe right in the sphincter. And an adjustment in their COCAINE AND MALT LIQUOR intake. See a professional.


Light reporting from the light reportage Stranger.


Lol what reporting on the breaking news of the day! Maybe the guy was “abused” by the girl? The girl was “abused” by the guy? The student body feels the administration doesn’t listen to them? (Yes, a complete stunner, that one!)

The stranger has drifted into some vapid waters before but this is pretty amazing…luckily Hannah was able to get this to press before the long weekend at the stranger!



Well, what other response can you expect from privileged white males (I presume @3 is Painful Drip) who, like @15, whose expressions of overt violence against, and condescension and dismissal of the victims of harassment demonstrate their toxic male sociopathy?


Are these notes for an article or the actual article?


According to the link below. The alleged abuse Su suffered took place off campus and school admin wouldn't get involved on that basis. That would be a legal matter if anything. There no mention of the off campus nature in the article.

Despite my prurient interests the Stranger shouldn't have published this. Its like a one sided Savage Love article but not anonymous.


"...when the bell rang, an estimated 700 students flooded the courtyard."

Yeah, real meaningful. I'm sure that students only ditch classes for the most serious, most noble reasons. Then they organize study groups to make up for the missed classes. Riiiiiiiiight.

So these days school administrators are expected to negotiate spats between ex boyfriend/girlfriend. That must make for lots & lots of education. No wonder today's young people think that, when someone approaches you with a shotgun & asks what you are doing snooping around in their under construction home after dark, they think they can ignore the situation & run away. (And remember, I trust jury verdicts.)

@2, "Schools are shutting down for lack of staff." Who the heck would want to be a teacher today? The inmates (students & their 'birth 'em & forget 'em' parents) are running the asylum.

Sorry, @6. That would be too much like responsible journalism. Ditto, @8, @12, @14, @16, @17, @18.

@13, "No wonder so many students are migrating to private schools......." This is the future of American education: Parochial schools where you toe the line or get tossed out + kiddie 'jails' where you are warehoused until you turn 18.

@15, "What these kids need is a swift kick with a pointy shoe right in the sphincter." Sorry, a kick in the sphincter would cause serious injury. I think you mean a kick in the glutes.

@19, ".....privileged white males (I presume @3 is Painful Drip) who....demonstrate their toxic male sociopathy?"
I guess you've never heard the adage about what the letters in the word 'assume' stand for.


Are some of you clowns defending this? This young woman needs protection, not to be expelled. And you wonder why women don’t want to be with you? Or maybe you don’t. Just get angry. Pathetic bull.
Why are some of you even here, on a liberal paper’s page? Go talk with your incel brothers, elsewhere.


Thanksgiving over then.
. women physically, are usually weaker than men. We are still equal.. .. yet it’s this threat from the physical that some men use, continue to use, that blocks true equality. Each man must step up.


The school contacted police and they're conducting an investigation into the allegations.

So all is handled and we can turn our attention to pressing matters like inflation, supply chain issues, and the omicron variant.


Take the GED test.
Go on to college.
Don't look back.


True raindrop, only after it became public. These kids have a shit world they are growing up in & they are learning to speak up. And the police, when it should have been handled in the school.
It’s not a subject that is going away, raindrop.
Girls/ women being treated this way. Anti abortion laws, in 2021?
And yes. Here we go again. This bloody virus, wtf.


@28 and @29: See @14

Also see @11 and @20. Let's not randomize ourselves with sloppy reporting.


Raindrop, what? Get your head in gear. I got the gist of the story, usual let’s ignore the woman’s fear. And she’s not even a woman yet, she’s a girl, and hasn’t hardened to the world like a woman like I have.
You never disclose who you are raindrop. You’re here all the time, & good on The Stranger to not ban you. Giving you a chance to come clean why you hang out here.


There’s no middle ground here raindrop. You either support women in equality or you don’t. That’s not the same as agreeing with all decisions made by women, because humans make mistakes.
It’s realising that our choices are ours to make & need respected & supported, in equality.
Maybe incessant trolling gives you a buzz, but nobody else enjoys it, it seems.


@32: I'm not saying anything different than the majority of the commenters on this thread. This article sucks and anyone who jumps to conclusions given the scant amount of facts as to what exactly the abuse or harassment between these two adolescents is being disingenuous.


@34: So noted meeb. Let us know if you think of anything else to say.


I don’t read most of the boys on here, raindrop. Hardly read you. My guess is they, like you, are lonely & don’t know how to move past it. My suggestion is to join mens’ groups & find ways to move behind anger as first response to everything.
You don’t need to know what went on to believe a young woman is fearful.


@36: "You don’t need to know what went on to believe a young woman is fearful."

Awesome. I'll save that for future reference. Thanks LavaGirl!


@26 Precisely. That's what I did when I was 16 and have never once regretted it.


So, it's entirely within the realm of possibility that the Stranger took the side of an abuser against her abused ex-boyfriend, and is justifying the ongoing destructive behaviors in which said abuser engaged after her demands were not met. Great work all around.

@38: How dare anyone make more than a few comments, let alone a few thousand, without referring to one's fellow commenters as "pieces of shit"? How could a mere human show such titanic self-control?

You just don't understand.


@26: That depends on what you value in your high school experience. For some, it's about the social environment. You've got friends and school activities that define your life and they aren't easy for some to leave behind.

When I was in HS (in the Bellevue School district) we had a couple of guys who were held back a year (poor scholastic performance). There is nothing that garners social status like being a 19 year old senior "big man on campus".