I'm pretty sure the consensus of Beto is that he is damaged goods and cannot win this time. I thought for sure he had captured the mystique and charm of Texas on his Whataburger tour and yet he lost to the most despicable piece of shit on earth, Ted Cruz, for no other reason than the pulpit the polls ensures an extremely dependable and coordinated Red bloq that never fails to show up, as well as constant redistricting and massive voter restrictions deployed after the last election in Texas.

Abbott may dug himself in a hole with the abortion bill and his epic failure when Texas froze over, but he is entrenched in his position because he has drunk the Trump Kool-Aid at all costs. Beto is likely going to lose spectacularly yet again, and while I admire his never say die attitude and insistence on grassroots campaigning and fundraising, as well as embracing the Bernie Sanders attitude of never quitting after a loss, I don't think people are going to get as invested in him this time as much as I would like to see him win.


Beto is Texas Toast and has been so ever since he said he would confiscate people's rifles. He can't get elected to anything in Texas now.


@1 Garb Garbler: It is a sad situation in Texas, overrun by pro-Trumpist neofascist misogynist pieces of shit. I have friends down there and am waiting for the day they finally say fuck it and move to a blue state.

@2: How is your tree fort gun arsenal holding out, Swifty? Who gets top bunker tonight, you or Elmer?


Fuck the Southern Fried States of Dumbfuckistan. Period. Especially Texiban, Floridumb, Alabumfuck, and Mississhitti.


@3 Don't worry, your EBT card will refresh soon.


Pardon my pet peeve. Until we have some, you know, data on omicron, let's calm down with the fearmongering. If it's shown to (a) easily infect people who've gotten their shots and (b) hospitalize them or kill them in significant numbers, then we can go all Chicken Little. Until that point (probably 2 weeks or so from now), let's all take a deep breath, shall we?


@6 How dare you suggest a measured reasonable response on the internet? That's not what it is there for.


On a brighter note, I'm glad to have gotten my Pfizer booster this last Wednesday.
If only the CDC would convince all the unvaccinated idiots to get their fucking shots already.


@3: I'm surprised your usual rabid gang of MAGA rubes doesn't use your avatar for target practice, Swifty. No wonder you're so paranoid. Get a frontal lobotomy. You're welcome.


@1: Beto did not lose to Ted Cruz spectacularly, it was like 51/48%. I think he could possibly be the first dem governor of the lone star state since Ann Richards.


@5: Don't tell me, let me guess, Swifty. You were once a fully overblown hall monitor in the 5th grade, it went to your head, and everything since has gone downhill fast like an overturned outhouse. Hey--shit happens.
Isn't it time for weenies and tater tots before your usual binge watch of FOX TEEVEE with Elmer?


@7 I know, right?


Virgil Abloh stole from others to make himself bigger. I am actually sorry for his passing but it needs to be remembered that he stole from those that were in a disadvantaged situation.


@10 His 2018 Senate loss was before his run for President in 2020. His comment, "“Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” at a Democratic Debate probably ended his chance of winning a statewide race in Texas.

I actually admired his bluntness and honesty, and 100% agree with the sentiment. But I'm not a politician hoping to win elections in Texas. To win any election in the US right now you have to appeal to the center. That statement (which will be played on heavy rotation in every Republican Ad) probably cost him enough center voters in Texas to prevent his ever winning.


You can stop sweating bullets about the Mississippi case. Trump's justices have their orders and we know exactly what is going to happen. We'll have to pick up the pieces later, and it'll be one more reason for people to leave the Confederate treason states.

The issue now is to make sure people fucking VOTE, so that a Trump-style abomination never happens again (and yes, I mean all of you who couldn't be bothered to vote for Hillary because she wasn't Bernie, or you just didn't like her, or you were lazy or whatever. This is totally on you).


@15 dvs99 for the WIN! I foresee millions of Texas women and girls fleeing the Lone Star State of Confusion akin to Afghani women and girls fleeing the Taliban.

@16: Troll much? Pissed that your latest Shitler hate rally got cancelled due to massive COVID infections and overcrowded hospitals, and now your usual bedtime hydroxychloroquine cocktail doesn't work? Still in denial about science and climate change?
You can do everyone a favor by getting a full frontal lobotomy and fuck off.


@15, Naw, it's on the Democrats for running an unpopular candidate and Mrs. Clinton for running a lousy campaign.


@18: Naw, it's nothing but chauvinist MAGA pigs scared shitless of highly qualified and well educated women being in charge. Your shrooms get limp at the very idea. Call them witches until every woman is afraid. Call out the 2nd Amendment bullshit fahtin' fer yer Free Dumbs!


@18: Did you take your nightly hydroxychloroquine cocktail obediently like yer Gropenfuhrer, the Orange Turd said to, Mikebot?


1: Reagan Dunn is a serious challenger to Kim Schrier who's only been in office for two years. With next year widely considered to be a Republican wave election and Dunn being a strong candidate, expect gazillions of dollars to be poured into this race both statewide and nationally. The commercials will run nonstop.

Speaking of nonstop, you-know-who obviously stopped taking her anti-psychotic meds.


@21: Indeed - Good Lord already


@21, @22: She has entered her manic phase.


The inability to let things go, to tolerate other political views, always triggering childish and cringing retorts. More is to surely follow now, or perhaps maybe she'll have a moment of maturity and finally feel embarrassed.


Re: Omicron

We know enough already to be extremely concerned about this variant. First, on a plane from South Africa to Amsterdam, where proof of vaccination is required before boarding, many of the passengers tested positive for Covid-19. We're still awating confirmation of which variant these passengers are carrying, but this circumstantial evidence is enough to suspect the new Omicron. It is highly concerning.

Second, the newly identified Omicron variant has far more mutations to the protien structures of the cells (something like 37 mutations, compared to the 6 of the highly contageous Delta variant). It is, as the WHO confirms, quite possibly far more contageous than Delta, which swept the world in a matter of weeks. This is no "Chicken Little", as the super-brave and super-intelligent trolls always love to claim. It is highly concerning, but not necessarily a harbinger of doom. It could be that Omicron is more contageous and more deadly than Alpha through Delta, or it could be more contageous and milder. If it's the latter, then if Omicron takes over, becoming as Delta did predominant, it could actually be a good thing. But this is unknown, so the scientists at the WHO prescribe extreme caution in any case.

Third, the travel bans are in no way "cough, racist", Jas. The countries in southern Africa have on average a very low vaccination rate (±6%), which makes it fertile ground for variants to develop. We all know this is the unfortunate price that the privileged wealthy nations have chosen in order to prioritize vaccinating their own populations first. Until we get the whole world vaccinated against the latest variants, we will keep seeing waves of new variants and we can expect to spend the rest of our lives wearing these fucking masks and forgoeing close physical proximity. While it is clear that travel bans will not completely stop these variants from spreading—eventually arriving in every country in the world—they will certainly slow the spread. The point of travel bans is to slow the spread enough to buy us time to learn more about the dangers of new variants, and to develop neccesary measures to protect local populations. It is objectively better to do this, than to just allow jumbo-jet after jumbo-jet of infected travelers to be imported every few hours. The PM of South Africa has made irresponsible and intellectually dishonest pleas that travel bans are ineffective. As I said, they may not ultimately stop the spread at all, but he's obviously just trying to protect his own country's tourism industry.

@6, @7: Reasoned caution and appropriate action ≠ hysteria. You may read it that way, in an internal voice that sounds hysterical, or maybe you're just using a time-tested trope to cast the "know-it-alls" as ridiculous chicken-little's. This, too, is intellectually dishonest, and one of my own pet peeves.

If it turns out that the Omicron variant is actually much less immediately dangerous, resulting in mild discomfort and treatable at home, then hurray! We can change our strategy and measures can be lifted. But this is not retroactive proof that precautions were hysterical or unreasonable. Given the myriad unknowns, arrogance and misguided displays of "bravery" are the only unreasonable responses.

But I agree that the American televised news reads everything with a strong note of panic (drumbeats, booming orchestral doom soundtracks, explosion sound effects, parades of shrill pundits) that undermines the authority of its reporting, but some of the rest of the world doesn't sound like this. To everyone: Read the news in Dutch, if you want professional, responsible reporting without the hype. Use your browser's translation extension, if you must.

Possibly somewhat less unincumbered by hidden influences, the Euronews is very hands-off in terms of hype and drama. Their television news includes a daily "no comment" feature, which presents video of one of the day's stories without any reader's commentary.

For a ranking of press independence journalistic integrity worldwide, see:

The US doesn't score well at all, unsurprisingly.


just a reminder that the utopian dream of no jails and free hugs for criminals is swiftly falling apart as the south sound spirals into some irl gta nightmare.

"We will not sit by while criminals take advantage of weakened drug laws, lack of prosecutions, and unnecessary restrictions caused by newly passed state legislation," Ferrell said in a statement. "As the State Legislature prepares for the 2022 Legislative Session, Federal Way will strongly advocate for changes to Washington drug laws and policy and look for ways to strengthen public safety laws."
Apparently, the other South Sound mayor's feel the same as Federal Way's.
I'm sure Dow has some plan for more YMCAs or something to cull the violence...
Maybe Choose 180, Community Passageways, etc. can do a gun exchange. Gang members can trade in their guns, no questions asked, for free art supplies to paint out their feels.
Just thinking outside the box, here.


Geeze, these comment threads have gotten as bad as YouTube's the last couple years.

What the hell is it with people who spend all their time on the internet re-articulating things they've seen other assholes posting?


And for pete's sake, as if its policy rather than the structure of institutions that makes things hard for Democrats in Texas. Or most of this country. ugh.


@21, @22, and @23; Oh, looky--it's Larry, Curly and Moe! I notice you all show up to troll together as a group. Was remedial Math class boring today? Obviously I struck your prostate plexuses by telling it like it is.

@24: Look in your bathroom mirror. You've got a lot to be embarrassed about, Elmer.


Let the record show the crazy old grizzled bat couldn't let it go.


@30: .....said the biggest MAGA troll in The Stranger is still yapping senselessly away with still nothing of relevance to say, even in the early morning hours. It is obvious that YOU'RE the one who won't let anything go, Elmer. What is it, constipation? Can't find your shroom with both hands and a flashlight? Severe gynophobia?


Oh auntie, we just don't know what to do about you.


@32: Don't even try to do anything about me or other women and girls, Elmer, because you can't. Instead, you and all your MAGA trolling goons can get castrated.
Just think--then you can sing higher in vocal range than Mariah Carey! Circle jerk to your artery-clogged hearts' content! Feast daily upon limp noodles, zukes, and shrooms! What could go wrong? Oh, yeah...then there would be no glaring "need" for Viagra anymore. Bummer.

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