Can't wait for the apoplectic responses from our resident cadre of right-wing trolls who no doubt will be shocked - SHOCKED! - to discover there are businesses in counsel member Sawant's district who don't march in lock-step with the DSA, COC and the conservative business lobby...


It would be easier to take the Stranger seriously if these guest editorials addressed the merits of the recall petition in some way. Just dismissing it by labelling it "right wing" isn't persuasive.

Also, Sawant will never, ever, obtain rent control, so any arguments relating to that issue are pointless. She of course has no ability to alter state law in her role as a city council member, and she has demonstrated again and again she is not capable of building the broad coalition required to achieve a legislative change.


Most people who support the recall are old Seattle style centrists that thought the "Seattle process" that bought a parking garage for Nordstrom's using taxpayer money, blew up the Kingdome before we were finished paying for it, and rejected a light rail system in the 70's is the best thing ever.

It's less that they're frothing fascists, and more that they want a return to the polite, ineffective Seattle of yore, population 400k, that didn't even have to worry about dancing teenagers (thanks Mark Sidran!) because their old, tired hearts couldn't deal with it.

If I was still in D3, I'd be voting no in a heartbeat.


Captains of Industry


@4 for the insightful win


I have no skin in the game but damn the anti-recall people are sweaty af lol


I'm disappointed they didn't mention Kshama's critical role in "Save the Showbox." Wonder why...


"right wing recall" - yeah. This is why I hate her and her zealots. Idiots that alienate even the best intentioned.


The recall is being organized by gay, Capitol Hill Democrats. Fuck you for another propaganda piece. The Stranger really is pathetic.


I can smell The Stranger’s desperation from over here on West Seattle Island.


That is a pretty short list of the usual suspects! Haha. I don’t see Seven Stars Pepper or Hue Ky Mi Gia that are being forced to close due to crime and dystopia at their doorstep in Little Saigon or any of the dozens of small businesses that have had their windows smashed across Capitol Hill and First Hill over the last year. I also don’t see any LGBTQ+ establishments or neighborhood institutions. I am sure a long list support the recall but don’t want to be added to the enemies list of the Sawant cult and vandalized.


“Right wing” is a ridiculous term to describe Seattle, especially district 3.


Sawant doesn’t have any accomplishments to run on, so she always runs against a straw man to radicalize her base and recruit new cult members. The strategy is similar to a certain former President.


Wow, I knew The Stranger would go all in to keep their clickbait in office but even I didn't expect this level of sheer gaslighting and propaganda. You would think after reading this and other "editorials" keeping Sawant in office is the only thing holding back the wave of Republicans dying to move into Capitol Hill. That of course is not even remotely accurate, with or without Sawant, D3 will remain ultra progressive. The sad part is this, along with the red army canvassing D3 to print up and harvest ballots, may yet work to keep her in office. If so, D3 will continue to be represented by someone who willfully and knowingly violates their oath of office, endangers public safety and elected officials with both their words and actions and demonizes anyone who dares oppose the glorious movement with her hateful and toxic rhetoric. I can sure see why there are so many who want to keep her office


For those of you that are new to Seattle or haven’t been paying close attention in previous Sawant elections, Pravda “The Stranger” always has her back with this type of propaganda piece in support of the great leader.


Find a progressive who's politically effective and a decent person. Sawant is counter-productive. Who's backing her, Karl Rove?


Regarding support for local business:

Recall Sawant uses woman-owned Girlie Press in the CD, and has spent over $30,000 there.

Sawant Solidarity uses Trade Printery (Georgetown), Capitol City Press (Tumwater), The Renton Printery (uh, Renton) for printing, spending roughly $100,000 outside of D3.

If Sawant truly supports small businesses in D3, she sure isn't putting her money where her mouth is. Simply glancing over her campaign expenditures demonstrates that.


Simply a sad and pathetic effort, both on the part of the authors and The Stranger. There's a saying attributed to Mark Twain: "A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots." What's remarkable about the No campaign is that they've disproven Mr. Twain. No one is buying their "right-wing recall" lies. This campaign is supported by progressives and no amount of shrill lies can change that.


It is sad that leftist zealots have tainted the term progressive like conservatives have soiled the flag. It is time we throw out the regressive Marxist and replace her with a true progressive that can deliver on the progressive agenda rather than just create chaos.


Great headline! Obviously there is no middle ground, nothing at all between Sawant socialism and that awful Right-Wing. Such is the Seattle world-view defined by The Stranger.


I knew even before I clicked on the article that it was going to be Squirrel Chops, 20/20 Cycle, Bait Shop, Twilight Exit.

Sawant claims the support of small businesses, but it's always the same 5-6 small businesses. There are hundreds upon hundreds of small businesses in D3 but Sawant can only ever get this small group of 6-8 to support her.

Of course no small business wants to vocally support the Recall because that's a good way to get your windows smashed or your storefront covered in graffiti, or end up in some manufactured PR disaster.

Sad to see a new face on the list of standard Sawantists. I hadn't tried Blotto yet but was planning to give it a shot next time I ordered pizza (a rare occurrence on my pandemic diet). Guess I'll take my business elsewhere.


Small business owners don’t support Sawant. Why? Sawant doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself.


@1 I too am very much looking forward to hearing from the many, many business who are definitely not on board with the Sawant Socialist agenda.

Businesses which don't appreciate having a lawless city, no police protection, resent handing out millions in taxes for little in return.

Why not hear from them. Do you think it is undemocratic to hear the other side and their valid complaints.... or do we just close our eyes and believe in her manifesto.

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