Slog PM: The 28th School Shooting of 2021, Seattle Pays for Killer Cops, and Rihanna Is Right Excellent



Thank you to those children for their sacrifice to the Second Amendment. That's what makes America great.


Rise and resist demoralization. Deslaverize your broken minds, bodies, and spirits. No fate but what we make.


Those who don't acknowledge that they'd pull a trigger to stop being stabbed have no credibility.


Those fentanyl producers should get life in prison, if not the chair. Sociopaths to the core who should never again see the light of day.


@3 just employ the tactics that get all of these murdering mass shooters to somehow be taken alive


What was her name, the one attacking with two knives?


"...nasal spray Narcan, as well as three other naloxone-administering drugs. Naloxone can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose."

Yeah, the pharma concerns have a solution for a problem entirely created by the pharma concerns. They really got it coming and going. F! ing brilliant.


i know one way to be absolutely sure you aren't ingesting, shooting up or smoking fentanyl...


I'm less concerned with school shootings in another state than I am about the multiple shootings per week that occur all over the Seattle area.
cant set at a bus stop without having head on a swivel, can't go to a memorial of someone who got shot without the possibility of getting shot at while at the memorial, can't flip someone off on the highway you will get shot at. can't live in south park, federal way, kent, skyway, without the reality someone probably gonna get shot there today.
I carry a weapon when driving in south sound because I'm not trying to get carjacked by one of mayoral and council also-ran Oliver's star pupils.


@1 - The funny thing is I have not seen anyone discussing "thoughts and prayers" this time. It's like the gun fetishists have stopped even trying.


9 bro you live in the us, your fear of being shot while waiting for a bus is the exact same problem as a school shooting in another state -- too many guns and too many people who think more guns will fix it -- you just don't care about the problem unless it affects you personally, by making you feel kind of scared sometimes


@3 -- These were not random people who happened to be armed. These were cops. In many countries they wouldn't have been armed. A lot of security guards -- who deal with far worse situations -- aren't armed. These cops should have known how to defuse the situation, or at the very least, take her out without having to use a gun. Break her arm or leg if you have to (it's not that hard it you are trained). If you can't handle a situation like this without pulling out your gun, how the fuck are going to handle a bar room brawl?

It is way too easy to blame the individual, but this is a systemic failure. Way too much training for how to use a gun, way too little for how to diffuse the situation, or use your baton (or other non-lethal methods). Yes, a lot of people would have handled it differently (many did). But the purpose of training is to raise the level of the weakest, ill-suited people to competence. The military turns wimps into soldiers. The police department should have turned these cowardly men into real police officers.

By the way, Biden got a lot of heat for suggesting (somewhat offhandedly) that cops should shoot-to-maim more often (instead of shoot-to-kill). In this case, shooting her in the foot (while way down the list of good options) would have been much better. She might be walking with a limp, but at least she would be around.


@11: Considering SPD has 300 fewer officers, short staffed 911 dispatchers, carrying a weapon can be prudent.

@12: But you can't take away their right to self defense and you can't make your argument on what should have been. This was the situation at hand. The city made an ill-advised settlement and this is the wrong message to send to the community.


When Jas mentioned yesterday that Prince Charles was at the Barbados handover but didn't mention RihannaI got the feeling she didn't read much beyond the headline.


@13 -- Self defense? Situation at hand? Dude, these were cops who were called to the house! They were tasked with diffusing the situation. They fucked up. They made it worse. It was all about lack of proper response, and that was all about lack of training. Numerous other cops somehow managed to deal with the crazy mom, but not these cops. These were chicken shit cops who panicked. They put themselves in a bad situations and then fucked up even worse.

It is like saying a surgeon who fainted at the sight of blood should be forgiven, because holy cow, there was just so much (especially after they made the wrong incision). You would faint too, admit it. Yeah, of course. But I'm not a fucking surgeon! If you put yourself in that position, you better be able to handle it. Otherwise, take a different fucking job.

Either the city fucked up because they hired cowardly idiots, or they fucked up because they didn't train them properly. Either way, the city is responsible.

By the way, this is what unarmed cops in other countries do: You might want to educate yourself about a subject before making comments. Notice the second item (Better Training).


It never made sense to me why the city would send 2 male cops into a call with a woman with a known history of being volatile. A woman friend or known social worker would have had a chance of defusing the situation.


@15: A rather contorted analogy but again, what should have been is different argument than the culpability of what occurred. Just because other countries do it better doesn't make a difference.

Should the city be sued because better and more trained staff wasn't available?

These arguments have nothing to do with the culpability of the officers.


@15: Thank you, Ross.

@16 pat L: It never did to me, either. That the late Charleena Lyles' case against the SPD is only one of so many senseless cop killings not just in Seattle but nationwide makes this all the more tragic. Lyles had reported a burglary and was pregnant with her fifth child! Charleena's four surviving children are without their mother. I recall a sister of Charleena's quoted in an article from The Seattle Times as saying that the overuse of police force was completely unnecessary, and that she "could have taken her [Charleena] down" [Monika Williams, June 18, 2017, The Seattle Times]


@13 and @17: Get a nap before The Stranger sues you for spewing any more consistent irrelevance.