Yes big pharma nerds to share with the world and Biden and other western leaders should have made that happen but do you really think our vax and mask rates will stop a surge? Or the new variant will be so terrible? You know nothing about that as no one currently does. The virus controls and we are riding that tiger. I don't get your post bu O wish I had whatever you had when writing it.


And cheers to covid for the great resignation and surge in union activity!


We don't "need" tourists.

We just let our Citizens United corporate masters trick us into thinking we do.

Seattle did perfectly fine before we brought in tourists.


In case you haven't noticed, many pharma companies reinvest their profits in a) researching new medicines, b) training and developing their staff, and c) enhancing compliance with health and safety regulations. It's fine to paint broad brushstrokes from the bubble of Capital Hill, Charles, but coming up with detailed critiques that resonate outside your bubble requires a bit more effort.

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