Political commentary is not what I Anonymous was meant for.


The Forward Thrust and Seattle Commons voter fails are in a different universe from recent election results. Ann Davison is batshit crazy, but her impact is a drop of piss against the river of urine that has surged through Seattle since those two city-ruining decisions.


JFC, Smith & Co. are even using I, Anonymous to beat their recall drum now?!


Seriously? The CCP is jealous of how on message you are.


Seattle Ruined Seattle

I couldn't agree more. And I might add Washington ruined Washington, Texas ruined Texas, and so on and so forth. I have seen the enemy and they are us.


Yes! ‘Bout time we own our bulls**t.


Tautology is the best you've got!? I wouldn't want to put my name on that either!


Pot meets kettle.


Let’s not fail again. It is time to recall the grandstanding cult leader that abused her power, helped to elect Trump, left D3 without representation for 8 years, and trashed the city.


Amazon would have taken over South Lake Union regardless. Paul Allen just wanted taxpayers to fund a nice park for Amazon workers to eat their lunches in. All the Vulcan-owned buildings adjoining the park would have been able to add "stunning park views!" to their listings. A missed opportunity perhaps, but nowhere near on par with repeated failure to fund transit back when land was relatively cheap.

For the more recent examples, you seem to believe that more people voting = more people voting the way you would prefer them to. Eh, maybe.


There is nothing more perfectly creepy than the way Steven Weismann renders shod feet. Haunting!


Whatever, @10. A huge, green park full of open space with a mix of work and residential around the edges would be a massive improvement from the profoundly inhuman and depressing pit of despair that exists now. And anyway, big chunks of it would have been paid with donations from Allen and other wealthy business folks, and the property tax levy of $111 million is nothing compared to what Seattle almost routinely spends now for far less impactful improvements. It could have been our Central Park, but instead we've got a bunch of concrete and the Bezos balls.


@12 let’s not kid ourselves, it’d be a bum mess if there was a park there. I love parks, don’t get me wrong, but not parks full of drug addled assholes.


The recall /is/ bad faith but it's also true that Sawant sucks. I voted for her the first time around but learned quickly that I regretted my vote. Oh well, on to the next, it doesn't make that much of a big difference in the world.

The issue isn't that old school northwesterners aren't like the imports, or that we age out of semi-radical beliefs, it's just that most people never believe that in the first place, and just say the words. It's a popular fad, like a sense of fashion. Yesterday's Northface Vest is todays "In This House" sign.


Seattle voted against the Commons Park because The Stranger said it would cause gentrification. That was when I first realized The Stranger was full of shit and a negative influence on Seattle politics. Nothing has changed.


There is no political analysis whatsoever. It is propaganda.


Seattle has been great until Sawant destroyed our city. Her lies and cheating pushed voters to do nothing, while her bullying pushed away rationality and encouraged animosity.


As if you needed any more proof: the sanctimonious comments section w/o an ounce of self-awareness. Seattle politics is the pits. Bogeymen vs. Bogeymen and the most middling solutions, always. Anyone who claims otherwise is a fool.


Equating 2 (potentially) short-term election candidates with 2 long-impact tax increase initiatives isn't even comparing apples to apples. And, if I recall, most of us were happy to fund the monorail in 1994 or whenever that was. What happened there? We paid much money on car tabs for 3-4 years, and we got nothing out of it. Now ST3 hasn't even decided where to put the Ballard extension - which is woefully delayed again, I might add. I don't think Seattle voters ruined Seattle - I think Seattle voters don't hold Seattle politicians accountable for their actions.


Lose your job, have a financial emergency, or flee from an abuser and you too could join the ranks of the homeless. But keep on doing the same thing day and day out and nothing will change for the better. Where does the money go???? Corrupt politicians and greedy corporate people and the usual bankers.

It doesn't have to be this way. Hold them accountable.

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