"Seattle students want more action on sexual assault. "

More action? Is that not the problem?


A zoning map is not gerrymandered. I get what the tweet is trying to say, but use some zoning related terms like redlined please.


No doubt the ransomeware/metaverse combo will emerge.


Futurama did it first


Matt, you had a couple grammatical issues with one of your posts. I fixed it for you!

Hey have you voted yet, etc etc etc. You can’t walk around District 3 right now without a tent of paid vote harvesters from outside Seattle shouting at you about voting in the Supreme Court certified recall election. If you’d like to stop being demonized, yelled at and otherwise harassed and gaslit with dogwhistles by these clipboard-toters fill out your ballot and vote to have the SCC appoint a new representative that actually cares about D3 and will do the job they are elected to do without violating election and ethics rules and using toxic and divisive rhetoric.


Was that English @6?

Are you sure?


As long as the critter tracks are not Tim Eyman, I'm ok.


Look outside. Are you going to walk 20 minutes to light rail in this weather? No.
Parking by light rail is a very good thing. It lowers the bar, so people actually ride light rail instead of clogging up I-5. Just wait until the light rail goes over Lake Washington. Parking will become more crucial then.


Parking by light rail is a very bad value. It costs a lot of money, and uses up space that could otherwise go into apartments, offices, or other uses that attract riders. People driving to park and ride lots are always going to make up a relatively small amount of ridership. The bulk of the people riding a train walk to the station or take a bus there.

Park and ride lots should be small, and in the neighborhoods. Riders should be connected by frequent bus service which serves both the park and ride, as well as more densely populated areas along the way (i. e. apartments). For example, here is a suburban park and ride: It is a relatively short drive for the people who live to in the sprawling suburban housing developments to the east. It is tough to serve those houses with a bus, and for many, it would be a long walk to the nearest bus stop. A bus along Coal Creek Parkway/Factoria Boulevard would pass by a fair number of apartments, offices and stores, and thus be justified without a park and ride. But a park and ride adds riders, which means better ridership. Better ridership means better frequency, which means everyone wins. Those living in the houses drive a shorter distance, and the bus runs more often. The bus would connect to Link, as well as other buses, and might directly serve a major destination (e. g. downtown Bellevue) as well as nearby grocery stores, and other essential services. Thus a lot of the people who ride the bus (e. g. people in the apartments) wouldn't need to own a car, which is good for many reasons. This is a far more cost effective system, as it scales (as Bellevue grows, the buses run even more often).


@10. I just walked 20 minutes in "this weather". It's just drizzling.

P&R Garages & Lots are the price of admission for ST expansion into the burbs. It will take decades to change Car Culture. Gotta walk before you can run.


Good on those students. Enough ignoring young people’s, mainly young women’s, rights to be heard. They got heard last night & here it is, our & about for all to see.


"Racist" and "Right-Win" recall election... hahahaha!

No matter how many times you type those lies, Matt, it doesn't become true. You and Richie have a "Pants on Fire" rating for your Slogs.


I’m glad I went to an all girls school, only had ‘girls games’ to put up with. Why aren’t things changing? Why aren’t boys getting the message on how the patriarchy is being dismantled, very slowly sure with all the push back, but it’s happening.


I'm just curious as to why Matt hates park-and-rides so, so much.
Like, how the fuck you think people are gonna get from their houses in the suburbs to the train station? They're gonna add an hour to the start of their trip by walking? Ride their bike in winter? I mean...


Everyone I know who lives near the stations north of Northgate are more interested in walking to the station than they are to driving to it.

Save some money and shrink the parking.


@19 and what about people who don't live near the station? I thought we wanted to encourage people to actually use it not make it a personal conveyance for those who live near the stations.


Pre-COVID, many Park and Rides were full before 7AM, and likely will be again. Try to use them mid-day and you're SOL. Limiting capacity will limit ridership. Some may dislike the existing low density suburban development, but it is just that- existing. And it ain't going anywhere soon. That same low density makes frequent bus service very expensive. Take a deep breath and build the lots.


@15, you might see some serious patriarchy backlash from the supremes with this abortion case, with the help of a female supreme. Be prepared for trench warfare.


@8 pat L: If critters ate up and crapped out Tim Eyman and the entire noxious shit pile that is the GOP I'd be even better. I'm still eagerly waiting for gators in the Mar-a-Lunatic Swamp to come after the Orange Turd and permanently flush it out.

@10 pat L: I 'm happy to hear about the progress on light rail at long last. So many people in King County stand to benefit and it finally gets a LOT of vehicles off I-5. For the record, I have walked in rain, snow, wind, and ice for over half an hour, with no umbrella (why bother if wind gusts are just going to make an open umbrella invert?) and all bundled up.
Safe and happy light rail travels everyone!

I have what feels like a stupid question, transit wise. There is a 5-1-1 number to call for Washington State ferry updates, traffic, and mountain pass information. What is the ongoing issue regarding "flammable cargo being prohibited" on SR 520 and I-90 since this spring? Is it an attempt to calm down all the pearl clutching Richie Riches living in East King County and Mercer Island?


@18: Car vandalism?


@18: Car theft? I have never been comfortable with leaving my car at a park and ride either.


@25 I used park-and-rides to commute in the bay area and the biggest thing you had to worry about was getting your car hit by other people's car doors. every fucking day would have a new door dent.
of course, this was a few years ago before criminal justice reform brought us a crop of people who give zero fucks about getting caught for crimes, so I am sure break-in and theft at park-and-rides have gone up. sadly, the solution for that is just leave your car empty of any goods and leave your doors unlocked so your window doesn't get smashed.

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