Slog PM: Omicron Spreads, Bears Become Fish Sticks, and RuPaul Welcomes Another Seattle Queen into Her Empire



Those balloonheads in Dallas probably picked up the rumor that the Dead Kennedys' reunion tour is going to open in Dallas, and drew the wrong conclusions.


We just shouldn't listen to Rand Paul, masks or no masks.


And isn't it EASTERN Washington that needs the mobile vaccine units?


You been busy, Chase. Two weeks till they know more about the new strain.. just on Xmas. And yes masks work. Not so some of the cloth ones, good ones are the N95.


I feel sorry for the Omicron Restaurant in West Bend, WI.


I like RuPaul, but at this point the whole thing is really tired.


I mean if the highly contagious deadly virus is becoming endemic that is all the more reason to stay vaccinated and be vigilant if you think about it even momentarily but i guess embracing debilitating illness and possibly death is also an option if you're so inclined but it seems kind of silly when taking precautions to make this far less likely is also an option. This pandemic is really bringing the stupid out of a lot of people.


there are no what ifs, the stranger is correct, the existence of breakthrough cases and occasional emergence of novel variants doesn't change any of that. Things that benefit you, such as getting vaccinated, also benefit to others when they do the same thing, so that's reason enough alone to encourage people to get vaccinated, but as it happens fewer unvaccinated people also means fewer people catching and spreading the virus and incubating novel strains. The impact of vaccination campaigns is greater than the sum of its parts.

Even if it were true that the vaccines don't curb the spread or severity of the virus -- which btw is disproven by literally billions of data points from the past few months -- the worst case scenario is that people are getting a few harmless shots with literally zero negative side effects. But we don't need to worry about those what-ifs because they are not supported by any existing evidence.

Anyway have fun spreading dangerous disinformation about the pandemic and refusing to learn literally anything new no matter how much information you take in i can tell how important it is to you given how hard you struggle to keep doing it here


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@6 - Delta Airlines is plenty relieved right about now.