Slog PM: Murray and Cantwell Don't Rule Out Filibuster Abolition to Protect Abortion, WA Supreme Court Punts on Redistricting, When Can We Start Listening to Christmas Music?



'White Wine in the Sun' is the only xmas song worth listening to...


How thoughtful of Maria and Patty to chime in on the issue.


So is Rich drunk on cheap whiskey or cheap rum?


GO, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, GO!! Keep on rocking the House, and let's pass the Women's Health Protection Act al-fucking-ready.
I would like to add a codicil: castrate all RepubliKKKan men, RWNJs, and their dupes, take away their Viagra, and ship them off to an isolated KKKorprate-made wasteland devoid of all vital resources to die as a group.

@2: It's infinitely better than your usually pointless trolling, Elmer.
Isn't it getting past your bedtime?


I guess Rich is just waking up to the fact that the state of the House of Representatives, and who is Speaker of the House in January of 2023 rests with Suburban districts like the WA-8.

Well duh....

Maybe PNW Progressives can help out and not make a total shit show of Seattle, the city the WA-8 is a suburb of to help Kim Schrier win reelection.

Of course knowing the idiocy of Seattle Progressives, they'll probably find some lunatic like Nikkita Oliver who lives in Auburn or something to run a primary challenge against Schrier.


Making abortion illegal in this country is going to start the war the Republicans have been trying to start since TFG came down that escalator. The forced birthers who want to force women back into situations where they die from botched, illegal abortions, have children they don't want, get murdered by men who don't want them to have the baby (murder is already the number one cause of death among pregnant females, it will SKYROCKET if abortion is made illegal), and create a dystopia of unwanted children forced into existence only to be forced to live in poverty, suffer from abuse, and who knows what else, are going to find out how far women and people who support women are willing to go to make sure these motherfuckers feel the pain they so gleefully choose to inflict on everyone else.

Conservative old white men and their white supremacist women like the cunt on the criminal, corrupt, and compromised SCOTUS and every Republican who supported this shit and all Democrats who did nothing to stop it NOW are all going to find out just how angry women are and how we have no intention of going back into the back alley of death and subservience to men and their fucking inability to exist in a society where women have independence and autonomy. Women are fed up with men using the government to police their bodies. And if anyone in this country believes women won't fight back against the fucking bullshit they are 100% wrong.

I know they aren't prepared for the bloodshed. They believe they are in charge. They believe their power and their hatred and their misogyny and their money and their judges and their penises will force women to do what they want women to do.

I look forward to the surprise they all experience when they see what happens. And I hope it happens to every single motherfucking one of them.


I voted to keep Dunn on the KC council to keep the balance as is and prevent a further slide farther left. But the ain't no way I'm sending to him to the U.S. Congress, fuck that. There is way to much at stake at the national level to let Louis Gohmert get his last power chub.


I guess we know now what it takes for the stranger to report on the local every day violence. Six. Six people have to be shot in one day.
And that only garners the slightest mention. An aside. It's almost as if they are ashamed and embarrassed that their shitty opinions on criminal justice reform are a total disaster and have only lead to more death and violence in the communities they purport to be helping. But hey, as long as that violence doesn't come from the hands of police we good, right?

One of them was a 15 year old girl in a stolen Jeep. Jeep had like 2-dozen bullet holes and a fat stack of cash inside. The girl and her passenger would not give any information to police.
Hey, Oliver, got another star diversion program pupil coming your way!


@10 - Xina's usual over-the-top superlatives and hyperbole aren't so over-the-top on this one. She paints an accurate picture of horror of what's to come if Roe v Wade is overturned.

Good God Almighty. Think of it. Raped little girls by their father or other monster must endure their torment to birth and for the rest of their lives.

And there will be horrific new DIY abortions of the next generation of "coat hangers" by the charlatans who will pray on the poor women who can't afford to fly to another state where abortion is legal.

It will tear our country apart increasing the polarization of our society. It will definitely be a war for the soul of America.


@ 13,

There hasn't been any criminal justice reform--all efforts failed and the reform candidates were all defeated. All those shootings and deaths are the result of the current, failed policies.

That's like Prezinazi AntiChrist screaming last year that if Biden were elected we'd see the mass demonstrations and chaos on city streets that were currently occuring during his catastrophic, nation-ruining rule.

The Party of Personal Responsibility is pathologically incapable of taking any responsibility.


@15 so you're telling me organizations like Choose 180 are getting money for nothing? Like, they haven't been diverting people into their programs instead of jail for the past several years in Kind County? No change from the usual "lock 'em up!"?


Its so grotesque and absurd that a committee and the courts decide how seats should be allocated between parties, rather than the voters.

Abolish districts.


Christmas Music is now allowed, as we’ve hit December. And those pesky elves are about, they have arrived down under. Our fire dept was putting up naughty elves set ups, on their page. And not ones to show the children.


@6: xina for the WIN!!

@8, @9, @10, @11, and @19 MAGA_troll_goof: "I am pro-choice but..."
AAAAIIIIINNGGHHT! Nice try. Thank you for playing.
It is obvious that you are a gaslighting MAGA troll. I don't believe anything you spew for one second. By unfairly branding women like xina and me as schizos I consider you an automatic scroll down. You don't know shit about Senators Patty Murray of Maria Cantwell, either. What's your definition of a "smooth brain", a cerebellum soaked in hydroxychloroquine? HA!
Do the rest of us a favor and get a frontal lobotomy already.
Or better yet, get castrated.


20, wow, such anger towards any other viewpoints, sad, it really confirms your intolerance



Good heavens Auntie. Can't you tone it down a bit dear? I agree with you but you're getting quite extreme lately.


Cantwell and Murray are not a pair of powerful witches who can intone some bizarre Marxist incantation, shake their tits and force everyone in the Congress and Senate to abolish the filibuster.

Sen. Cantwell looks like she has a spastic colon or needs a shot of bourbon, and Sen. Murray needs to do something with her hair, otherwise they're great and a much preferable Senatorial team as compared to Strom Thurmond, who fathered a child with his housekeeper and put her on the payroll, or Brock Adams, who raped several staffers, regardless of gender, and was always wagging his weenie at unsuspecting constituents and imploring them to "taste the Canadian Bacon".

Or consider Rep. Anthony Weiner, who would photograph his big, hairy scrotum and tweet it to unsuspecting twitter-users?

The vitriol toward certain members of our representative government is misplaced, and no, you Democrats do not have a mandate to hand the United States over to the whims of communist China, or tax the bejeezus out of anything with pants.

Most of our political leadership has been bought and paid for by corporate interests, hence the persistent drone of a leadership vacuum on these fiery issues.

This is why the Sawant recall is such a bellwether issue: we finally get someone in power who identifies with the needs of their constituents and wants to do the right thing policy-wise for the homeless and working folks, and all the Seattle yuppies want to put her head on a stick.

Is it because she’s an educated and powerful woman in full control of her reproductive health and destiny, and doesn’t buy into all the corporate slop from special interest groups who want to keep Seattle a mill town with the rich bosses running everything?

As another poster pointed out, you Democrats are lucky to have Manchin and Sinema on your team.

You could have gotten some wild-eyed cowboy redneck like Sen. Barry Goldwater, may he rest in peace.

At least you can meet and discuss policy with these people, and Sinema is cute and has a nice ass, and Manchin is rich and has a yacht.

Let’s party--Democrat Party that is.

Everyone should take a university level political science class.

Roe vs. Wade is accepted law and it remains to be seen if it is truly in peril, so let us not get out the blowtorches and pitchforks just yet, or order sushi and not pay.

You will notice that the majority of those who vehemently oppose Roe vs. Wade are men.

The theory that anti-abortion policy is a feminist class-issue that the white male ruling elite uses to control women and the disadvantaged surgically is well-founded, although both sides of the debate should stop trying to twist the U.S. Constitution and accepted federal law into knots to conform to their pre-conceived notions.

If any of these hairy, inbred conservative men had to carry an unwanted pregnancy full-term, this entire debate would become nullified.

Abortion should continue to be treated like a medical procedure that is pursued at certain times, depending on the health and medical needs of the patient.

Thank you auntie grizelda for the image of some hapless Trumpster getting their pubic area shaved and swabbed with mercurochrome prior to gender reassignment surgery, or getting a frontal lobotomy or bottle-in-front-of-me, the eternal debate, although abortion should be a woman’s personal choice.


Why have women's health protections not been put in place at any time before this? The GOP has been trying to overturn Roe v Wade since pretty much the ruling. Democrats are useless, spineless cowards. Obama promised abortion protections too. There was a window of time where they had 57 Senators and control of the House. What did they do? Pass a Republican health-care plan. Useless.


Interesting @19, though you own guns.
Law in the US seems to get bent any which way, depending on skin colour. The issue is fuck the patriarchy. Not going backwards, after all these decades of being free to choose our own fate. Have control over our own bodies.
Brett, Supreme Court judge, obviously an old style patriarch, had his wife in order, his past as a horror frat boy, needs to be recalled. Trouble with Biden et al being old people is they don’t have the energy to really clean out trumps’ swamp, while they can.
This will galvanise US Women & their allies
worldwide, if overturned, and then some noise will happen. The women who rose in the 60s came outta nowhere , because finally they had had enough. Wars can be fought with all sorts of different weaponry which have nothing to do with car batteries.


@21 and @23 ad nauseum:....said the usual septic tidal wave of MAGA trolls. Fuck off. Obviously your pathetic little shrooms are all shriveled up in a cowardly wad, or you wouldn't be so scaredy pants threatening to take out your guns. You're the ones so desperately needing help.
You assholes can do us a favor by blowing yourselves away with those SAWs you love so much and dying off, alone, unloved, and worthless rabid incel trash that you all are.

@22: No, Phoebe. With male RWNJ RepubliKKKan insanity this out batshit crazily of control, it is time for women and girls everywhere, being cruelly stripped of our rights to GET MAD AND FIGHT BACK.
Xina is correct that being oppressed this severely will have even more dire consequences than the GOP ideologist neofascists had ever foreseen. This bullshit has steadily worsened since Reagan / Daddy Bush and must end NOW.


@21 & @23 ad nauseum: Eat my shit, choke on it, and DIE all curled up in fetal positions.
When you're gone the world will cheer.


You don’t like ‘boomer rants’ , @19, yet you point out it was the boomers who got political & made noise. We boomers set the stage for change & big changes were made. Show some respect. And I have faith the younger women will keep finding their collective political voice.
And us boomers will keep ranting.


@26: Spot on, Brent. Well said and summarized.

@27 LavaGirl: @19 is only a typical MAGA coward. Disregard anything he says. And the oppressive RepubliKKKan RWNJs hellbent on overturning Roe vs. Wade and reinstating the Orange Turd as White Trash House Dictator-for-Life aren't going to like the consequences of their criminally batshit insane actions. All for their ugly, smelly dicks going limp when confronted by educated women capable of making our own choices.


@30 LavaGirl: Amen, sister! :)


@24 pollysexual: BINGO, for pointing out that the overwhelming majority of those in SCOTUS, plus Mitch McConnell's hastily sworn in cheap Trump cunt (when we COULD have added Merrick Garland to SCOTUS instead during Obama's & Biden's 2nd term) are so adamantly against keeping abortions safe and legal.
I disagree, however, with your supportive views on Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. I do not consider them as assets to the Democratic Senate. They have gone out of their way to block or stall any progress in Washington, D.C., continually pandering to Mitch McConnell. The Infrastructure Bill, although passed, got watered down to nearly nothing.


28: Agreed! Only quibbling on the hue, not the color.


@10: Oh. Now I get it. Pvt. MAGA_Troll got his nuts shot off in Bosnia, and now he's a fully overblown QAnon RWNJ. Blame the RepubliKKKan-profiteered wars for your losses, idiot, not women and girls. When was the last time you had a full physical exam? 1996?


Whether it’s a constitutional matter or a state one, it takes two to make unwanted pregnancies. So how about those concerned because their sperm goes near fertile wombs, look to stopping this process at the source?
Get the snip if not wanting babies. Demand they develop a contraceptive past the condom so full responsibility can be taken, just like women have been doing all these years, and changing their bodies.
Pro choice @19? You got a womb? No. Then your opinion is not needed here.


@36: LavaGirl for the WIN!!


@21: Spoken like a total LOSER. Do the world a favor. Get castrated, Mariah.
Then maybe the fake "apostle" Paul will let you sing in his pathetically ugly Unholy Church of Whatever it Takes alongside Dickhead Cheney and Rush Limbaugh.
Oohh. Did I strike a pudendal and cavernous nerve? Did I make you squeal helplessly like a stuck pig? Didums widdle shroom shrivel up and go limp like a wet noodle? Well, good. Now crawl under a rock and die already.


@38 Like Professor Hiztory, you really need to be banned from this website for totally unhinged behavior. Seek help.


@39 and @40: ...said the REAL QAnon psychos boasting of their SAW gun arsenals threatening war when confronted by educated women, while hiding out in their tree forts because their tighty whities are a in a wad. The two of you and your ilk are the real threats here and in every other Stranger thread. I speak the truth. If that hurts your fragile male chauvinist feelings, tough shit.
Get over it.


@39: Hush, Swiftbuns, before your fellow middle schoolers use your avatar for a dartboard.

@40: Pvt. MAGA-troll: Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. If you've got a day job, what are you doing HERE?


@44: Okay QAnon RWNJ gun-nutzi. You're in more dire need of a blowjob than any Neanderthal in history.Your "PATIENTS"? HAhahahahahahahahaha! Oh, so now you're supposed to be a "psychiatrist" too as well as an unhinged gun nut? Yeah--run your index finger through the Yellow Pages and pick the one you like? Jacking off 24/7 is not a day job.Your Bullshit-o-Meter is spinning wildly off the scale, just as your allegations of being a war hero, Napoleon. Give it up already and crawl back into the sewers. Your rats are waiting for you back at the Twitler hate rallies. You've gotten your MAGA rubes at the Wal-Mart so batshit crazy hey'll shoot you on sight, and then claim it was yer "TAHM!" Because, like you, Swiftbuns, ad nauseum, youse are all Fahtin' fer yer FREE DUMBS! Anything fer General Lee, the Sequel.
Man, you MAGA idiots really are paranoid. Lay off the caffeine, meth, and narcotics before you land face down in the gutter. Help--Pvt. MAGA-troll has fallen and he can't get it up!


oh shut up


Everyone take a moment.


Grizelda is not mentally ill. Colourful with words & images, sure. So scroll on by. She sure as hell doesn’t support nasty people who have/ had nasty policies. Doesn’t support bigoted racist sexist thugs.
@36 cont; Viagra, they got meds together so men could maintain erections yet they haven’t developed a decent contraception for men. Strange that.


"Colorful with words and images"

No, that's what poets do. She's raging as many hard-hitting insults as she can think of.


@46 & @49: Did I finally strike some autonomic, dorsal, and / or somatic nerves? You and all the other gaslighting MAGA rubes trashing The Stranger comment threads have been infinitely more insulting, Elmer, than I ever could be. Your willful misinformation is poison. Donald Trump is laughing at you and your ilk for being among his easily brainwashed patsies. If you're too chickenshit to admit it, it's on you, not me.
Go out for some fresh air. It'll do you good.

@48 LavaGirl: That's largely because Viagra went to their heads.


@51: I suggest humility.


@52: I recommend enlightenment, Elmer, before it's too late. White RepubliKKKan men seem to be dying off in waves lately.


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