Slog AM: Omicron Variant Reaches Washington, Seattle Times Uneasy About Commoners Voting, and Who Is the Mystery Man Who Likes the Traffic in Pike Place Market?



RIP Bob Dole


any time an old white republican dies it's a great day for america


@2 Bob Dole did more for this country than you ever have done or ever will do.


For me, the most important story of the day brings The New York Times right to our own backyard: "‘Just Total Chaos’: Floods Bring Death and Devastation to Dairies."

Standard disclaimer to avoid offending the Cliff Mass types out there. We'll have to see how much such an extreme weather event might have been precipitated or exacerbated by climated change.

One thing is for sure though... The sensitive, sentient creatures that are those cattle didn't need to die in such a miserable way.


Interesting bit of information about where the members of the Seattle Times’ editorial board live!

But that makes me curious: how many members of the “SECB” live anywhere other than Seattle’s District 3 … or, for that matter, Capitol Hill?


@3 evwrything positive he did is negated by not one but two Trump endorsements. Any person supporting Trump after seeing what he did in four years is not a patriot and is complicit in the destabilization of our country


@2: Avoid racism to maintain your credibility.
@5: Avoid impertinence to maintain your decorum.


Bob dole was a ww2 vet, which is nice for him, but many people were ww2 vets and they don't get fawning write ups in big newspapers when they die. The entire reason we are asked to care about bob dole's death is not because he was a ww2 vet, but because he was a career politician, and career politicians are ordinary citizens who make a shit ton of money selling out their constituents to the highest bidders.

Despite being in the senate for multiple decades, dole has no memorable achievements beyond losing to clinton in 1996. He was at best a warm body who occupied a seat in government long enough to be remembered for it, so anyone insisting we must venerate him because he's done more "things" of a vague and unspecified nature for this country than other random people (*multiple citations needed) can fuck off. It's fundamentally anti-american to idolize politicians just for existing.


"Is this the worst thing the Seattle Times has ever printed?"

Electioneering near polling places is a valid concern. I'm sure if recall supporters were milling around ballot drop boxes chanting anti-Sawant slogans or whatever, the Stranger would be among the first to condemn this action.


Like clockwork whenever a conservative statesman dies and there's any sort of memorial - uppity lib snobs get all paranoid and defensive.


I liked the Times editorial that trashed Sawant, among others, for the abysmal conditions of Little Saigon. Was her loyal street-team out recruiting votes in that neighborhood, or were the sidewalks too lined with people taking a heroin rest and marketing stolen goods? Just curious.


Bob Dole, to me, is most memorable as Norm MacDonald as Bob Dole.


@9 - yeah, right


@9 Dole was instrumental to the passage of the American with Disabilities Act - an unmitigated good. But you'll never hear any Republican praise him for that.

It was of personal interest to him for obvious reasons. And apart from that, he was just a hack and influence peddler his entire career.


Thank you for pointing out that the Sawant campaign’s vote harvesting tactics violate the intent of election law. If the law bans such practices at polling places, placing your tent one block away isn’t exactly above board. It is just another example of how Sawant operates outside of civic and ethical norms. This is why many people feel she should be removed from her position of power. She is mirroring the tactics of the Tea Party. By adopting such tactics she undermines the credibility of the progressive movement and gives the right ammunition in their voter suppression efforts. Vote her out.


11, i'm not the one lecturing people about how to feel about dead politicians. If you want to offer your condolences then have at it, but anyone who's first instinct is to wag their finger at people for responding however crassly they choose without bothering to name any of the alleged many things he's done for this country, can kindly fuck off.

Our politicians are not royalty. I would think conservatives would understand that the people who serve in the government they claim to despise are no more special than anyone else, yet conservatives are the first and the loudest to demand fealty.


but yes it's nice that bob dole did some things for hunger and people with disabilities during the 3 decades he spent in congress


@17 - History lessons shouldn't be needed, but it sure looks like it.


20, ok cool, i'm here for it, please list the top achievements of every senator who has served over the last 5 decades, since this appears to be your area of expertise. I'm all ears, let's do this!


No surprised the Laurelhurst NIMBYs are opposing a building on that lot - that's where El Camion's truck is. WE NEED TACOS.

@21: LOL, very enjoyable. Does voting no, blocking a nominee, or filibustering count as an "achievement"?


So if they set up a printer with ballots at a trump rally and had all those goons voting for Trump remotely you guys would be okay with it?


Funny how the Stranger writers will add their own tidbit to transform the narrative. How does this have anything to do with poor people? Or is it Matt Baume believes poor people are too stupid to vote it you don't take them by the hand and do it for them.


If they put in 69 parking spaces for the 69 units in that proposed complex instead of the 42 planned, I bet that a lot of the opposition would go away. My guess is that the neighbors don't want another 30+ cars parking on their blocks, increasing traffic while people look for said parking, crowding driveways and intersections, etc.

While the goal of a city that people can live in without cars is absolutely correct and needs a much higher allocation of resources, just making it a pain in the ass for everyone without actually providing any of the things that car-free living needs is a recipe for conflict. Ignoring human nature in planning is idiotic.


I like how Trump folks are angry about Sawanters passing out ballots to encourage people to vote. They need to show them how to do it right by hiring a bunch of poll watchers to intimidate and scrutinize everybody who doesn't look like them and to put as many roadblocks for the layman to surmount as possible.


@24 - it's not just Matt who thinks poor people are too stupid to figure out how to vote. The City Council thinks so too as evidenced by the requirement that landlords give them instructions on how to register. People moving here from other places think I am bat shit crazy when I send it to them.


Wanna drive your car into the Market? Twenty bucks. Problem solved (pretty much).

@10 The Sawant ballot-printing tables are nowhere near the drop box. Though they do have one outside the post office.


Actually, I kinda suspect white supremacists ARE sending their best people. Given that they seem to be losers, incels, and generally morons.


The best way to make Pike Place car free and allow delivery access is to use Bollards with RFID issued to authorized drivers.

To see how well they protect against incursion, check out the @World Bollard Association timeline:


LOL no one ever spells my name right. I even comment here from time to time.


“Sawant's allies have erected a handful of sidewalk tents around renter-dense Capitol Hill,” they fume, with organizers “energetically denouncing the recall while offering assistance with casting ballots.”

That doesn't exactly read as fuming.


@23: Admittedly no, but not for the reasons you think. 1, Trump is not on the ballot. 2, Trump supporters have already proven they engage in voter fraud. 3, Trump already committed election fraud multiple times in 2020, and that was BEFORE he pointed his seditious mob at the Capitol.

@32: Finally, a worthy challenger for raindrop's dunce crown! Your battle will be legendary!


@34 Maybe! Check my post history


“Sawant's allies have erected a handful of sidewalk tents around renter-dense Capitol Hill,” they fume, with organizers “energetically denouncing the recall while offering assistance with casting ballots.”

Poor people engaging in democracy! Hit them with gunfire!!!

16, We are all looking at you.


I don't want any electionering campaign staff around polling places. That doesn't sound right to me and I'm pretty sure if Republicans did the same thing the Stranger would be outraged.


I've never minded walking between cars to get from point A to point B in the Pike Place Market. Some people look for things to complain about.

Besides, chauffeuring elderly guests and others with disabilities to easily get into the Pink Door and other restaurants restaurant is a must.

Pipe down and have pickle Knat.


Cars in "Pike's Market" don't particularly bother me either. I kind of enjoy that Woonerf Lyfe.

Regardless, limiting Pike Place to deliveries and handicap-permitted vehicles during Market hours (8-6) seems fine. After hours, why bother?


Expanding on @35:

"that's not true. The cars push pedestrians towards the businesses
JonCracolici on July 17, 2017 at 11:43 AM"


Bob Dole can rot in hell. Just another Republican shit-bag.

To call him "instrumental" in passage of the ADA is revisionist history, as though it wouldn't have happened without him. Yes, he supported it, along with 90 other Senators voting for it. And like all Republican shit-bags, it had to be something that directly affected him, for him to give a shit.

But what's really galling is all the Dems falling over themselves to express their condolences for a man who left this planet in worse shape than when he arrived due to his policies as a Republican shit-bag. A man who caused misery for millions of Americans through his shitty politics. A man who twice supported the king of shit-bags, Trump, because Dole was a man who put party over country. Instead of Dems using this as an opportunity to point out what worthless pieces of shit Republicans are, they'd much rather kiss Republican ass and pine for the days when Republicans just hid it better.


@40, Yep, IMHO thats how it works here. If the cars aren't taking up the space something else needs to, or it just turns into a promenade and merchants lose sales.


@43 Or maybe every veteran here remembers what Bob Dole did, what he gave for his country, and what it cost him. Maybe that's more important than who he supported in a presidential election. Maybe you're the free-rider piece of shit with your all-too-certain opinions. Yes, I think that's it. Indeed.


@2 & @7 Brent, @9 blip, and @43 Pretty in Pink for the WIN!

@3, @45 and @47: Calm down, boys, calm down. Wow. I guess your mental illness associated with batshit QAnon gun worship is really taking its toll. Seek help.


In our state every mailbox is a "polling place." Those (@10, @16, @37) opining so vigorously on pro-Sawant organizers "near polling places" must not've spent much time around here.