I am a moderate voter, but i will turn in my vote at the last possible minute for funsies!


What whiny bitches you Stranger writers are! The voters are doing their thing and no amount of asinine name calling on your part is going to change that.


"the landed gentry along Lake Washington"

By definition if the voters in question are living in these homes, they aren't living entirely off the rental income of these homes, and aren't landed gentry.

Unless you mean the "country estate" sense of the term, which, well, is also incorrect.

But it's OK: you don't let facts get in the way of your axe-grinding, so why let things like the meaning of terms?!


I sometimes walk my dog through these fancy waterfront neighborhoods. If the Sawant recall is successful I am never picking up another piece of my dog's shit when I can see the lake.


Uh ya’ll know Sawant herself lives in Leschi and is part of that gentry you so disdain. Lol. Damn Rich I’m not sure who will have the bigger meltdown if she is recalled Sawant or you. Relax. You act like Trump is going to get appointed to rep D3 if the recall is successful. This may be hard to accept now but D3 will remain as progressive as ever and it’s rep will still be farther left than the rest of the council.


Whatever happens tomorrow, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce will be the winner.


You do know that city council doesn’t have purview over rent control in Washington State, right? A ban on rent control is state law. Anyone that has taken economics 101 knows it reduces supply and makes matters worse. I think it would be possible to build a coalition to change the law to cap rent increases, but I can’t think of anyone less capable of building a coalition than Sawant. Ironically, there would be a lot better chance of achieving this goal with a progressive appointed to her seat if she is recalled. I am sure it would be high on their agenda to fend off a future Sawant campaign.


Based on the numbers, I'm going to predict she wins or loses.


That "jock shit" is quite funny, and obviously parody. Lighten up, Rich Smith. The recall will fail.


Two time Sawant voter finally tilted recall. She's awful and I bought a bunch of junk when I voted. #LessonLearned


Christ what a bunch of whining. Perhaps Seattle is sick of college-sophomore level class warfare.


"That said, last week millennials returned ballots in slightly higher numbers compared to Boomers, "

Aren't all the Amazon tech workers Sawant likes to vilify millennials? Isn't it likely that they also live in District 3 and are sick of Sawant threatening their jobs? Maybe the millennials who work at Amazon don't want to move to, or commute, to Bellevue?

Not all millennials got useless degrees from The Evergreen State College. It's wrong to lump all millennials into the same mold as Rich, Chase, and Matt, some millennials have useful skills and are compensated handsomely for them.


Mr. Smith moves to Washington, and quickly earns the "Seattle's Most Tediously Tendentious Writer Award". Well done!


I don't think renters are as stoopid as you want them to be.


Wow, Rich. On behalf of every person who worked hard at every job they ever had, fell in love, got married, bought and restored an old house, and grew old: I want to apologize to you.


I see nothing progressive in Seattle except more homeless, more garbage and rising crime. I do blame the city council whack jobs for creating a horrible living situation, the far left are just as bad as the far right.


Another day, another Stranger article that shows the left hates the middle class more than the right or the billionaires.


Here's to hoping the wealthy homeowners finally take down Big Tenant™


The idea that Sawant gives a shit about lower income people is laughable.


Golly.... her constituency (which also includes all those homeowners & small businesses) is speaking out to her.

I think they are telling her to "Go Away".


At this point you could fire all the stranger staff and just have a text bot spitting-out these Sawant stories because they are all literally the same fucking blog post re-hashed.
renters good homeowners bad right-wing recall blah blah blah.
hilarious and pathetic all at once.


Hahaha. If indeed Sawant audibled that slant pass, then she does need to go. #3 could've run to his right and made it in.


Vote her out so we can rebuild the city and heal from 7 years of her cronyism, mismanagement, divisiveness, and toxic energy. Seattle was and can be so much better than this.


Another useless article about a spent political hack.


Angry much? This article barely qualifies as journalism, it reads more like the tantrum of a spoiled child who cannot possibly imagine anyone else's views actually having weight. In a city of 725K, I'm guessing the homeowners have as much right to their opinions as do the renters, and certainly more right to their opinions than the homeless do. Taxes make the wheels of government spin, and homeowners pay more taxes - this isn't a conjecture, it's a fact. What is conjecture is the contents of this article, which is comprised of grumpy, 'my way or the highway' proselytizing. Don't worry though, even if Sawant is voted out, she's a multi-millionaire, and can still retire comfortably in her Waterfront Landed Gentry (C) home on Lake Washington.


I’ve read several comments over the course of this campaign referencing Sawant’s personal assets. I don’t doubt for a minute that the claims are true and accurate but I’ve not seen any documentation. Anyone have documentation that validates the talking point?


Good God, Rich. You really are dumb as a rock.

Those poster blaming Sawant for losing the Super Bowl are clearly satirical (and pretty funny). Certainly not the work of right-wing trolls.


Wow, this paper's writers are about 10th grade level. Honestly sad. I'm sure they would be going all out if the positions were switched. I guess being a whiny poo poo get's you paid. Lol

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