Slog PM: Perdue Runs for Georgia Governor, U.S. Plans a Diplomatic Boycott of Winter Olympics, Seattle's District 3 Has One More Day to Vote



The "WA Cares Fund payroll tax" program is a shockingly poorly thought out plan. It's the kind of program that gives "progressives" a bad name. Government at its worst. It's actually more regressive than progressive. Idiotic. Moronic. Stupid. Nonsensical.

I hope it's shit-canned.


My favorite part of the Big Dark is that there's more night time and rain for people to drive with no headlights.

Lived all over the country, this is the only place I've ever seen anything like it. Someone help me understand.


"My dear boy, why don't you try acting?" Ouch. So much ouch.

And also why Brits are better actors than Americans.


@1: Agreed

@2: Sometimes the rain and reflections and street lights make people think they have the headlights on when they don't.


Agreed - the big dark is upon us. But in just a few weeks the days will start getting longer again.


@5 How can you be sure?



Yeah, it's freaking unnerving. I'm from the east and people definitely do the driving w/out headlights thing there, but then they're also very receptive and turn them on when I flash my headlights to alert them. Not sure what people here think I'm doing, but they definitely don't recognize that signal. I'll also yell at them from the sidewalk when I'm walking and try to make blink-ish hand gesture signals, also to no avail. Good times.


Because way back in 1437 an Islamic Astronomer named Ulugh Beg calculated the axial tilt of the Earth to be 23 degrees.


It wouldn't be properly honoring Bob Dole without his coffin randomly stumbling off the catafalque.


That's pretty sick Knat


Jas gets 10 adulting points for mentioning the death of a former old white guy senator without getting all fuckin' snarky about it.


@1, yup. Insurance companies love the business they got on account of everyone opting out to the private market. Employers had to deal with a whole lot of hassle on the payroll side. You can bet there’s a pattern here for folks who figured out how to opt out. Now all that effort for naught? What a policy and political mess.


@10: I knew you'd clutch your pearls at such an obvious joke. God, but you're predictable. And tiresome. And a scold. And boring.

I didn't say his corpse would perform a kick-flip - which would be sick and also rad - I'm merely referencing the ONE thing (aside from obnoxiously referring to himself in the third person) that anyone knows him for: randomly stumbling off a stage he was already standing on.


@13 -- I don't remember that. What I remember is how he liked to refer to himself in the third person. Or the fact that he shook hands with his left hand (because his right was thrashed from the war). Politically, he went from far right to mainstream Republican and then back to far right (as Republicans moved increasing to the far right, and now reactionary right). I have no memory of him being clumsy, despite the horrific damage his body took from the war.

I remember Ford for being clumsy though.