Nightlife Dec 7, 2021 at 12:25 pm

It's a new queer sports bar. Or is it a sporty new queer bar?



What? This article has been up for almost three hours--and no bitchy old queens have commented that no one will EVER leave the Hill to go to a gay bar?

Not sure if that's progress, or if they're just still asleep.


As a bitchy old queen, who rises at five, and moved off the hill in 1998, I think someone may be exaggerating a bit.

Congratulations to Floyd. He's a good guy and a good businessman. I'm sure it will be a great club.


Catalina--happy to hear it! However, if you take a look at the comments from previous articles about the Comeback, you'll see what I was referring to.


Lots of bitchy old queens, insisting it will fail because all the homos are on the Hill, and none of them will EVER leave it.

Which may have been kinda true in the 90s, but certainly isn't now.

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