Steven Weissman

I learned about the phrase "OK, Boomer" just a year ago. It's a colloquialism meant to disparage "Boomers" — AKA HIPPIES! My daughter had to explain it to me. It physically shocked me. It's a Fox News-like thoughtcrime. BOOMERS AKA HIPPIES AKA WARRIORS brought up pot, equal rights, listening, raves, sex, the moon, gender fluidity, the BIG Crayola box, music, empathy, skateboards, a way out...

As a red tide of idiocy rolls out of Alabama and Texas and right-wing tea parties, you can thank the hippies for building up the liberal sea wall that allowed for neighborhoods like Cap Hill to build a foundation. Hopefully, it will be high enough to withstand the rising swamp. Liberals everywhere have political clout because of Boomers. Before Boomers were fighting "the man," everyone WAS the man. And women were third-class citizens.

Some Boomers are senile now. Some are creepy. Some are mentally ill. Some are Republican. Boomers are not a monolith, but they ARE the good guys. Certainly in any liberal sense.

Read a book!

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