Okay boomer.


I'm Gen X and I've had young idiots "Ok, boomer" me. Fucking bitter little screen-addicted shits. They just need to get off their phones and get laid once in a while.


Hippies were the minority of Boomers.


@2, Why should they do that when they can just change their phones to vibrate?


@2 okay boomer


It was actually the pre-Boomer Silent generation leading all those civil rights campaigns. As usual, Boomers trying to take undeserved credit.


I don't think you're giving "OK, Boomer!" enough credit for being a hip, funny way to pit generations against each other.


Even if we granted you that Boomers are the reason for all those things (hint: they aren't), the last 45 years happened, in which Boomers by and large became* selfish pieces of shit, retrenched the welfare state, slashed funding for public goods provision, implemented the war on drugs, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

As someone—oh wait you!—said: "read a book!"

*oh, wait, they always were: they were the most pro-war-in-Vietnam group in the US until the draft started happening!


Popular strategy - make them hate each other and tear each other apart. Then swoop in and take advantage. "Ok boomer" is ageist and a label used to dehumanize other people. Feels good to the little shits that write this paper when they use it - "lets' blame them for everything!".


Good "Guys?"
Way to uphold the patriarchy.
Such a Boomer thing to do.


@5: wrinkles await you


Boomers and Gen X'ers vote a much higher percentage than the younger voters. That seems the prudent thing to do when you live in a democracy. Get your vote out if you want change, young ones. When I was in my 20's, my generation talked a big game while old white folks out voted us.


Boomers and Gen X'ers vote at much higher percentage than the younger voters. That seems the prudent thing to do when you live in a democracy. Get your vote out if you want change, young ones. When I was in my 20's, my generation talked a big game while old white folks out-voted us.


This reminds me of the "Regionals" episode of Community when they rope Pierce into the glee club with Baby Boomer Santa.


@8 And just a few years after the war (and the draft) had ended, a majority of Boomers voted for Ronald Reagan.



Wow, the bias of this boomer who believes hippies were responsible for all cultural basically... anything. They could stand to read just about any book written before WWII. Just because you railed against shitty post-war culture doesn't mean that there wasn't any culture before then. Where's the humility?


For the record I think pitting generations against each other is generally more than stupid and useless. But responding w screeching to the many valid complaints about the state of the world (which most of the people alive during the last 70 years were complicit in) doesn't help anything either. Just continues the cycle of useless complaining and sometimes boasting.


In 40-50 years there will be a new generation scolding you for your missed opportunities.
Happens every time.


People hate Boomers because their boundless entitlement has suffocated our entire culture and society for the last 50 years. People hate hippies because they’re freeloaders who left their perfectly normal homes to get high while they hog social services and take handouts away from actual homeless folks.


@5 Ha, ha. You're never going to be able to afford a house.

(btw, Gen X disliked boomers long before you little shits did).


@21: Well then, logic dictates that you stop pouting and start taking advantage of the opportunities before you miss them all.


"Thank the hippies for all the things you enjoy!" Christ where to even BEGIN with this entitled nonsense.

First off, you hippies didn't do shit. You want credit for waving signs and smoking pot while throwing your underpants at the courthouse? Funny, because your lot typically excoriates the very same people doing basically just that in the present moment. And for whatever reason, you keep writing them off as "Entitled Millennials" (the oldest of whom are in their early fucking 40s at this point, you antediluvian chuds). Real fucking hypocritical of you, being as you complained about people your current age doing the same thing to us when you were our age!

Fact of the matter is, you didn't seize power anywhere and thus didn't make things better for anyone. Maybe things were nice in whatever burnout commune you spun your wheels in for a decade or two before popping out some kids who went on to be Finance majors or whatever, but that's about it. Hippies didn't enshrine gay marriage into law. Hippies didn't provide safe and legal abortion access across the country. Hippies didn't get recreational drugs decriminalized. Hippies didn't dismantle the prison industrial complex. Hippies didn't get Civil Rights legislation enacted. Hippies didn't do shit! You want credit for so many things, and yet you never lifted a finger to get them. Smoking hash at orgies doesn't count as political action you decadent shits.

And don't be so quick to blame Texas and Alabama for the so-called "Red Tide" that's sweeping the nation. Fact is, regressive policies and ideas are everywhere. Our own true blue Washington state has the most regressive tax structure in the nation. The Democratic Republic of Chicago has the most segregated schools and brutal/racist police department in America. The "progressive hipster" capitol of the nation, Oregon, was founded as a white ethnostate, and they largely still are one, BLM protests or no. Conservatism is everywhere. And thanks to lazy hippies like you (who can somehow mysteriously summon the energy to complain about The Youths on the internet), it's in full metastasis.


Ronald Reagan and hippies:


A boomer with a CPL beats a millennial every time.


BTW the Nazi's V2 rocket is what got us to the moon along with Silent Generation.
Your music was stolen from black folk from the Silent Generation.
Weed, gender fluidity, and sex was from Jazz musicians from the Lost Generation.
The Big Box was introduced in 1958 when the oldest Boomer would have been 13.
The original hippies were a small group of intellectuals that was eventually cooped by a bunch of ignorant Boomer teens, later Silent Generation marketing geniuses, and finally white trash.

What Boomers gave us was endless praise for themselves, a bunch of movies about why their daddies didn't love them and then endless white privilege rape culture movies for teens.
Have you really watched Animal House, Back to the Future, Cocktail, or Revenge of the Nerds?
I am sorry you had to over compensate to live up to "The Greatest Generation" by constantly shitting on Gen Xers and once you were done with them you started shitting on Millennials.

Sure you aborted or used birth control to keep the Gen Xers from over-taking you but there are so many more Millennials. They are going to rocket you into irrelevance which I am going to enjoy so very much.


I truly can't tell if 29 is joking/trolling but lol I gotta love how the Stranger comments get closer and closer to the type of arguments you see on Facebook. What a world. I can't believe how defensive and riled people are about this generational bullshit... Breathe in some fresh air, maybe take a ceramics class, relax. It's gonna be ok. People aren't so bad if you talk w them w respect IRL.


@30 You are Hitler!!!!!!


The people famous for avocado toast hating on the people famous for avocado kitchen appliances.


@31 :o) teehee

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