"The fine folks at the Seattle Times are having a hard time chewing these new recall results"

All I saw in the Times was objective, fact-based reporting. You know, the kind of thing actual journalists do.


@1 I'll never understand why folks who hate the Stranger spend so much time reading it. What is wrong with you guys? I avoid Fox News and other questionable news sources like I avoid coronavirus! Jeez, get a life! And HBB, are you Henry Bridger, leader of the soon-to-be (hopefully) losing recall campaign? If so, answer Rich's communications! LOL


I’m guessing those signature challenges are mostly voters under the age of 25 who never had to write a check or sign a cover letter.


@2: What makes you think everyone that hates The Stranger is actually READING it? I head straight to the comments section where there is actual back and forth between individuals with a different take on the issues, and those that push back against what is being peddled here.

Once you've read The Stranger for a year, or possibly less, you've read everything they are going to say - after that it's just redundant. No need to keep reading the articles.


@3 I'd be curious to know how many of them are from Sawant's ballot harvesting force printing up ballots on the street. Signature verification is one reason they may be disputed, another is issues with registration and/or residency. In either case it's almost certain that the final results will be within the margin of error of those disputed ballots so I imagine there will be some chasing going on for a few days and we may not know the final results until Dec 16th.


Rather than blaming capitalism for copper thefts, it might make more sense to blame tweakers.


"The ease with which Seattle goes from gothic to glorious troubles me."

Charles, sometimes I think you'd find a reason to be troubled about getting blowjobs every day for the rest of your life.



Huh? Did Rich edit the post after your comment? It currently contains a line reading "Considering that both campaigns dropped a million dollars on this race, they’d likely be willing to shell out the money to double-check the numbers. "


@13, I have no problem with legitimate differences of opinion. But some of these commenters are simply trolls, dropping into the comment section to spew right wing bile and own the libs. It's pointless. It isn't any sort of thoughtful debate. It isn't ever going to change anyone's mind.

There are frequently commenters complaining bitterly that the Stranger is a biased liberal rag. And that's true. At least the bias part. But they seem so furious that the Stranger isn't neutral, like The Seattle Times pretends to be. But neutral, both-sides journalism is a relatively new affectation. Journalism has a long history of bias. There's nothing wrong with bias, so long as they're honest and transparent about it, which I think the Stranger is for the most part. Since its inception, the Stranger has never tried to hide its liberal bias. And while clearly biased, they avoid peddling in outright lies. Squalling in the comment section will never browbeat the Stranger into transforming itself into a neutral viewpoint.



I don't think anyone minds differing opinions and plenty of us actually enjoy stimulating, rhetorical discourse that provides it, especially when respectfully presented. You offer some legitimate and/or interesting insights, as does D3R, and a few others. But the vast majority of the "differing opinions" on here are similar to @1 and offer nothing constructive or anything even remotely approaching interesting for consideration. I'm with @2, people need to get a fucking life.


Ah, @14 got there first.


The minute any of you yahoos describe the Seattle Times as ‘journalism,’ I stop reading.


Yeah, the SUBURBAN TIMES just tells obnoxious, entitled white Boomers what they wanna hear.

She doesn’t even go here!


Dude. It was sunshine, snow, and a full 180 degree double rainbow above the U District today. Plus my new glasses made it epic!


After recruiting Trumpanzee right wingnuts, and spending a million bucks, these fossilized bozos are gonna LOSE! Good riddance to their hatred, racism, ignorance, bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny & homophobia!!


Sawant isnt going to get recalled. The 53% lead needed to be a lot bigger on day one if the “for” vote was going to hold up. Duh. The numbers were never in Madison Park’s favor, no matter how special they managed to make the scheduling of this election.

I feel about her the same way i do about trump. I get why her supporters like her, but really - this is the best you can do? There isnt a less clownish representative you could have chosen for your POV? But then thats the point isnt it - to make a point of the point of view, to rankle, to irritate. The tedious business of effective governance is left to any sober losers naive enough to hang around.


There's no such thing as neutral. The key rhetorical trick of conservatives is the pretense that their positions are natural everything else is deviant, or luxury or vain aspiration. But its bullshit.


Imagine being the other councilpersons today and realizing the co-worker everyone hates and thought was leaving is sticking around. OOF


I used to have a repeatable scrawl but a couple years of signing off on supermarket bills with my index finger have done away with that.


Sawant is 1 of 9, she neither saves nor destroys the republic by her presence.


Greg Tate was a genius.


@26: Neutral = fair and balanced


Just read the Seattle Times editorial that the Sawant recall election is why we need election reform, accompanied by a scary photo of volunteers sitting in a pop-up tent in Capitol Hill encouraging district residents to vote no. So basically the ST editorial board is saying they're cool with big business pumping millions of dollars into a campaign to remove a politician they don't like (and petitioning the court so that they could spend even more), but grass roots organizing to get out the vote is bad. Sounds very objective and fair to me.

I don't live in District 3, and I don't care for Sawant's boorish style of leadership, but don't try and feed me that conservative bullshit about stolen elections when the results don't go your way. The biggest problem in elections is unlimited spending by the rich.


Excellent comment @32.


@3-- It could be as simple as forgetting to sign it, or not using a middle initial. It happens in all the elections, and has for a long time (back when people had to sign all of their checks). No one uses the exact same signature every time, so it is always a judgement call. In really close elections the campaigns chase down folks who they think voted in their favor. I remember doing that in the 2000 Senate race between Slade (Skeletor) Gordon and Maria Cantwell.


@1 -- I'm pretty sure the critique was of the Seattle Times editorial staff, not the news division. There is a very big difference, and if you are unaware of it, I suggest you read the paper for a week, cover to cover. You'll notice it quite quickly. It is common for the news division to run a story that runs contrary to the bullshit the editorial staff is spewing.


For Sawant this is and has always been a "no win scenario".

As an incumbent, she would be squeaking by on a razor thin margin.... not exactly a resounding vote of support.

If she loses, well, that likewise it is an embarrassment and again not exactly a resounding vote of support.

Then, if she does manage to save her bacon, she will gets to do it all over again at the next election. Which doesn't look to promising at this point. The opposition will be far better organized, funded and have a viable candidate not soiled with sandal and shabby dealings.

Its a hot mess. This wounded, sitting council member should know when she is defeated.


@36 The SLOG post links to this Seattle Times article:

That article states, in relevant part:

"The effort to recall Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant lost significant ground in Wednesday’s ballot count, with 50.3% of voters agreeing to remove her from office, compared to 53% of the votes counted on Tuesday.

With Wednesday’s count, Sawant has narrowed the difference to only 246 votes, out of the 39,274 counted so far. She received 62% of the votes counted on Wednesday.

"King County Elections Chief of Staff Kendall Hodson said Wednesday the county estimates there are about 1,200 ballots left to be counted on Thursday and an additional 656 ballots with signature challenges that could be resolved and added to the count as late as Dec. 16, putting the overall turnout at just over 53%."

My @1 was simply pointing out that all this Times article does is accurately report election results. There's no Stranger-style editorializing, and therefore no basis to suggest the Time staff is "having a hard time chewing these new recall results."

Sarah Grace Taylor is good reporter. Compare any of her work to what Charles or Rich post here, and tell me who is actually putting out solid, objective reporting, and who is advancing their own personal agenda. Also, her Twitter feed is a way better source for election news than the Stranger.


Well, the Pharisees of Seattle have weighed in and they do not want any talent on the Seattle City Council, especially women of color with estimable academic credentials who truly give a rip about the rights of the downtrodden and minorities, including union folks.

Some diversity may be tolerated, however the town fathers want kooky male Scandinavian folks with blonde pubic hair to make the big decisions, and minorities are mere window dressing so we can look trendy.

If anyone has any new ideas on how to make Seattle a better, more compassionate place, they are run out of town on the rails, or vilified and shown the door by the mediocre powers that be.

Or forced to wear the scarlet letter, as has been the travail of Councilmember Sawant, who’s only desire is to provide sensitive, compassionate leadership in a district awash in mercantilism and philistinism.

Auntie Grizelda, get the nut-clippers and bernzomatic torch ready for duty.
Also, we may need the Kevlar® Sewing Thread
so certain parties can have their flappy, hairy lips sewn-shut.

Green-orange howler-monkey Trump supporters and conservative carpetbaggers beware.
You may be surreptitiously cornholed and cauterized, election results notwithstanding.


@41: "...especially women of color with estimable academic credentials..."

You haven't read her graduate thesis, have you? You should. I can give you the tl:dr - elderly women in India are not participating in the labor force in India in high enough numbers. Government should fix that.


So....will there be a recount on this idiotic 1%er recall stunt against Kshama Sawant?
Will she win again triumphantly thanks to late ballots? Recalls really should be banned for being such abysmal wastes of time and taxpayer money. California RepubliKKKans blew nearly half a billion dollars [September 15, 2021, NYT] trying to replace Governor Gavin Newsom with RWNJ radio goon Larry Elder. What a pity. That money could have gone to fixing weak infrastructure, funding affordable housing & healthcare, and more accurately addressing climate change instead of just another media hyped shitshow.

If nothing else, I am gratefully relieved that Louis DeJoy finally stands to get the official boot from the USPS. DeJoy, the Orange Turd and its sock puppets, Mitch McConnell, Rudy Guilliani, ad nauseum should all get cornholed in federal prison.


@41 pollysexual: When every white supremacist male in the GOP is castrated and wailing higher than Mariah Carey it will indeed be a happy day. They'd all be reduced to fighting each other bloodily and nastily like rats dying in one big toilet. And they so stupidly brought it all on themselves.


@4: Why do you even bother to read The Stranger, then, Mr. B-is-for-Bullshit ?


@41 pollysexual: 'Tis the holiday season. What we need are GOP nut crackers. And paring knives for the moldy little shrooms.


@32 Mr_Friendly: "The biggest problem with elections is unlimited spending by the rich."
BINGO for nailing it.


Replacing the postmaster seems like something Democrats should be jumping all over. People are ordering a lot more online since the start of the pandemic so getting someone in there to undo the damage should be an easy win. Logic and US politics don't mix well though, so...


Also, it would get them in elections since proportionally more Democrats vote by mail.


@51 help them in elections*


@41 pollysexual: Kevlar@Sewing Thread? Methinks that's too kind, Polly. GOP pigfuckers and their QAnon goon squad should get a taste of their own toxic medicine right where it hurts 'em the most----gagged and bound with barbed wire and zip ties!
Every RepubliKKKan male should be required to wear a Nazi-brown "P" for pigfucker and be subjected to Remedial Biology that focuses on women's health issues, contraception, and support for federally funded agencies like Planned Parenthood. Deserters get 10 years to life in prison. Bounty hunters can get a $20,000 cash bonus by reporting any suspected violators, including QAnon goons trying to help them escape.
If misandry they wants, misandry they gets.
Let's see how these shitholes like being on the receiving equivalent of Texiban enforced misogyny.


@50 -@52 tmplknght: +1 Agreed and seconded. Ousting Louis DeJoy should be at the top of the priority list for the Democrats along with getting the Orange Turd and its minions all properly cornholed permanently in federal prison.


@22 blackhook: I sure do hope so.


Born and raised Seattlite. I'm liberal but when you break the law with Trumpesque entitlement one should be called on it. It isnt just right wing/ business types that are offended by Sawant's behavior. If she owned it or acknowledged it, it would be different. In my eyes currently she is no different nor more trustworthy than Trump. I voted for her and I voted to recall her. I'm also no fan of the mayor but having family in the public defence realm, exposing homes and addresses is a serious offense. Anonymity on that front is the biggest protection.

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