Sawant Recall Dec 9, 2021 at 4:20 pm

Your sympathy flowers are in the mail, Seattle Times Editorial Board.



Good. Recalls exist to remove elected officials who have committed crimes. They do NOT exist to remove elected officials people don't like. Want a different person on the council representing you? Vote for them in the next election. All of the tax dollars wasted on this bullshit should have to be paid back by those who initiate it. This BS is not a right.


Now, can you start reporting on SPD involvement in the Capitol Terrorist Attack?


@2 Alternatively, had Sawant simply accepted accountability for the actions that gave rise to the recall, none of this would have happened.

I say this as someone who voted for her in 2015. All of this was easily avoidable. She is her own worst enemy.


@2 -- Agreed. This was total bullshit. Her opponents concocted this crap, and purposely delayed the petitions so that it would be an off-off-off year election (costing tax payers money). At the end of the day, the voters saw through the bullshit, and retained her. This is going to come down to the wire, but the people who aren't particularly pleased with her -- but think this was bullshit -- were the difference.


@2 I've been thinking the same thing. The city should pass a law that unless the target of a recall attempt has been formally charged with a crime, the petitioners are required to post a surety bond in order to quality for the ballot. If a recall election is held and it fails, the bond is forfeited. (This is similar to the procedure in many places for requesting a recount when the results aren't within a certain margin -- if the results go your way, you get your money back; otherwise not.)


The Strange shouldn't get too cocky - it's not like it's going to be a blowout. But also, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


@2 - I agree in the long run too - inefficient government is to be abhorred by liberals and conservatives.


@2 xina for the WIN!

@2 xina, @3 Will in Seattle, @5 Ross, @6 CKathes, and @7 Brent Gumbo: Spot on, agreed, seconded, thirded, fourthed, fifthed, and sixthed.
RepubliKKKans. What a reprehensible fraud, waste, and abuse of even more taxpayer money. And they're sore losers.


I can't think of any Seattle recall efforts beyond Sawant, Durkan, and Conlin. I appreciate that most recalls are not really worth the effort, but there is already a pretty high bar to getting one in front of the voters here. Plus, it's not like California where the recall process also installs a replacement with a simple majority. Here, no matter what happens, you will end up with one of the most liberal politicians in the country, even if the recall effort succeeds.

Anyhow, seems like a lot of hand wringing over a process that rarely impacts Seattle government to any meaningful degree. Plus, how else is the Stranger supposed to get page views?


Sympathy flowers? The Seattle Times editorial board should get a bunch of stinging nettles in a doggie poopoo bag with postage due for supporting this pathetic recall, period.


Ooh #4 “hbb”,

“In 2015 you voted for the socialist” — then you were being perspicacious.

“In 2021 you vote for the Billionaire bastids’ recall attempt against the socialist” — now you’re being preposterous.

Hopefully you won’t stay a fool for the rest of your life.

We, the Independent Socialist Group, say:
Critical Support for, and Unconditional Defense of, Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant!

Down with the billionaire scoundrels’ recall attempt -- and the billionaire scoundrels themselves!

Together let’s defeat the rich Wall Street scum in this and all other battles — for a livable planet, a fulfilling life, the socialist future of all humankind!


All the boomer and techie trolls are asleep. Hopefully they’ll pass.


I hope this emboldens her and her followers to go full January 6th/Beer Hall Putsch.

Getting more popcorn.


@14 absolutely room temperature IQ


@15 Your breath smells like farts.


Honestly, this is probably the best result. She hangs on by a thread, having nearly had her ass booted out on the street.

The SCC doesn't get to pick someone to replace her who's just as radical but who has better manners. Instead, Sawant will stay in office, Seattle's own version of Donald Trump, and it will leave no doubt that Sawant is not an aberration, but an embarrassing true representative of her constituents.

The rest of the state is watching. It is obvious beyond belief that Sawant abused her office multiple times in service of her communist goals. That she was not recalled is an indictment of the District 3 electorate. The problem is not Sawant, but Seattle.


@16 It might as well be final now. We all know how the late vote breaks. I'd bet a million dollars that she wins, except no one would take the other side of the bet.

And I don't have a million dollars, but whatever.


@18: Bitter much?


That's ok. I'll just chill here in my 7-figure single family home with a water views and check to see how much more my investment portfolio has increased while laughing at all you impoverished twitterfied young idiots who think Marxist bomb-throwing is going to get you anywhere.


Hi #6 “CKathes”,

As socialists, we want EVERYONE elected to EVERY public office to ALWAYS be RECALLABLE at any time for any reason — and to be paid no more than their conxtituents’ average wage (after actual expenses).

That has been socialist policy learnt by us in blood at the fall of the 1871 Paris Commune.

30,000 Paris workers, many of them teenaged girl fighters, massacred by the capitalist enemy after capture.

A mostly-magnificent and moving movie by Peter Watkins:

As the great poet in modern Chinese, Lu Xun (Zhou Shuren), says:
“Blood-debts can be repaid only in blood.
The greater the delay, the greater the interest.”

The arrogant Billionaire scoundrels’ recall attempt against Kshama Sawant, on the other hand, is a farce:
— Their Washington Suprem-ACIST Court-ESANS sat on their hands for months without making any decision — purely to suppress the working-class vote as much as possible.

— And then when they did come to a decision, they perfidiously tried to palm off the outrageous accusations against Kshama Sawant as “facts”.

— The Billionaires’ recall-oid mascot “Honey Badger II” or whatever his name is, he of the Stalin-mustache, tried to rival Stalin himself in outrageous and despicable lies.

— The self-same Washington Supreme Kangaroo Court denied our recall attempt against Mayor Durkan who, over many days, doused thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters with police chemical weapons — banned in war even by the bosses’ Geneva Convention, used on us with sadistic glee by the police-thug hierarchy.

— One law for the Billionaire bastids and their hireling lickspittle politicians — another law for us workers and our elected representatives like Kshama Sawant.

— The “Opportunist Octet of Corporate-Creature Councilmembers” wouldn’t even give Kshama a courtesy second to let Kshama present her Seattle City Council resolution for giving construction workers free car-parking.

Workers who need to lug heavy work equipment on-site at the crack of dawn, day in, day out, as they build the city — the city which so many of them can’t afford to live in.

Some of those 8 councilmembers, cynical hypocrites that they are, having previously even visited the construction workers’ picket-lines during the recent strike-wave to profess their undying support!

Even fighting against such terrific odds, it looks like the Seattle workers have Beaten the Billionaire Bastids!

We, the Independent Socialist Group, say:
Critical Support for, and Unconditional Defense of, Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant!

Down with the billionaire scoundrels’ recall attempt -- and the billionaire scoundrels themselves!

Together let’s defeat the rich Wall Street scum in this and all other battles — for a livable planet, a fulfilling life, the socialist future of all humankind!


@21 hahahahaha, resorting to role play, that's adorable. What other cliche rich guy things are you doing? Lighting your cigar with a 100 dollar bill while watching your wife get fucked good by the help?


@21 lmao dude you literally created an account just to cry about Sawant on here. cope harder


@20 Just observant.


@18, @19, & @25: Wow, herrboob. You don't sulk much for a sore loser. I'm surprised you haven't already retreated to the feigned security of Swifty's tree fort in Bellevue.

@21: Ah. That's right---you're the deported Nigerian prince living in exile with a chateau in Switzerland, a villa in Spain, your own private airfield stocked with lear jets, a marina full of yachts, a garage full of high end sports cars, a mansion in Malibu, and a compound in Abu Dhabi. Or was it in Lyon, France?


If she prevailing by this margin, this isn't exactly a resounding victory for her or cause for celebration...Far from it.


She is an incumbent and as this recall clearly indicates, she has barely garnered a 50% approval rate without an opposing candidate.

Imagine what the next election will be like, she already has 50% of D3 which will not vote for her and all the opposition has to to is put up a viable candidate, not get too many penalty points and persuade any of the other 50% who voted for her in the recall to support a new candidate.


@26 "I'm surprised you haven't already retreated to the feigned security of Swifty's tree fort in Bellevue."

Legit lol, thank you.


27, almost the same as the margin in winning her first election, before she even did anything in office. You pieces of shit never gave her a chance anyway.


@27 Actually this is a resounding victory in the sense you had a motivated group in the recall effort that was pretty well funded and there was high turnout. In a recall there is no opposing candidate to vilify there is only the illusion of the magical replacement candidate that you can project what ever hopes and dreams you want on to them. When there is a real candidate, Sawant will have plenty of funds to drag through the mud whomever dares to run while maintaining the us vs the world mentality to motivate her base. People gave her a pass because her crimes were "for the cause" and not crimes of corruption.


@29, @30... well golly ... you really got me there.

Do you think these folks fed up with her approach are going to disappear?

Do you think that some of the folks who voted "NO', might vote for another viable candidate who isn't tarnished by radicalism or scandal?

Apparently not it would seem.

Clearly its difficult to see your champion, her policies and future challenged. But challenged they must be, for many of us do not approve of her singular vision, especially when it comes to D3 which has many constituents who are not represented by her myopic view of the world.


@31 Oh, I am a unapologetically a capitalist and think socialism (nee Marxism) is an oppressive dead-end. I think Sawant broke the law and should have been removed. That being said, I did vote for her the first time before we had districts because I thought it would be fun to see an actual socialist in action rather than the construction sellout that she was running against. I doesn't really bother me that she didn't get recalled because it isn't my district, she is really ineffectual, and the people in her district elected her. It is fun to watch to this train wreck to continue.
The people who don't like her will disappear. They will give up and move to areas that reflect their values because they have the money to do so. Just a continuation of the Big Sort.

She will have to be indicted and convicted of a crime for her to be removed and even then I think she would win reelection.



That's not @15's face you have your nose embedded in...



Ask him about his Italian villa...


Oh man, clung to her district by 200 votes (so far…)?! That’s like a mandate or something!


Not all of the ballots have even been counted, and the Stranger declares victory. They should ask Dino Rossi about how his election-week lead in 2004, which was also measured in a few hundred ballots, worked out for him. (Will CM Sawant also sue to overturn the results of a legal recount? She's already Seattle's Very Own Trump of the Left; she may as well add local-boy loser Rossi to her title, as well.)

@34: Given the recall existed because CM Sawant simply ignored any rules she just so happened not to like, I doubt her paid teams of vote harvesters (you know, the ones the Stranger wrongly called "volunteers"?) took great care to stay within the election laws either.

And even if they did manage to obey the letters of those laws, there's a problem with panic-registering large numbers of sketchy persons to vote: if those ballots are challenged, those new voters then have to provide evidence for residency in the District. We could yet see CM Sawant's slender "majority" crumble under examination.


34 Your contempt for the working poor, homeless and other downtrodden people is very blatant. You are just plain nasty and we know it. It is sadistic, selfish, snobbish, trash like you that menace this planet with your cruelty and we will continue to fight back.

Sawant is winning. She has won over and over and yet you cannot take a hint can you?

A disgusting mayor whose emails to and from the chief of police were disappeared for months
and who had poisonous chemicals sprayed on protestors. She Durken was not recalled and should have been is plain fascism. They were protesting the horrendous murder of George Floyd which was another horrific example of police brutality that apparently is ok with you. Go fuck yourself asshole.


@39: "...and who had poisonous chemicals sprayed on protestors. She Durken was not recalled and should have been is plain fascism."

Her name is actually "Durkan," and she was not recalled because, under the Consent Decree, the Mayor of Seattle does not have operational control of the Seattle Police Department. We may as well condemn you for your not having yet ended all warfare, everywhere in the world. How can you let all of those innocents die like that? It must be your plain fascism!

"Go fuck yourself asshole."

In their great victory, the demonstration of magnanimous behavior by CM Sawant's supporters is exceeded only by that of CM Sawant herself.

Please feel free to take your own advice. Anytime.


38 Your standards are so low we would have to dig our way to China if we could ever hope to reach them. You don't like democracy or people that aren't blessed by the status quo to have a chance in hell. Your record of pettiness is quite transparent and we see it very clearly.

We won't be surprised to see your snarky comments in the future and we actually expect them.

Poor, old Tensor, whoever you are, you continue to hit your head against the wall.

Sawant is winning and all your slimy accusations just aren't working.

So immature.


40 Oh, Tensor, again you conveniently forgot to explain the disappeared emails.

You want to throw us a few crumbs now?


Socialism. Its all about the means of production and who owns it. We prefer that it be the people not corrupt politicians and the billionaires. No, we do not have a true democracy. This is a plutocracy. All the time.


@42: You want to learn how to spell the name of Seattle's Mayor, who has been in office for the past four years? (You know, the one you just made yet another false accusation against?) Her name is all of six letters in length, so we can easily understand how you simply got lost, trying to go that huge distance all by your lonesome.

Then you can ask Dino Rossi about his great election victory.

Finally, you can take your own advice.


Lady Liberty is smiling upon the vindication of Ksama Sawant, having thwarted the disingenuous machinations of the Seattle conservative consortium.

Here’s hoping the the unverified ballots can be validated and we can return to the business of running this fair city without the incessant whining and sore-loser distractions emanating from Rotary Club stuffed-shirts and Moose Lodge 101 perverts.

The proper way to assign political office is via the ballot box, not subversive sore-loser recall campaigns that misdirect valuable financial resources and human energy that could be redirected toward greater aims, such as addressing homelessness and the educational needs of young people, who struggle so in this bizarre house of mirrors and floating standards we have created for them.

Once again we are reminded of the pathetic conservative Republican psychosis, worse than COVID, that brought us the hairy meat-driven howler-monkey Trump, and his money-mad Wall Street turd-burglars, not to mention this ludicrous Sawant recall campaign and the resultant profligate wasted political energy.

Hopefully Seattle has evolved from this exercise in futility, and will cease trying to butcher and burnout those who fail to concur with the Seattle Times editorial board and the fat and happy Blethen family.

Then again, Seattle has a storied history of rejecting the challenge of talent in favor of the safe harbor of mediocrity.

The Harmell-González debacle for example, or massive mass-transit resistance in favor of driving around Ballard in Dad’s Buick listening to Stan Boreson 8-tracks.

Evil takes a holiday and stays in Bellevue, albeit by a slim margin, at least for now, until the Bellevue Squares and Young Republicans rear their ugly heads once again.


@45 -- You're such a superior human being. How lucky we are to recieve your bountiful wisdom.


@28 Brent Gumbo: You're most welcome. Every now and then Griz scores a grand salami in the comment thread. Some MAGA doofuses really do make hitting TILT on Whack-a-Troll SO easy.....:)

@36 (re @23) COMTE: See my comment @26. I already did. :)

@47 Swifty's Howler Monkey: Sore much?


I hope the recall campaign is at least as graceful taking a loss as they are blacklisting journalists from their wild parties.


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