Crossroads Is Unstreamable



In the second Sonny & Cher clip, I'm about 95% sure the fat man with the booming deep voice is William Conrad. I'm not fat shaming. Among other things, he starred in a show literally called Jake and the Fatman. Being fat was part of his persona, along with having a very distinct voice.


Britney shines in anything she’s in. That’s why her warped father & the state & the rest of them have been trying to suppress her all these years.
Hope she shines bright /er, now. Cause she’s stayed strong thru out. A true Warrior Woman.


That conservatorship battle was the modern equivalent of female circumcision, and everyone should be thrilled to know that Britney is back in control of her own financial destiny and resources.

DVD-mavens should support Britney by viewing “Crossroads”.

Polly even purchased a door-sized poster of Britney suggestively licking a wad of cotton-candy, such is her adoration and desire for affirmation of Britney’s charisma and talent.

Cher, the ageless is unstoppable, and that Christmas series sounds charming. Nice to know it’s available on DVD and there’s a William Conrad cameo to boot.

Good to see the late Sonny Bono getting his due, after being overshadowed by Cher’s astounding success.

TRUE LOVE highlights all the discord and tension surrounding romantic relationships, what with all the familial expectations and surging emotions. This sounds like a very worthwhile and too-soon overlooked film that entertainingly examines western mating traditions.