Were there any attempts to understand his side of the story? Any mediation between the two to reach a compromise (placement in classroom, alternating attendence etc)? Forming conclusions about “fair” treatment isn’t possible when information is lacking.


Both of Hannah's articles on this are a confusing, vague mess. I really appreciate the reporting of this subject, but as presented, comes across as schoolyard hearsay.

However, I whole-heartedly support Su's fight for accountability from school administrators. They suck. Su, you go girl!


Now spoiled brats fighting at school with rhetoric they've heard from #MeToo. He accused her of abuse first apparently then she fought back with accusations of her own and now she's feeling puffed up and righteous. Tired. Yawn.

Ground them for a week with no internet access and see what happens then.


School: "There is no tolerance for sexual assault or sexual harassment in the policies or practices of the Bellevue school system. Neither is there any room for a mentality that skips essential investigations and findings or neglects due process protection deserved by every person."

Student: "“It's just very clear that they are not on my side and they're not interested in being on my side in any way,” Su said. “So I don't want to be at a school where the people that are in charge are not on my side whatsoever."

Why should the school "chose a side" instead of due process? If she's telling the truth she has nothing to worry about.


And she should accept her assignment into the ceramics class with a positive attitude.

A Rolling Stones song comes to mind.


“I'm pissed,” Su said. “This one thing, this one tiny thing that I asked for and I've been trying to get for four months, he gets within like a day of asking.”

Surely she must understand the different process when A) one student asks that ANOTHER be kicked out of a class and B) a student asks HIMSELF to switch classes.

I have no idea who's right or wrong here. All the reporting on this has been very confusing. But this woman seems to have somewhat unrealistic views on how the world operates.


I can’t read all of this, it makes me so angry. Took her out of Choir & left the abuser in the class? Fuck them.
I hope much more noise is made about this blatant sexism.
From The Supreme Court down, there is a war on girls/ women/ womb havers.


@1: "Were there any attempts to understand his side of the story?"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... you saw the reference to MeToo, didn't you? Her accusations are themselves absolute proof of his guilt, via the simple expedient of denying him any forum in which he might answer her charges.

If you read the Stranger's earlier post on this, you know Su's ex-boyfriend originally accused her of bullying him: "Several weeks ago, Su met with assistant principal Leif Moe-Lobeda to discuss a complaint from Su’s ex-boyfriend, another Newport High School student, alleging that she was bullying him. (That claim has since been dismissed, according to Su.)" Commenters in that thread noted that final, parenthetical line, where the Stranger just simply accepted the unsupported word of an accused abuser. The Stranger's reporting here is no better, even after Su repeatedly emphasizes that she'll accept no outcome except the one she dictates:

“This one thing, this one tiny thing that I asked for and I've been trying to get for four months, he gets within like a day of asking.”

It's a huge travesty, worthy of a walkout and attendant needless disruptions to other students' lives, when she doesn't get her demand, but it's "this one tiny thing" when she demands the exact same action be taken against someone else. (Someone else who was her boyfriend, and who had complained about her bullying of him.)

Both Su's actions, and the actions of the school district, make it pretty clear who was more likely the abuser here. The Stranger isn't asking any more questions, perhaps because it already has a really good idea of what the answers are.


@8 Tensor: you legitimately don’t like women, do you?


Tensor, we meet again.
If her story has so many holes in it, why all the support for Su? And if his story holds up why isn’t he going public, to clear himself?
Su has put herself out there, now kicked out of classes she loves.
And your issue with #MeToo, is? You think it’s all better , now.. or that it has been a farce? You think ALL these women/ womb havers, are lying? All of them?
No mate, it’s on. Again. And from my perspective a worse fight is upon women/ womb havers. And it’s boys like you we are up against.


"If her story has so many holes in it, why all the support for Su?"

LavaGirl, academically speaking, I don't think you want to imply that the more support someone has the more credence they have. That's what Donald Trump thinks.


These kids were close in, raindrop. They would know who Su & the boy are. They would know the truth.
And high school sexual abuse is being spoken of in my country too.
All the protesters outside the meeting were probably there because of their own experiences. Yes, Boys get abused too it’s mainly Girls though, with boys assuming too much about a girl’s space. Like they can walk right in there.


It doesn’t stop there, for some raindrop. At the hallway heckling. Some bully, intimidate & physically violate.
And now, in your country, over last few decades murder. School Children in the US, are already in hyper alert mode.


A shame your reporting comes late to the party spending zero column inches to catch up. Even if you knpw (I don't) that some of thisaction is justified, just beating the drum for protest over process seems premature, just like your subject matter.


@9: Thanks for implicitly admitting you can't answer any of my points; next time, please just admit it outright. Saves time.

Reversing the genders actually makes it worse, recreating the classic situation of the guy blowing off accusations of abuse made by the woman, then attempting to use his power to retaliate against her.

@10: Yes, as I recall, you asked long-time commenter Harriett not to respond to your comments here, and Harriett respected your request. I asked you for the same consideration, at which point you suddenly discovered this was a public forum, and you could respond as much as you liked. Good times.

Now you're draging a double standard to this dialog, as well:

"If her story has so many holes in it, why all the support for Su?"

I didn't say her story had any holes in it. I said it was one side of a story. Also, I did not understand that justice involved a popularity contest. Thanks for making that clear.

"And if his story holds up why isn’t he going public, to clear himself?"

We have absolutely no idea, in part because neither of the Stranger's two stories mention any attempt to contact him at all. The Stranger has taken a classic "he said, she said" story, and told only one side. Hence the possibility the Stranger is shilling for an abuser. Why does that not bother you in the least? Oh, yeah:

"Su has put herself out there, now kicked out of classes she loves."

One class. The one she wanted him kicked out of.

Finally, MeToo has been an incredibly unfunny farce. History will say it greatly impeded our attempts to hold abusers accountable. This story shows why.

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