Still harping on the 15/hr thing, huh? Remind me, was she on the council when that happened?

The main reason I hate Sawant is that she's guaranteed that Seattle voters won't take a real socialist seriously for any other role. This whole ride started and ends with her.


"Hopefully those politics will win a rent control trigger law"

They won't. Rent control requires a legislative change. Sawant does not work with other lawmakers, and therefore will never, ever form the coalition necessary to implement rent control. She will still probably talk about it a lot though.


You do know that a 1977 minimum wage in today's dollars would be more than $40 an hour, right?

And "centrists" don't work well with others, because they need to feel like they're "better" than other people, so they get butt hurt over the silliest things.


Among various gormless things it "tells us" is that after the 3rd district is re-districted, if it does extend farther south as anticipated, then Sawant will not win reelection in 2022.


"I'd issue a call for centrists to reflect, but I know they're too ideological to take the suggestion seriously."

Should barely winning a recall vote cause Sawant to reflect, or is she too ideological to take the suggestion seriously?


The irony of democracy is that many Americans don’t really believe in its principles, although they frequently espouse them, otherwise we wouldn’t have these dumb half-measures like this recall election, which was an abject failure and illuminates the mush-headed stupidity of the conservative business community.

This is like Trump demanding a recall after Biden electorally “grabbed him by the pussy” with the most stupendous popular vote showing in history.
Biden-Harris performed the presidential election equivalent of rubbing Sterno on Trump’s big pink buttocks and lighting them on fire, causing Trump to rush down to Mara Lago and soak his trembling anus in the icy Atlantic waters.

Councilmember Sawant is similarly empowered by this electoral indiscretion, which was primarily an ego trip for right wing haters who resent the compassion and integrity of Sawant, while they continually raise rents, dodge taxes and exploit working people.

Now that Sawant has been re-certified, re-elected and validated by refuting this specious recall, she can confidently return to addressing the needs of exploited workers and the plight of those less fortunate, many of whom have been driven out of over-priced housing and onto the streets.

Certainly Sawant will be soundly re-elected in the next election, along with other progressive candidates, to continue the fight against orange howler-monkey Trumpism and business community extremism, which forfeits the dignity and human rights of citizens in favor of the almighty dollar and hanging out at the Knights of Columbus lodge, sucking each other’s weenies and twiddling their balls in a finger bowl full of warm bourbon.

Polly used lots of line breaks so you crackers in Madison Park who voted for the recall don’t get your penis caught in the sliding door while enjoying the view and wreck your orgasm.


Many political commentators note that the first woman elected president in the United States is more likely to be a Republican than a Democrat. Take note of this, Sawant opponents: to actually defeat your boogeyman, you're going to need a credible socialist-like candidate.

If you can put up a nominee who believes in roughly the same concepts as Sawant, but without the distinctive, intentional divisiveness, you'll probably do well. You know what won't do well? Chamber-backed candidates and candidates who serve at the interest of the wealthy and corporations. There's an opening for a socialist with a bridge-building personality, rather than a histrionic isolationist who relishes her lack of allies like a badge of honor.

Sawant is a classic political troll - and she is going to keep on winning, over and over and over again. But I know that the people who will literally spend ANYTHING to remove Sawant are too stupid and stubborn to realize that, in a political race between monied interests and idealistic ideology (even if flawed in execution), the ideology is going to win in D3. Your money is worth nothing here, but if you like to keep lighting it on fire in loss after loss after loss and learn literally no lessons from this, OVER AND OVER, that's your deal, I guess, you can have fun losing forever.

District 3 is a VERY FAR-LEFT district that has no desire to elect a safe, nurturing republican-lite daddy and every dollar you feckless dipshits spend trying to deny this objective fact only reinforces this.


I tend to be really hard on Rich because I find most of his posts regarding Sawant to be so idealogically slanted they border on propaganda. I clicked on this expecting more of the same and lo and behold Rich took some time to actually acknowledge what most of us who oppose Sawant have been saying. She IS a highly polarizing, divisive figure and her toxic brand of labeling those who question her motives and tactics as right wing, business stooges or racists IS wearing thin. Much like the manager who continually shouts at you and tells you how terrible you are as some sort of warped motivation eventually people get sick of that shit and tune it out. Of course Rich can't help himself and goes to repeat the myriad of mistruths the solidarity campaign used to win the vote but I appreciate him admitting Sawant is a flawed candidate.

For what it's worth here is some things I take away from the recall effort:

Sawant has one strategy and only one strategy. Demonize your opponent and play to the worst fears of voters to win. Whether it be conservatives, business, landlords, racists. No label is off limits as long as it undermines your opponents credibility. Whoever decides to step in the ring with her in the next election should understand that and have a strategy to counter it from Day 1.

There is massive apathy/disenfranchisement in District 3. In both the Nov and recall election a little less than 50% of registered voters could not be bothered to vote. Sawant's message is not bringing new voters to the table. That being said this election pretty much ensured 25% of the district will never vote for Sawant again. After being called every name in the book I can only assume she has forever burned that bridge (and no they weren't all rich homeowners from Madison Park). Her attacks against Henry Bridger also lost her support in the LBGQT community as many saw these attacks as playing to homophobic stereotypes (looking at you Stranger with your leather shaming as one example)

Sawant's margin of error continues to narrow. While she has won re-election her margin of victory has shrunk with each cycle. There were many people who didn't so much vote for Sawant as they voted against the recall in general. There is probably enough of them that could flip this result in a general election.

She most assuredly will see her influence on the council continue to wane. They, like most of the public, have seen her playbook now and are tired of it. She no longer can use a bully pulpit to push her agenda across. Her acrimonious speeches after each vote where she take time to lambast her colleagues even while voting with them has gotten old. If Juarez ascends to council president I'd look for Sawant to be further sidelined. Of course throwdowns between her and Sara Nelson should be fun.

Finally, and this is probably the most important thing, what can those of us who see Sawant for what she is do between now and Nov 2023? Unfortunately SCC Insight announced it was going to stop reporting out on the council as we move into 2022. This is super unfortunate for those of us who appreciate transparency and the watchdog role Kevin had taken on. Neither the Seattle Times or TS will offer any level of reporting close to SCC Insight. It will be incumbent on us, the voters, to continue to call out questionable things the Sawant office does and demand better governance. Now that Sara Nelson will be taking on a city wide role I would suggest members of the community who are continually ignored by Sawant try to engage Nelson's office. Having Nelson earning praise in her District would enrage Sawant and may actually prompt her to respond to some of the real issues in District 3. Most importantly we need to find a candidate or two who can speak to some of the issues Sawant addresses without the toxicity. There are people in District 3 who would love real leadership but vote for Sawant because they feel she gives them a voice. They hold their nose and vote for Sawant yet don't believe as she does that we need to completely dismantle capitalism and build a marxist paradise. Addressing those voters will be key to beating her. It won't be easy and you can expect SA to spend every bit as much as any opposition campaign to keep their most high profile seat but there is a roadmap to victory and I look forward to continuing to work to make it happen.


What have we learned? That a corrupt politician conned 50% of d3 voters into thinking she’s not crooked. The other 50% know Sawant is a cheater, a liar, and is just as corrupt as trump is.


also shout out to @4 for bringing up the looming issue that may render all of this a moot point. Redistricting is coming. District 3 will need to change to help balance out District 7 which means pushing some neighborhoods into District 2. The most logical neighborhood to move is Leschi which of course is where Sawant currently resides. If that happens she would be forced to go against Tammy Morales in D2 in 2023 and the D3 seat will be open. I don't think she can beat Morales but it would be entertaining watching her label her closest ally on the council a far right conservative, corporate sell out. It wouldn't surprise me if she ended moving to stay in D3 but that may be difficult for her to do.


@1: 'The main reason I hate Sawant is that she's guaranteed that Seattle voters won't take a real socialist seriously for any other role.'

That is the most idiotic thing said on Slog today!
Just admit that you hate women, and especially brown women, dude. You fool nobody.


Excellent analysis, Rich!
It is enjoyable to watch wealthy snots waste their money and get nothing in return.


This isn't a class war pitting the wealthy against the poor. That is the cheapest form of political spin on this recall.

There are many people in D3 who don't agree with Sawant, damn near half the voters it would seem.

Now that is a serious problem for Sawant's limited political future.


Yeshua, you are proof that American Socialists are their own worst enemies. Go to any other country that has an effective socialist party and see whether they're using these sad, predictable tactics.


See, I told you they'd be butt hurt.

It's kind of sad.


@7 prior to Sawant, D3 elected Richard Cinlin. He was an anti-plastic bag crusader, took a principled stand with Nick Licata against a sodo arena but pushed the tunnel over democratic efforts to stop it (signing in substitution for tunnel opponent mayor McGuin, squashing a petition against,etc). He was elected several times in D3.

Mostly centrist milquetoast. Hardly "far left".

Sawant was instrumental on pushing the $15 minimum wage, forcing the council to take a stand during an election. Similarly, new corporate taxes and renter protections would hardly be passing the council without Sawant shaming. The council otherwise would probably be happy tackling scourges like plastic straws. Other council members have not disimilar politics to Sawant but they rarely push the centrists hard enough to get things passed.


"Her politics regularly pisses off labor leaders, big business, and her own colleagues, who, now — after she skewered them on election night for not supporting her in the recall — may ice her out even more, if that's even possible."

So you're saying that she has become a wholly ineffective elected official, got it.

"I'd issue a call for centrists to reflect, but I know they're too ideological to take the suggestion seriously."

Ah, yes. When others don't listen to you, it is because they are "too ideological." Note the irony that it is the centrists, who you usually lambast for not having consistent politics, that are too ideological.

"the Sawant supporters were fighting a class war they couldn't afford to lose"

You've already admitted she cannot really influence policy going forward, having alienated most everyone whose support she needs to affect change. As such, what would they have lost, exactly?


"It is enjoyable to watch wealthy snots waste their money and get nothing in return."

Exactly what I think when I see giant banners begging for money for The Stranger.


Comrade Sawant has made it clear she regards about 50% of her district as the enemy to be vanquished, and now, about 50% has now returned the compliment. I hope the moderates' victory and the close call she just had causes the rest of the council to ignore her bills and amendments, leaving her to scream in the wind once more. We will get better policy if that happens.


@17 -- You need to revisit your history. When Conlin was on the council, all the seats were citywide.


What does Sawant's victory tell us? Not really very much at all. Without some polling or hard data of some sort, anyone claiming to read anything into the recall effort are just speculating, and their speculation is going to be biased. None of us can read the minds of the voters, and I have seen zero exit polls.

How many voters voted to recall her because they're racist? Rich? Don't like "socialists"? Don't like her bombastic style? Love real estate developers? Are super interested in election rule minutia? Nobody knows.

How many voters voted to keep her because they are super progressive? Loved the $15 minimum wage campaign? Want rent control? Think we need more socialists? Love Sawant personally? Nobody knows.

How many voters don't necessarily like Sawant, but thought the recall was bullshit and voted to keep her anyway? How many people were confused about the wording of the question on the ballot and voted the wrong way? (something that is a common occurrence on referendums especially). Nobody knows.

So whether you're Rich Smith or one of the right-wing trolls, if you think you know why we got the results we did, you have no evidence to support your position. Most of Rich's article and most of these comments are simply meaningless navel gazing.


@22 - FTW


Lol it tells us she barely avoided being recalled in her own district - her overwhelmingly democrat/left leaning district.

She certainly doesn’t represent a majority of the city.


@8 Nice Analysis.

@22 Good Points.


We have people sleeping on the streets freezing to death and housing so expensive we have to be millionaires to afford a place to live. Incredible wealth but not for us.

We are tired of centrists. The term is meaningless its those who do not want any change that would empower the poor and working class. They are ok with the massive growth of poverty. the racism and classism that entails. The use of prisons and jails for the down and out.

Basically this is class war. We outnumber you by the millions.


Does a 52 percent participation mean that Sawant's crowd will quit whining about "voter suppression" in a ballot-by-mail election? 52 percent is not far off the 54 percent who voted on City Council candidates in the November general election.


"Its enjoyable to see wealthy snots waste their money and get nothing in return."

Thank you Yeshua. Keep it up.


31, you sound like a MAGAt.


19, I feel the same when I read hermancainaward.


@28 -- We have people sleeping on the streets and freezing to death largely because of mental illness and drug addiction. And they're doing it here because the drugs are available, the city tolerates their behavior and hands out lots of services (ineffectively). But sure, go ahead and make it all about class war.


Gotta lurve the reactionary trollinators with their cries of "bu - but, she just barely won the recall! She's totes vulnerable! Just you wait - next time!" Always "next time" with these yahoos, as if (with one notable exception back in the 2015 general) she hasn't ALWAYS won by relatively slim margins. And basically what the gentrified moneyed class in D3 got for their million dollar war chest was a virtual repeat of the 2019 race: nearly the same number of votes cast and nearly the same margin of victory for Sawant.

But, hey, you-all just keep telling yourselves that NEXT TIME, you're going to kick that football good and hard - we'll keep laughing from the sidelines as Sawant continues to pull the ball out from under your pasty white legs again and again...


Sawant doesn't actually do anything. She has never passed any meaningful legislation on the council. I don't think she's ever been the deciding vote on a bill. She occasionally latches onto work other people are doing locally to try and claim credit, but is never actually a meaningful player or part of the solution.

But people don't actually vote for her because they think she'll do things. It's just a classic motte-and-bailey. People will start every Sawant conversation by listing things they think she'll do, but when confronted with the reality of her ineptitude, they inevitably break out the actual reason they support her:

People vote for Sawant because she's a "fuck you" to people they don't like.

And that's really all there is to it. As long as Sawant keeps saying "I'm a walking, talking fuck-you to your landlord, your boss, your debt collector, the establishment, and everyone you dislike" that's all these people need to hear to keep supporting her.

Sawant likes to pretend there's a class divide in who supports her. The actual divide comes from people who actually have a stake in the district versus those who don't. Young people, renters, transplants, and others who make up her base have very little stake in the community Sawant continues to fail to represent. It doesn't really bother them that she doesn't get anything done because from their perspective, nothing needs to be done. Thus they have the privilege to be able to cast a "fuck you" vote.

For homeowners, small business owners, retirees, long-time Seattle residents, religious and community leaders, and others who make up the anti-Sawant coalition, no such privilege exists. When Sawant sucks at representing D3, they're the ones who suffer. When Sawant actively encourages destruction and mayhem in D3, they're the ones who will pay the price.

I do wish the denizens of D3 could find someone better to be their "fuck you" avatar than a communist fanatic who worships the band of bloodthirsty lunatics who between 1917-1923 managed to murder millions of people, dissolve one of the world's great empires, surrender all their resource-rich lands, create a famine that killed 5 million people, and ended by pathetically crawling to the capitalist west and begging for food. But frankly, many young people love Sawant's historical ignorance because it pisses off their parents, normies, and the elites. Just another red star.


The dead silence of the Recall Sawant party at 11:03 pm reminds me of the Seattle GOP Romney / Ryan campaign party coverage of 2012 as reported in The Stranger, with a discarded yellow tie and a close up of a guy, drunk on his ass walking outside in downtown Seattle, dribbling beer down his face, screaming, "ROMNEY!!!!!"

@1: Women of authority who get things done really scare you, don't they? Did your shroom actually shrivel at the results of this ridiculously wasteful recall election? Hmm...add some shredded carrots, zukes, and pasta sauce to go with your phallus impudicus and you'd be all set for an Italian dinner to whine over. Don't forget the whine!
Or you could join Swifty and his MAGA bros at the tree fort for weenies and tater tots.
Oh, the irony---you gaslighted only to get dick.

12 & @13: Yeshua for the WIN!!!

@19: I'm surprised your fellow MAGA bros haven't used your avatar as a dartboard, Swifty. All must be pretty quiet at the Bellevue tree fort.

@31 Mr. B for Bullshit: Butt hurt much?

@35 COMTE: That's the MAGA trolls for ya, an endless supply of foul hot air, smoke, and mirrors, forever fartin' fer their Free Dumbs. And they was all set to go coal rollin' in their F-450s, too, dam-blast it.


9 “Seattle urbanite” you slanderous dog,

How dare you call Kshama Sawant “corrupt”, “a cheater”, “a liar” — without an iota of proof?

Here’s a standing challenge to lying scum like you:  Put up or shut up.

In stark contrast to your silly-puppy yappings, our criticisms of Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative are powerful because they are true:


@6 pollysexual: How on Earth did I miss your spot on comment? I nominate you and Yeshua for the tied WIN!!


37, how ingenuine of you to complain about her not being able to do anything when she's just one vote.

You said she pretends there is a class divide and then you describe it does exist. Scumbags voted against her as a fuck you to poor people and the homeless. I'm glad not just people with a lot of "stake" in the district are allowed to vote because then, only the rich and those who hate poor people can.


People who ‘work’ in politics are divisive, it’s the nature of the beast.
Glad that’s over, a city counsellor, who some say hasn’t changed much of anything.
Her words do though, they change attitudes.
$15 an hour , sad, gotta take the gains where one can.
Socialist? What is this fear of sharing wealth? You think creepy Amazon guy & Elon weirdo & mark hide in meta space man, should keep all those riches? Never pay tax? Treat their workers badly? Capitalism is A Bust, for the majority of humans and the planet on which we live. Things & money don’t matter if we have no liveable earth.
Anyways, it’s Xmas, and I’ve found my Bobby Dylan Christmas CD.



What an asinine comment, suggesting renters don't have a vested interest in the betterment of their community simply because they don't own property there. I know people who live, and others who've lived on Capitol Hill for years, and they take pride in their neighborhood and want to see it beautified and prosper if for no other reason than because they live there and they like where they live I actually don't even know if they support Sawant or not, but to suggest they'd do so simply because they don't pay a mortgage is stupid as shit.

Do better or troll harder.


*whoops, rather embarrassingly missed a sentence separating period there toward the end.


@39 Sawant is a crooked slimy politician and that evidence is all over city documents Incase you want to look. SAWANT purposely submitted 25% FAKE signatures to sabotage the vote when starting the recall. She Is using her government resources currently to advertise her husbands company on government websites. that’s called cheating and more. People have died as a result of her stupidity, and those people who died can never come back. She risked the lives of many others, and pushed other people AFRAID for their lives to leave seattle, after sawants antics. People get so caught up in their pretend hero they ignore the facts that corruption can infect anyone. And Sawant has been infected with corruption, and she doesn’t want what’s best for the city, rather it’s going to be what’s best for her own ego.


Rich, just because you have lived here for years and continue to rent doesn't mean you gotta make it everyone else's problem.


Its quite a trick to simultaneously believe Sawant is ineffectual and also a problem that needs solving.


43, you can see whether your accusations are accurate by asking the people who serve you coffee or work at QFC. It's only in your imaginary head that poor people work 20 hours a week and go to raves or they want corner office without working. Those are also the things that live in a MAGAt's head.


If you can't beat her in an off-cycle election when voters have no other motivation to vote besides their bizarre obsession with her, you may as well learn to live with her. And if you hate her for her politics you should be happy that she doesn't actually do anything, but somehow this is a critique from the people who hate her politics the most.

What is abundantly clear from reading these comments is that the contempt for sawant is not about her political activity -- nothing! -- but the people she represents to you, in your incredibly active imagination, where people decide who to vote for based on their desire for a fancy apartment and a corner office. You guys really, really need to get out more, try talking to some actual humans in real life, because you will find that this is not how people tick.


"Yeshua, you are proof that American Socialists are their own worst enemies"

Fun to see a Xian write out and post THAT to the internet!


@51: Or maybe we've just pontificated Sawantology to death and the only thing left that's interesting is to come up with provocative angles that haven't been explored.


Yeow the level of vitriol is pretty amazing.
The fact the recall faction spent $1M on this special election when they could have waited for the next general election - not to mention that a very average house in Seattle costs a cool $1million - suggests that there is too much money in the Seattle economy.
Which in turn lends credence to Sawant's argument that wealthier segments of Seattle should be paying more in taxes.


53 so i gather. Projecting all the things you don’t like about culture & politics on people who are much younger than you is a rite of passage for many.



I've come to the conclusion that when some troll says "Sawant is ineffectual", what they REALLY mean is "Sawant hasn't done anything to benefit ME personally, therefore she's ineffectual, because MY needs, wants, desires, and aspirations are the only ones that matter."


Whole lot of angry superstitious old people in here desperate to figure out why when they toss their sacrifice off the city walls it doesn’t magically end the plague.

Sawant is someone for the frustrated bullies to project all their fears and hatred upon. Sure she makes it easy. Being an shrill brown woman especially.

I particularly like the “just squeaked by” story you tell yourselves. An off year December election in a pandemic with the low turnout. When the opposition to her was a massive concentrated effort by wealthy interests that started the day she was first elected.

What’s really telling in all these long masticating rants is the foaming pain that she didn’t just roll over and let herself and the city’s scant democracy be railroaded! What audacity! Why, she actually mounted a defense!



But, would you still use that term if we were discussing a conservative white male who exhibited similar qualities?


Enjoying all the Sawant supporters taking laps and punching down on those of us who oppose her toxic brand of politics. To quote Kanye, "I'm gonna let you finish but..." but all you high five'n white guys won't change the fact that in the most progressive district in one of the most progressive cities in the country she won by a handful of votes that represent less support than either Oliver or NKT received. All it took was a massive attack campaign, countless propaganda pieces errr editorials by the TS and some of the other "blogs" in the city and an actual army of paid vote harvesters. By all means continue braying how those who are tired of Sawant are conservatives or racists or hate the poor or whatever else you need to do to make yourself feel better about supporting someone who adds nothing to the civic conversation and whose entire brand is built on tearing down people and institutions to realize her glorious revolution. While you are doing that there are real people who are being harmed by the rhetoric and continued attacks. You and the TS can own that harm. The rest of us will continue to focus on working around the Machiavellian Marxist to actually improve this city and region.


One can't "punch down" on rich people.


FFS, she barely won and likely won because a few people who didn't like her were principled enough to NOT recall her on those flimsy grounds (I know quite a few), and she runs that massive GOTV and ground game with true-believer youngins which the recall didn't have (or need because she is truly disliked in her district).

Why is she disliked? I am from the segment that finds her an awful representative for her District. I am on mailing lists for the other councilmembers, and I get weekly updates on what they have done, what council has done or doing (and why), and what is happening in their district. Almost all of the emails I get from Sawant are fundraising or "movement" emails.

If she does something, it usually is piggy-backing on the work od others for which she then claims as her own ($15, Central Area post office, Chateau, etc). Why the hell do I as a Central Area resident care that she is trying to get parking paid for construction workers driving into the city. How about putting that effort into getting those jobs filled by Central area residents instead.

I've never had anyone say that they've gotten a response from Sawant to an email or phone call made to her. She basically has ZERO interest in her constituents' voice. She has narrowly decided who her constituency is, and disregarded the interests and needs of the vast majority.

She is more interested in taking down the Democrats and socialist (Alternative) movement building than in representing the people. The fact that she has to work through the SA leadership in order to decide what to do belittles (and weakens) her as our elected representative. If people in D3 understood that SA is making decisions, and not her, she would have certainly lost.

As an outsider and socialist Bernie Sanders was able to influence and shape policy. Sawant is merely antagonistic loudmouth, as many, including the article author, have noted who can simply rile up the uninformed. She's more akin to Marjory Taylor Greene than Bernie.

And finally, she is a sh$tty socialist, backing neoliberal growth and land use policies ignoring real Marxist policy and framing of the issue because, she has said in private, she doesn't want to piss off The stranger (who is wholly on board with the neoliberal growth stance).


COVID is annoying and tiresome. So is Sawant. Why do we have to endure both?


I read most of these comments and the most valuable thing I learned is that Herpes can be cured with herbs!


@56 As a D5 resident Sawant's ineffectiveness benefits me. Every dollar she fails to spend for D3 is more likely coming to D5. Please do a side by side comparison of Sawant and Juarez let me know why D3 residents settle for Sawant when they could have someone like Juarez.


Humorless grifter she may be but - give Seattle more of what it deserves. Gotta hand (just) one thing to The Stranger; it never misses an opportunity to shill for this faux-prog Trump "socialist".


Rich Smith gloating is like Donald Trump gloating - puerile.


@62 lol that anyone who opposes her is rich or for that matter anyone who supports her is poor. Just more Sith talk. If you are not with me you are my enemy. Ok Anakin or should I Darth Gaslighter.


You keep swinging, Yeshua. I've never voted for a republican. I'm atheist. I think your grade school attempts to mock christianity are ... meh. I'd like to see socialists have a more meaningful impact on American politics but know they never will if they stick to this childish garbage.


And fwiw, even I didn't support the recall. I think she's a ridiculous caricature who will set back american socialism by a decade or two, but I think the way to get rid of her is through a normal election.


69, why do you think childish garbage would stop a political advance when it didn't stop Trump and Republicans? You only need enough votes or just a gerrymandered enough area and fucked up enough system.




She abused the powers of the office the voters of District 3 had given her to steal money. She then used this stolen money to fake the appearance of popular support for one of her pet causes. When caught, she lied about what she had done.

She abused the powers of the office the voters of District 3 had given her to expose workers at City Hall to elevated risk of a deadly disease. When criticized for this abuse of her office, she called her critics racist and right-wing.

She abused the powers of the office the voters of District 3 had given her to lead a vandalizing mob assault upon the family home of a political rival -- a rival who had delivered an utterly humiliating reversal of one of her signature pieces of legislation. When caught abusing her office to attack the family home of a critic, she lied about what she had done.

Everyone who supports her "victory" here, that is what you are supporting. Theft, lies, COVID, name-calling, mob assault, lies, lies, and more lies. I hope you enjoy all that you have earned. (And try not to get too upset when her angry, vandalizing mob appears in front of your family's home -- it's entirely your fault, for not having supported her to the degree she demanded.)


I think it is sad when folks use the terms “hate” of hateful language. It is a way to dehumanize your opponent so you can dismiss them or worse. I believe that Marxism has caused great harm and is a dead end philosophy but I don’t hate someone for espousing it.

I can only imagine that the person is suffering great pain and/or trauma to hold such extreme views. It is difficult to exist in the tension of the middle when you are constantly pulled towards one extreme or the other.

I know it is the Internet but try stop being such Assholes. :)


46 “Seattle urbanite” you slanderous dog,

Your whine number 1: “Sawant is a crooked slimy politician and that evidence is all over city documents Incase you want to look.”

You lying scum, we challenge you to link to those non-existent “city documents”.

Your whine number 2: “SAWANT purposely submitted 25% FAKE signatures to sabotage the vote when starting the recall.”

You lying scum, we challenge you to link to those non-existent “25% fake signatures”.

Your whine number 3: “Sawant Is using her government resources currently to advertise her husbands company on government websites.”

You lying scum, we challenge you to link to those non-existent “advertisements on behalf of Sawant’s husband’s company on government websites”.

Your whine number 4: “Sawant has been infected with corruption.”

You lying scum, you have not an iota of proof — Put up or shut up.

It’s you who “has been infected with” — CONNIPTIONS!


Ooh #59 “Mr. X”-CRETA,

So THAT’S what you’ve got between your ears!


Ooh #37 “AceCH”, what’s this “Blame-the-Victim Bullshit” you’re spouting?

“The band of bloodthirsty lunatics who between 1917-1922 murdered millions of people in Russia” were the capitalist enemy — both foreign and local.

They set off the First Imperialist World War — 20 million dead, 40 million maimed.

Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolsheviks led the workers to victory in the Russian Revolution of October 1917 — the greatest event in the entire history of the entire world so far.

And immediately withdrew from the War.

That was a mighty impetus to ending the War altogether.

Saving the lives of millions of us on both “sides”.

In 1918-1922 the imperialist regimes and the overthrown Russian capitalists set off the Russian Civil War.

21 capitalist armies — including US troops — in blood-soaked rampage across Russia.

Killing millions.

Destroying the economy.

Causing mass starvation, mass malnutrition, mass death.

In Greek mythology, the infant Heracles defeated the serpents coming to kill him.

In real life, the Soviet infant fought the encircling imperialist wolves, held them, drove them out.

In a modest-but-significant echo of that magnificent heroism the Seattle D3 workers apparently have beaten the Billionaire wolves’ racist rightwing recall attempt.


@38 Auntie you you used to have interesting comments even I didn't agree. Now you're just kind of scary. Get some help maybe,?


Ooh #76 “tensor”-tosser,

The only "abuse" here is the "Self-Abuse" you're obviously addicted to!

Maybe help is “at hand” — there’s an entire troll farm touting its “services”:

“Worried about your masturbation addiction?
Come to jesus and we’ll beat it together!”

They even took in the US senate’s “intelligence committee”.


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@82: You, of all commenters here, lecturing anyone else on public masturbation, just brought a warm chuckle to my day. Thank you.

Thank you even more for carefully avoiding every last word in my description of CM Sawant's actual behavior, behavior which got her our (still-not-certified) recall election. Hers was indeed petty, shabby, deceitful behavior, not worthy of a District 3 Council Member (at least 49+%, and possibly more, of District 3's voters said so). Anyone who opposed her recall heartily endorsed her low morals and abuses of power.

Actual facts will always & forever remain your own personal Kryptonite.


85, so what? The percentage of opposition didn't increase from her first election, before all the "petty, shabby, deceitful behavior."


@86: Her first election was city-wide. Her percentage of "victory" in the recall election is a fraction of what it was in 2019, when the election was also confined to District 3. So her "petty, shabby, deceitful behavior" does indeed seem to have cost her support in District 3.


@81 Just Another MAGA Howler Monkey: smart women scare you much? Is your tired little shroom all shriveled up in a wad now that it's obvious Kshama Sawant won the pathetic recall election? The 1%ers wasted yet another shitload of taxpayer money that could have done a TON of good elsewhere. Get over it.
The truth is the ultimate butt-hurt, lil MAGA tool. Stop wasting your time idling around Swifty's tree fort before you get whacked out of Zumdieck Park with three on.


Ooh #83 “Mr. X”-creta and #85 “tensor”-tosser,

Unfortunately, 2 half-wits don’t make a wit!

You 2 self-deluded sheep are opponents: your piteous bleats mirror our Billionaire overlords’ wishes, so whenever we beat the plutocrat scum — such as by retaining Kshama Sawant’s council seat — we beat fools like you too.

Angela Davis is also an opponent: she asked us to vote for the Wall Street hireling Obama, he of the weekly drone-bombing blood-fests, the mass deportations.

Obama — Trump-with-a-Tan.

And his secretary of state Hillary, destroyer of Libya — Donald-in-a-Dress.

The current WhiteyHouse OffalOffice specimen Biden crucifies Julian Assange and Daniel Hale and so many others — as did Trump.

The capitalists’ Democrat and Republican parties are different instruments in Wall Street’s infernal orchestra.

Whereas impressionable imbeciles such as you two mistake for robust debate all the hissing, booing and pulling-of-faces indulged in at every election-cycle by the hypocritical Democrat and Republican politicians.

The only way out of the bosses’ death-trap is to create, build and strengthen a mass party of the working-class throughout the land.

Of Women and Men, Black and White, Gay and Straight.

Of the Multimillions against the Multimillionaires.

In hatred eternal against all Republican politicians and all Democrat politicians — scoundrels all.

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism!


Ooh #90 “Johnny88”, you seem to be “crying in your beer” about this small-but-certainly-significant defeat inflicted by the Seattle D3 workers upon our Billionaire+LocalElite overlords.

Instead, consider the fact that you, we and all of us are being “creamed”, exploited, bled dry, by the ruling capitalist enemy scum — Heck, just 3 US Billionaire bastids own more wealth than half our sisters-and-brothers the workers put together!

In the class war between us the Multimillions versus them the Multimillionaires, are you with us or are you with your exploiters?

And no, you can’t stand in the middle of the road — you could get run over.

And no, you can’t sit on the barbed-wire fence — you could get your jeans torn.


78-82 you make me laugh out loud. she conned a little over 50% of the d3 voters. Sawant said herself that she submitted 25% fake signatures for the recall ON VIDEO. You’ve been brainwashed as a Sawantrump lackey, so you’re a lost cause now. We tried to warn D3 that Sawant would destroy the city and because of kSHAMa, rents will go up.


Ooh #92 “Seattle urbanite”, a 50%+1 vote, or anything more, means victory.

The Seattle D3 workers Beat the Billionaire Bastids — and their ventriloquists’ dummies such as your sorry self.

“Sawant submits fake signatures”???
Does Elvis talk to you?

“Sawantrump”??? — that’s “Horseshoe Theory”, making you a “Horse-Shit Theorist”!

Awww, you “tried to warn D3 of Sawant’s diabolical plans to destroy the city”, but we ungrateful wretches merely laughed at you?
Well, that means you’re not just an imbecile but an ineffective imbecile.

Hopefully we’ll continue to defeat the ruling Billionaire scum — the scum who currently do your thinking for you — in the titanic battles which portend.


@89: Thank you again, for refusing to engage with what you're celebrating. CM Sawant committed multiple acts of malfeasance, abusing the powers of office to steal, spread COVID, and harass a political opponent's family in their home. She then lied about what she had done. That's what you're celebrating, and that you won't admit it just makes your abject moral failure in celebrating it all that much more obvious. Her narrow victory was bought by an army of paid vote harvesters, revealing the hollowness of her appeal: the voters who know her the best voted most heavily for her recall.

Theft, harassment, election-gaming: your socialism is the socialism of "Animal Farm"; it is the Ingsoc which inspired "1984." Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to pursue reforms based on the Scandanavian model, which has produced widespread prosperity for decades.

Go ahead, post another one of your jejune, name-calling rants, avoid the facts which are your personal Kryptonite, and tell yourself you've accomplished something. It will be holiday cheer for the rest of us.

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