Hey Hannah, using "Democrat" as an adjective (like in "roasted her Democrat colleagues") is a right wing troll job. Don't do it. It's "Democratic colleagues..."


Kids have to die to appease the gun god. That's why the pro life movement is so important. An aborted fetus can't grow into a dead student to be sacrificed on the altar of misconstrued freedom.


@3 is correct. Also @4 is correct. Wicker Man all the way! Let's get rid of our old Kings that way!


good write-up.


"In January, Fremont Brewing co-owner Sara Nelson will fill González’s seat, making a once solidly progressive seat an almost guaranteed vote for the council’s minority moderate faction."


González was horrible on policing & police accountability, undercutting what accountability people could have in 2017 by preventing consideration of more community based control & defending a corrupt system that protects cops till her very last minute in office.

But, how could anyone at the Stranger know this when they have a policy to assiduously avoid talking about police accountability or any of the recent revelations:


Even if this comment gets lost in the flood of nepotism charges, I'd like to point out that in addition to being Bruce Harrell's niece, Monisha Harrell is a long-time grass-roots political organizer, a stalwart LGBTQ activist in King and Snohomish Counties, and highly qualified for the position she has been named to, quite as much so as the various Deputy Mayors in previous administrations.



Still, you would think Harrell, in one of his first political appointments as Mayor-elect, could have found someone as equally qualified as a member of his own family for the position; if nothing else the optics aren't exactly ideal. And you can bet good money that if González had won and done something like this the centrists and far-right contingent would have already started printing up recall petitions before the story hit the 11:00 p.m. newscasts.


8 and #9 - Nepotism is a very bad look for any public servant, no matter his/her political affiliation. Qualifications of family members shouldn't even be considered by elected officials for their high-salaried political appointments, and this is more than just optics - it's bad policy and encourages corruption.


What a cynic you are raindrop @2. All those things are learned. You think we are born racist? Bigoted?
Part of the human condition? Humans have & do live in many different ways. Your way of living is not universal.


@3 Doug, not following that at all. I understand that "Democratic" is the traditional usage, but using "Democrat" instead does not convey "right wing troll job", it's just modern word usage. "Democrat" clarifies what is being referred to - a political party rather than a political viewpoint.


It's deputy mayor. He gets to appoint who he wants - it does not serve him well to appoint someone who will do a poor job or isn't on the same page.

She appears to be experienced and qualified for the position. I don't see any political conflict of interest in her ability to perform the duty, which is basically serving as a liaison for him. Where's the potential corruption angle? That it's a supposedly well-paying job? How is that different than giving the job to any of his political allies?

Optics? You want to talk about optics? How about the optics of the radical left-wing commenters here who make liberals and and the democrats look like nut jobs every time they open their mouths.


Love how it's now "radical" to recognize nepotism as corruption in public servants using tax dollars. It was wrong for TFG, it's wrong here. We should probably just change the SMC to address the issue.



Actually, there's a wikipedia page dedicated to the distinction!

I remember GWB going overboard in the derogatory usage, enunciating the "T" at the end of the word super hard, even in SOTU addresses & shit. Was pretty comically weird and passive-aggressive even. Obviously also quite petty and minor, but not an illegitimate critique.


@16 Matt19, it was wrong of TFG because he appointed people who were completely unqualified by any reasonable measure. Were the non-family members he appointed to other positions any better or less corrupt?

You would have been against JFK appointing RFK to the USAG I suppose?

What would you change in the SMC? You would just outright ban that the Mayor could not appoint someone related to them? A third cousin? Family by marriage? Where are you going to draw the line? Do we need DNA tests?


@17, I wouldn't have a problem with the "Democrat Party" either. Despite closely following politics for decades, I've never seen this come up before. Because no one with common sense cares.

But Hannah didn't write "Democrat Party", so that's not the issue. She wrote "Democrat colleagues".

The optics are that Democrats (or is that "Democratics") who make an issue out of this are fucking stupid. Be wiser about what battles you pick.


@21 One synonym that works for Republicans these days is "Confederate".


@12 - sorry, but we're monkeys. Big-brained monkeys, but still monkeys. And fucking monkeys are not all that nice. We are smart enough to try to overcome our worst simian nature, but not everyone lives up to that. I wish I could share your sunny view of human nature, but, well, monkeys. Or maybe baboons are closer.


@dvs99, I just want to say, you have some of the best comments. You always articulate really well the way I see it too.


@24 - thank you. You are clearly one of the better monkeys.


Wasn't it the Stranger that named Monisha Harrell as one of the "Smartest People in Seattle Politics"? I like to have smart people in office. What's the issue?



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Whataboutism is such an intelligent and logical way to present argument...yikes! And also that was wrong too.


Sorry folks, new here and didn't realize Pretty was a more feeding, promise 👍


@30 Matt19, You're calling ME a troll? Go fuck yourself with that shit. So far, as you're new here, you've commented like an asshat.

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