Real-time information will appear on this screen in spring of 2022.
Real-time information will allegedly appear on this screen in the spring of 2022. Charles Mudede

Sound Transit finally provided something of an explanation for the long and obvious deadness of its "real-time arrival info on Link platforms." Though they work, they're turned off because, for a number of complicated reasons, they are not up to snuff. A new real-time system, called the Passenger Information Management System, will replace dead screens somewhere "between April and June 2022." If you do not feel like waiting that long, however, then I recommend you download the OneBusAway app. In my experience, it has provided very accurate Link train times.

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OL Reign comes back to Seattle in 2022. They will play at the Lumen Field, the world-class stadium that hosts the Sounders and Seahawks. The team's time in Tacoma, which began in 2019, ended when that city failed to "build a soccer-specific facility to seat 10,000" in the near future. When the announcement of the move was made at Lumen Field, Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell (a sporty guy) was in attendance with a bunch of other King County dignitaries. I wonder if Harrell will count this as his first victory as mayor of the 206.

Chin up, Tacoma. The OL Reign might be leaving, but, according to the Puget Business Sound Journal, Seattle's "E3 Restaurant Group, which operates the Metropolitan Grill, Elliott's Oyster House and Wing Dome, is venturing back into Tacoma." The group has brought into its orbit of businesses The Lobster Shop, which is "known for its lobster and Pacific Northwest seafood, on Tacoma's Commencement Bay." So, that's something. Also, I love the food joints in Tacoma. The city needs more recognition along those lines.

It very much looks like the border between Seattle and its forever beautiful sister, Vancouver BC, will be closed again. The Vancouver Sun reports that Canada's government is "considering new travel bans to limit spread of Omicron." This may mean "banning all foreign travellers from Canada and putting in place an advisory banning non-essential international travel by Canadians." How it hurts me so to think that Vancouver, my favourite city on the West Coast, the capital of my Pacific Northwest, sees me as, of all things, a foreigner.

Omicron is getting ready to take the center stage of 2022, baby.

But there is some good news to be had. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, said today that "an omicron-specific coronavirus vaccine is not needed at this time because early data indicates existing booster shots bolster disease-fighting antibodies." So, get that booster shot right quick.

Sawant's lead continues to grow (up 17 votes), and she is also the only council member who opposed "ending the grocery worker hazard pay” today, though she was not in attendance for the vote. She tweeted: "All 8 Democrats shamefully voted to end hazard pay for Seattle's grocery workers." The Council's knees started knocking on this issue because big business so easily spooked it earlier this year.

If you are even thinking about it, stop thinking about it right this very instance. Don't go to this bridge, which is somewhere in Tukwila. It will have nothing to do with you today. And don't take it personally. Shit happens.

It was dusk all day. Nothing but twilight. You woke up in the dark, it was darkish in the morning and afternoon. It's dark again at 4 pm. I was in a Columbia City park around noon. Wet, wet, wet. (And, yes, that's also a reference to an '80s pop band.) Low clouds. Very little light. And ducks picking at the sodden soil. At this point of what William Wordsworth described as an interfusion, in his poem "Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting the Banks of the Wye during a Tour. July 13, 1798," but it was an urban rather than a rural interfusion, I understood the inspiration for Twilight's human/wolf transformations. It makes perfect sense in this kind of weather and season.

Not diamonds on the soles of her shoes. But certainly emeralds in his pockets. This is how Time's Person of the Year, a South African-born man named Elon, apparently rolled when he visited New York City back in the day. But to be fair, Africa is a very uneven and poorly regulated place. This sort of thing (diamonds on shoes, emeralds in pockets) is not as unusual as you think. I recall my late father carrying raw diamonds in his wallet when he lived and worked in Botswana. No idea how he got them; no idea what he did with them.

That said, this should have been the Person of the Year.

The US has no idea how very nutso Jan 6 was. It is still in a state of denial about the coup. It's a story that will not go away, but one that the mainstream is already tired of hearing.

Greg Tate last week. And now bell hooks. She died this morning surrounded by her family. The cause of death has yet to be made public. But for me, hook's most notable achievement as an intellectual was to position feminism from the perspective of black women. And this meant dealing, among other things, with two patriarchies: one white, and the other black. She got a lot of heat for her unfailing commitment to a universal form of liberation. Not just black, not just women, but truly every citizen must be free if any of this is going to work. May the soul of this remarkable professor find rest.

You know what I'm feeling like right now? I feel like I need some blues, the deepest blues. So, let's end with Cassandra Wilson's version of "Come On In My Kitchen." What you saying? "Can't you hear that wind howling?"

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