Excuse me while I kiss the sun...
Excuse me while I kiss the sun... NASA

Earlier this week, NASA confirmed that a spacecraft called Parker Solar Probe really did "kiss the Sun" this year, and this fiery act of love didn't burn it to a crisp. Isn't it amazing. It's called science. The Parker, which touched the sun’s upper atmosphere in April, has some crazy-fresh system that keeps it cool by getting hotter. NASA expects the probe to kiss our one and only star a few more times.

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Don't expect to see the sun much today if you are in Seattle. It will be mostly cloudy and cold. And snow will fall on the mountains. And there might be some wind this weekend. Keep warm and think of nice things, like that spacecraft trying to slow-fuck the nearest star to us.

Before we go any further, let's watch the sun scene in the movie Sunshine:

There is some Northwest sun going on here in the morning.

And I can already see that today will not be as dark as the past two days. And now that I'm thinking about it, I might even "water my plants and smoke a cigarette and go out for a walk. On my own. Or with friends."

Space Needle fireworks will light up the sky like the Fourth of July this New Years Eve, but without the crowds. It is recommended that people stream the event at home. The pandemic is not over. 2022, we expect nothing new from you.

Traffic? Lots of cars, jams every bloody where, and the rest of it. If you were expecting something else, then you do not live in an American city. You're in a dream.

Another driver did a hit-and-run with no problem. The victims were a Ballard man and his dog. The former survived, the latter did not. The driver is nowhere to be found because the viability of car transportation would grind to a halt if a large section of it did not operate outside of the eye of the law.

3.6 earthquake struck between Vancouver BC and Victoria BC. Some people felt it, some did not. Some earthquakes shake to remember, some shake to forget.

Bothell High School canceled in-person class today because the police is investigating threatening graffiti that was found on campus by a rattled student. Franklin High School also canceled classes this week because of "threats of violence." This business of threatening high schools with violence is a nationwide thing. But watch how the media will focus on bad, bad TikTok, where a viral threat of violence was posted, and not guns.

You already knew this was going to happen. If not, where have you been, mate? Of course infection rates are rising, and we can expect our hospitals to be traumatized again. The only thing that will shut down this pandemic once and for all is three or so months with little to no capitalism. There isn't another way. Capitalism and COVID don't mix.

But taking a break from capitalism, even a very little one, is a big ole no-go. Why? Because people will start doing other things with the time that's returned to them. New and maybe even radical ideas will enter their liberated heads. You know what I mean? Like this guy who left work not too long ago and is now playing a guitar all of the time. The thing you must never forget is that an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

The leading capitalist nations of our globalized world see the omicron variant as the “biggest current threat to global public health.” And, of course, to profits. And making profits takes time away from the people.

That Ted Cruz character has released an eBook called "Critical Race Theory: A Lecture by Senator Ted Cruz." It's only 10 pages. It's free.

Jon Talton, the Seattle Times columnist, has posted a bunch of nonsense on inflation and how the Fed is tackling it. The thinking among his lot is that inflation will hurt Dems in the next election, but the reason for this (if it even happens) has nothing to do with inflation as such. It's with the presentation of it. The GOP has no solutions for rising commodity prices, and, besides, its very own leader began stimulating Wall Street with trillions back in 2017. The question you should ask about inflation is: Which inflation? There is lots of it, such as share valuations. But that inflation, which made Elon Musk billions upon billions during the pandemic, is not seen anywhere in mainstream media as a problem. But this kind of inflation (the cost of bread, gas, a lap dance), which actually is also not good for those who make a killing from debtors remaining in debt, is. Commodity price inflation lowers the value of consumer debt.

That popular Fox News guy really believes that every household in America should have in its bathroom cabinet the anti-parasite drug ivermectin. Hannity, who is not a doctor, and may not even be a human being, featured a guest on his show who ranted that one "should take it right away” if you "catch the vapors."

What you can see here, if you care for that sort of thing, is how a crocodile dances:

Let's end with an excellent trip-hop track from the mid-90s, Monk & Canatella's very English "I Can Water My Plants":

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