Jayapal and Mosqueda Tell Manchin to Think of the Goddamn Children

Democrats really gonna let one dude tank their big bill.



Mosqueda thinking that anyone in DC knows who she is let alone cares about her widdle thoughts!



Agreed. Jayapal should have known better than to appear with Mosqueda.

Mosqueda is an ineffectual ideologue on the Seattle City Council. The best outcome of getting her involved is having everyone go "Who?" The more likely outcome is further polarizing the two sides.


Manchin's just taking the heat off Synema, and maybe a couple more Ds who also prefer that we remain a developing nation rather than join the modern world.


@4 I think Manchin is being an ass, but this article in the Washington Post raises and important point.

Evidently Manchin thinks it would be better to do fewer things, but fund them for ten years, than to do a host of things but only fund them for two or three years.

He has a point. Pick just a couple of things in the bill and fund them enough to do them really really well. It would show that the Democrats are capable of governing and set the stage to do more things in the future.

Since Romney loves the Child Tax Credit I wonder if they could propose just that, fund it for ten years, and pass it with Romney's vote.



Mosqueda was definitely an odd choice. Couldn’t she get Murray or Cantwell to return her call? It’s great for Mosqueda though if she is contemplating making a run in 2022 for congress.


Jayapal is as useless an ideologue as Mosqueda is. Calling on Pres. Biden to take executive action is supposed to do what, exactly? He can't pass laws himself.

He already exceeded his legal authority with that bullshit OSHA rule mandating vaccination for all >100 employee companies, and the courts rightly slapped him down. Imagine if he tries to just magic this shit into being when there is not an iota of a glimpse of a smidgen of a pretense of power for him to do so.

You don't pass highly partisan legislation over unified minority objection when you have only 50 Senators. If you try, every last member of your caucus has veto power. BBB was a stupid idea, but progressives are married to that stupid idea and consequently their legislative priorities are going to go down with the ship.


I don't think The Stranger understands how a Democratic Republic is supposed to function. Let's go Brandon!


Its painful to see anyone of our fellow citizens suffer....and its very tempting to run this bill thru congress, using borrowed money and then reap the crippling consequences later.

We must be patient and let the current stimulus package and costs work thru this economic cycle. Caution is what is required, not far left histrionics.

Consider for a moment, the impact of this massive government spending plan, the massive debt it will create and the very real and dire consequences. Inflation is on the rise, not only here in the USA, but across the globe as well as all the major economies are on the verge of a recession.

A double whammy of increased interest rates on the entire US debt, coupled with a global recession is a very real and horrifying prospect. You want to see suffering by the poor, wait until that elephant turd hits the fan. If we pass this ill advised spending plan, there will be great difficulty in our ability to provide any meaningful government support in the future. Our any future borrowings, will be limited and very costly due to higher rates of interest.

I think this is why key democratic leaders can't stomach a massive liberal tax, spend and waste money bill at this historic point in time. Its irresponsible, a dangerous public policy and a complete disservice to their constituency.


Mosqueda — along with Lorena Gonzalez — got really interested in child care once they got pregnant. Can you say “self-serving?”


Holy shit these comments are distressing. Whether or not you like Jayapal is completely beside the point. If you think Manchin gives a fuck about anything besides being a coal baron you are a fucking idiot. I can't believe the bullshit I am reading. People across the country are somehow buying into Manchin's complete stupidity, hook, line, and sinker. THIS is why are country is doomed, rubes like these commenters, like any Manchin-believer. If you think Manchin has good points, I have some ugly NFTS to sell you.

Fuck I'm so disgusted


@13. You're like a broken record who is attacking a "woke" straw man of projection about your own self-righteousness and blindness to the realities younger people face. Nobody can defend it since your appropriation of woke is by definition indefensible.

To be woke means to be aware of being gaslit by a society that tells you you are wrong for being you, regardless of race or gender or whatever letter fits. So get woke or get froaked.


Of course there are more doggy daycares opening. Seattle has 150k+ dogs and only about 30k children of daycare age. Somebody give Mosqueda a lesson in supply and demand please.


@14 "eeew" might be a more suitable moniker for your name given these lamentable comments. Congress is stating plainly their position on this massive government spending proposal....and it now appears even key democrats find it inappropriate at this time.

We just passed an infrastructure plan, plopping another trillion on top of the last massive covid relief funds totaling some 3.5 trillion.

Why not stop for a moment and digest what we have on the plate before heaping more on top, considering we might need some flexible spending and government relief given we are now firmly in a an inflationary state and have a global recession in the offing.

A little reflection might suit you better than just being hysterical.

No this country isn't doomed...but it is being damaged by your singular visions of simply spend more and the hell with the consequences approach.



In just about any other state he WOULD be a Republican. If it walks like X and makes noises like X, it's probably X.


So, you think children are a burden on taxpayers, but you also oppose women having the right to terminate those same "burdens", duly noted. I guess your taxpayer-supported public education was pretty much a waste too, from the sounds of it.


Why is it conservatives never cry about "public debt" when the GOP spends money on things like useless 20 year wars like a drunken sailor on shore leave?


COMTE I know you are a purist who thinks anyone who isn’t in 100% agreement is a Trump supporting MAGHAT but take a moment to read this article in the NYTimes.

"Senate Confirms Biden’s 40th Judge, Tying a Reagan-Era Record
President Biden saw more of his judicial nominees confirmed in his first year than any president since Ronald Reagan."

Joe Manchin is indeed a jackass but at least he is our jackass. There is value in keeping the gavel away from Mitch McConnell.

If Joe Manchin was a Republican, and caucused with the Republicans then Biden probably wouldn’t have a full cabinet, would not have appointed 40 judges, wouldn’t have passed the COVID relief bill, or the infrastructure bill.

Manchin might be an asshole but he’s not a Republican.


This thread was some serious troll honey trap. Just look at that smorgasbord of internet cranks and rightwing crazy up there. Well done, Hannah. Now close the doors and keep them trapped in here.


Never trust a politician that either wraps themselves in the flag or says, “Do it for the children.” They are selling you down the river.


@21 When the article contains something as breathtakingly ignorant of our legislative process as "Democrats really gonna let one dude tank their big bill," then yeah, expect some pushback.

It seems like Jayapal and the House Progressive Caucus believe that BBB should succeed simply on the strength of their unassailable ideas. Never mind that it's opposed by a majority of one house of Congress.


It's hard to reconcile what's going on in this country.
Biden's a weak president. He never would have won ( he didn't even come close to winning all those other times ) except the whole country was against you-know-who.
He has paper-thin support. He has a paper-thin control of congress. As of now, there's almost no way he can win the congressional election in 2022 or the white house election in 2024.
He's been a legislator all his life. Compromising and deal-making is his whole resume, his whole career. And now, when the whole country, the whole politics of the country for the next generation depends on getting this law passed, he can't do it.
Which puts "the dark side" in control of every speck of the federal government. And don't forget, with gerrymandering, they're already in control of a majority ( if not a super-majority ) of the state governments, too.
It's hard not to despair.


@1 & @13 Mr. Bullshit, @8 Roaming Virus, @9 & @23, Err Boob, @17 Monolizard, @3, @5, and @19 Sir Trolly Too: You can all fuck off. West Virginian coal magnate Joe Manchin is a RepubliKKKan sock puppet of Mitch McConnell. Manchin and real estate magnate Synema are NOT Democrats--they only pretend like they are when all they are doing is play into the greedy, fraudulent hands of the GOP, The Party of Trump.

@14 eeeeee, @15 Garb Garbler, and @18 COMTE for the group WIN!!!!


Poor Swifty. He would have been joining in with you MAGA trolls except his deluxe Bellevue tree fort gun arsenal blew up when Kshama Sawant won the bogus recall election. Elmer got caught playing with matches again, and Dr. Wanker had a choking fit on his weenie. Dumb luck that. So much for their Henry Bridger II victory cookout.


Mosqueda has enough on her competence plate with her direct city duties without palling around with another FPOC to get limelight. And Jayapal shouldn’t be big-sistering. It’s logrolling.


Pretty meager insults, Grizz. You must have failed out of the Donald Trump Academy of Political Rhetoric.


@28 for the WIN for seeing through Auntie's (always) hate filled, stupid and hysterical comments!


Thank you auntie grizelda for weighing in and burning the hair off Manchin’s scrotum with a blowtorch, from a textual standpoint.

True, pollysexual would like to drizzle hot maple syrup on Sinema’s ass and give her a robust buttock massage, nevertheless, she shouldn’t be such a drama Queen and help Manchin (who should get a room with Mitch McConnell and play hide the salami) tank this crucial Build Back Better legislation which will really help children and those less fortunate in concrete, tangible ways.

Speaking of concrete, the highway and road systems are a mess of deferred maintenance, and the funding Mr. Biden’s bill provides will make them safer and more expediently traversed.

More people are driving today due to the COVID threat from the shared spaces of mass transit, and the very real prospect of being fondled or vomited upon by some misguided or unhealthy individual.

The predicament of Jenny Lowery of Hullabaloo preschool says it all, with children forced to stay outside all day, regardless of weather conditions.

This BBB Act would fund COVID wracked preschools across the nation, providing safer and healthier educational environments for our children.

These budgetary purists like Manchin and Sinema are in reality attention-seekers who crave the spotlight and want to be the ones who took a dump in the pool and wrecked the party for everyone else.

The public health benefits alone justify this BBB expenditure, because you need a healthy workforce to supply labor for our dynamic, expanding economy.

The burgeoning labor force this BBB offering facilitates will produce real monetary assets to help the federal government finance this initiative.

God Bless U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda for getting their lovely cabooses out in this cold Seattle drizzle to advocate for the interests of these poor children, who are disenfranchised and overlooked in favor of the fat cats who manipulate Manchin and Sinema like a pair of video game characters.

Remember, children cannot vote, and their poor, overworked parents need healthy and safe educational environments for their kids while they report to work everyday and keep our economy humming.

We may be witnessing the “The Greening of America” as prognosticated by Professor Charles A. Reich, what with the outrageous recall of Kshama Sawant having been soundly rejected, mostly Democratic leadership across the country and in the White House, and the very real scenario of this massive human capital and infrastructure improvement being passed if not now, in the near future.

Hopefully Trump, who is diametrically opposed to compassionate leadership, will windup doing penis enlargement and weight loss commercials on YouTube, after being mercilessly molested in federal prison for fraud and tax evasion.