My fav streaterie is not in Edmonds but downtown Bellingham. Its operated by the Mount Bakery Cafe.
My fav streaterie is not in Edmonds but downtown Bellingham. It's operated by the Mount Bakery Cafe.

And what about Seattle's tech workers? They appear to be woke. According to Puget Sound Business Journal, data shows that "tech workers at Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook favored Sawant in the recall effort." More than 30 employees at Microsoft gave Sawant's successful "Vote No" effort an impressive total of $14,337. All of this makes perfect sense if seen from the perspective of theories relating to "the general intellect" that are still popular among certain Marxist circles in post-operaismo Italy. The basic idea is this: As capitalism develops, it becomes more and more dependent on a "high degree of general social knowledge" that becomes more and more unmanageable and difficult to measure. Post-operaist describe this state of affairs as a "crisis of measurability."

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Omicron is now the dominant COVID-19 variant in the US. Local experts believe it will be the leading variant in King County by the end of the week. And, finally, the first known Omicron US death was recorded in Texas. The person was between 50 and 60 and not vaccinated. The general feeling among researchers is that COVID is not going away. It's here to stay.

The common symptoms for the new version of COVID-19? So far, it's "fever or chills, cough, runny nose, headache or muscle aches, gastrointestinal issues and loss of taste or smell." All of this sounds familiar, no?

Edmonds City Council should do the right thing and not charge restaurants a penny for using parking spaces as "streateries." Cars already have too much space in our cities. The time to take some of it away from them is right now; also the pandemic is nowhere near over. We will soon be eating outside again. But, really, charging a small business "$4,000 per month, per space" is a bit much.

Didn't snow last night like they said it would, at least in Columbia City, which is the Bloomsbury of Seattle. We keep hearing about all of this snow that's sure to come, but it refuses to make an appearance. It's just, day after day, the cold ghosts of snow. We can feel it, but not see it. I think a white Christmas is looking like a pipe dream.

I won't lie. I'm fucking impressed. The fake fire and Christmas tree in the back. The fake reindeer thingy on the couch-sitting hound. The merry Dachshund prints that cover the couch. The carrot held by paws. The munching of the carrot. How in the world can you beat that?

Another car hits a pedestrian and simply vanishes. Can't be located. Puff goes the magic car. This hit-kill-and-run happened "at NE 12th Street and Sunset Blvd NE," reports KIRO 7.

The last mayor I had, Mayor McGinn, sees some light in the seemingly endless darkness of socially permitted car-carnage.

When the medics arrived at a Puyallup home on the 10800 block of 58th Avenue Court East, they "found a family taking a 3-year-old boy to the hospital with a gunshot wound." KIRO has this all-American story.

Seattle man who participated in the Jan 6 coup attempt must now spend nearly four years of the only life he will ever live behind bars thinking about why he is behind bars, why he "assaulted a police officer with a metal baton," why he didn't just stay at home that fateful day, and why he fell so damn hard for his leader's flat-out lies about a stolen election. The Seattle man will also have time to think about other things.

An excellent tweet by my favorite Vancouver-based urban planner and scholar Andy Yan.

Yan is also a first-rate foodie. Follow him on Twitter, and he will guide you to the small dining gems of a city whose beauty is not surpassed in the Pacific Northwest.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and extreme weather events caused by climate change, Canadians can still put aside a little time to consider questions of this kind: Do they "want [Prince Charles] on [their] banknotes when he becomes King?"

According to CNN, the US's largest coal mining union, the United Mine Workers of America, is on its knees and begging that excuse for a human that goes by the name of Joe Manchin to reconsider his negative position on Build Back Better. Why? Because it extends the fee "paid by coal companies to fund benefits received by victims of black lung." It also gives coal miners support for the transition to the clean energy industry. Manchin will of course continue to harm the poor as he talks about being a democrat. That's his shtick.

Remember this movement, the Stop the Violence Movement? It happened at a time when hiphop was still in the hands of black artists. Back then, rappers could openly denounce black-on-black violence.

Guess who wants a Stop the Violence 2.0? None other than Snoop Dogg. The Hill reports that he is calling for "'peace in hip-hop' after the fatal stabbing of Los Angeles-based rapper Drakeo the Ruler." These days, black rappers are dropping like flies like never before.

Nothing going on here but, you know, a Fox News host talking about how to ambush and shoot to kill Dr. Anthony Fauci. All in a day's work for the members of the network.

Why Chinese capitalism will not end the horrors of American capitalism.

Let's end with the most underappreciated piece of music that the great '80s produced, Hiroshi Yoshimura's "Time Forest."

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