This Canadian isn’t assuming Chuck will outlive Lizzie.


«Edmonds City Council should do the right thing and not charge restaurants a penny for using parking spaces as "streateries."»

Edmonds has a large boomer retirement community who want to drive and park their cars everywhere they go - be it a block or two-tenths of a mile.


We'll all have the black lung in Joe Manchin's America.


@3: Give it a rest. Both Joes are already talking about another bill. There's no such thing as "it's all over" in Washington D.C.


@4. YOU give it a rest on trying to get others to give it a rest.


Microsoft has 57k employees in the Puget Sound area. The 30 employees that donated to Sawant account for 1/2 of one percent of the total employee base. Not exactly proof that Seattle tech workers support Kshama. Of course as she readily admits she doesn't represent them anyway but will gladly take their money.

The real takeaway of that footnote is that painting groups with a broad brush as TS and councilmember Sawant love to do is misleading and factual incorrect. Tech workers like other segments of society are made up of a diverse cross section of views. Maybe something to consider next time Kshama doesn't get her way and lashes out at all the "conservative", "racists", "corporate stooges" who dare to push back against her latest idea to fan the flames of her marxist revolution.


@7: Thanks for that little digging to reap a heap of perspective. These pseudo-journalist blog jockeys around town have an appalling lack of interest in their occupations, much less curiosity.


Looks like Peng Shuai has been reeducated. The Olympics are saved!


Say what you want about the “streateries (ugh)” - $4000 a month is pretty ridiculous.

Not ridiculous is the blatant violence in the public discourse. Pretty sick and hard to believe it’s legal let alone accepted.


One person died to omicron? Well, I guess we better shut down the entire country and send workers back to the unemployment lines.


Your impression is justified, Charles. The lap blanket, an especially kind detail.


8 the stranger keeps giving you a reason to spring out of bed each morning, and im sure they appreciate all the traffic you deliver, even if they show their appreciation by deleting your profile and all of your conspiratorial rants along with it as quickly as you crank them out. They write things then post them here because it's their job to generate content for you to click and get mad at. This seems self evident to me, but i can only guess what your excuse could possibly be.


Regarding Sawant support. If any of these tech companies acted like they had any interest in the community or the welfare of their workers, they would have no problem getting a compliant majority at every level of government in the State. But tech workers know more than most that their companies are malevolent entities that can only be reformed through democratic action.


Also regarding sawant support - over half a million dollars of her support came from out of Seattle and most certainly out of district 3.



At least The Stranger doesn't put all their articles behind paywalls, like pretty much every other newspaper and periodical does these days. Face it, it's the only reason you trolls show up here - because it doesn't cost you anything.


That's pretty much the same thing people like you said after the first COVID-19 death nearly two years ago...



Does she usually write about international issues?


Re: another pedestrian getting hit by a car in Renton. I’s no real surprise, sadly. Renton’s street engineers, like generations before them are car-centric AF.


Calling a donation to The Stranger a "year end gift" is kind of disingenuous. That phrasing is pretty much reserved for non-profits. A "thank you gift" might be more appropriate.


‘Crisis of measurability,’ yet they keep trying to keep the populace dumbed down. Good the tech people showed support.


Charles as King, on our bank notes too, can we postpone thinking of this. My only observation is that when Elizabeth dies, a few countries will up their noise about becoming a republic.
Now Peng Shuai is trying to gaslight us. Chinese govt thinks because it can control its own citizens thru these tactics, the rest of us are fooled. China is like one big domestic violence scenario.
She got her truth out & we all heard it. For that she is a warrior.


Math check on aisle @7!


@14 ... and 800,000 Americans have dies from covid19 so far in less than two years. More than were killed in four years of WWII and almost ten years of the Vietnam War combined.

But this one death I guess signals to you that it was all just hoax after all.


@26: Yes, the figure (30) is far less than 1/2 of 1% (570) - but so what?


@26 you're right. missed a decimal there. It's 1/20th of 1 percent. Thanks for the fact check and helping to demonstrate Charles statement is even more absurd.


@29, you insult, you gaslight & personally I don’t bother reading all your crap. Every country has dealt with this pandemic differently.
Trump, that piece of garbage, didn’t take it seriously & spread lies about this virus. And so many of your fellow citizens have died.
Stfu, ok? Grief is real for the families of those who have died, and here you are with your ravings trying to deny what real people have & are experiencing.
Yes, not clear what this new variant is capable of, so being cautious while they find out, is about using good sense. Something which can help maintain life, good sense. You should try developing some.


@32: Interesting tangential perceptions on COVID and the governments trying to cope with the pandemic doesn't buy you credence on the real down-to-earth practical need to alleviate hospitalizations by getting the majority of the population vaccinated and boosted as much as possible. Nor does the fact that scientists are not infallible and that covid may be around forever negate the need to slow transmission as much as possible.

Nobody's talking about lockdowns. Your 'Question Authority' scare tactic is not appreciated as it is an insult to every doctor, nurse, and everyone else on the front lines.


32, you forgot about Asia. Most of them have done much better than the West. Higher population density but people are united, masked and vaccinated. Quarantine works. Hong Kong has as many people as Washington state, 12.5k cases vs, 800k cases, 200 deaths vs. 10k deaths.


In addition to Stop The Violence Movement, I also remember Same Gang, because in true 90s hip hop fashion, east coast and west coast simply couldn't work together on anything.


@23 The 'Crisis of measurability' is a real problem for socialists. Rejecting the idea that markets will set the value (and remuneration) for each individuals' contributions, they have to come up with some number that society will pay them for sitting around coffee shops, gazing at their navels and writing the occasional tome on the subject of socialism. Or articles for The Stranger.


@6 - assuming you are right about the need to get market rent for public spaces, a tent that takes out maybe two parking spaces is worth nowhere near $4000. Even in downtown Seattle you can rent a parking space (indoors to boot) for less than $1000 the last I heard. Edmonds should be far less. And again, assuming you are right, there are a lot of RVs and tents around that would seem to owe some serious back rent.


@37: Those pathologies (e.g. obesity, diabetes) don't require an ICU bed, respiration, and a team to handle them. That's a pathetically disingenuous comparison.

I agree that it would be better to not have mandates but you know very well the reasons why, human nature is not reliable and not everyone thinks altruistically for the betterment of society. We already have childhood vaccinations that were once upon a time first needed by adults so were just doing what has always been medically sound.

I know it's fun to dabble in unearthing a controversy, to be a contrarian, to be provocative, but you're heading down a wrong path of thinking if you consider yourself a good citizen.


From the article that Charle's linked to (and others that I googled): The $4,000 wasn't per month, it's through Spring, and they lowered it to $2,000 per space, and can be paid in monthly installments of $400.

If there's one thing people here have to learn is not to take anything in The Stranger at face value.


@37 You bring up so many good points. I work in cancer research and I've enrolled subjects mostly from here in the US and abroad in Europe. One of the most reliable predictors for favorable outcomes is a healthy lifestyle. Here in the US though too people believe all that matters is that we have the world's best physicians, the best drugs, and that there's no expense too great to save a single life... and then they wonder why healthcare costs are so high. I'm not anti-mandate either but I do think it's strange where we place our priorities.


Sometimes people stupidly support people like trump or Sawant. You can’t fix stupidity.



Can't agree more. The stupid should be allowed to suffer the consequences. No vaccine? No treatment. Let them choke. The gene pool will not miss a bunch of mostly Trump supporting morons who won't vaccinate.

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