Slog AM: Chunks Are Falling Off a Local Bridge, Salad Could Kill You, and Some Weirdo Tried to Drive Up a Bike Lane



Unless bike lanes have PHYSICAL guard barriers they are not even worth spending money on.
People regularly drive in the bike lanes, park in the bike lanes, make blind turn into the bike lanes because they CAN.

Make it IMPOSSIBLE to drive into bike lanes with physical, anchored bollards. Otherwise they are a complete waste of the funds set aside for non-car transportation.


It’s pretty bizarre all the stuff that gets money thrown at it instead of simple infrastructure. Bridges, clean up on highways/bus stops, the waste water treatment plant by Discovery that overflows pretty much every year….


"a Business Academy to help small business owners learn the ins and outs of running a company,"

When things go bad, blame poor people and crime and call for government help with bailouts, even though you want government to stay out of your business otherwise.

When things go well, hoard the profits and refuse to recognize your success is due to the labor of others. Ta da! Academy over.


@3: I suggest a better attitude.



Even our encampment drug dealers have a better understanding of economics than you do.


If you guys don't know about 8-Bit Arcade in Renton, you're seriously missing out. The game selection there is fantastic.


Matt, you live at 47 degrees north; it's going to get cold in winter. <20 F isn't "nightmarish".

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes."


@3 Brent, you've been reading waaaaay too much The Stranger, LOL.


7 - Who said that about clothes and bad weather? It's true! Bring out the scarves.

We need a dose of frigid cold. A good freeze helps cut down on flea eggs and other such nasties.


"and a 2020 report indicating that dozens of bridges around Seattle are in “concerning” condition and getting worse. Seems bad!

Half a Century of one party Democrat rule. Seems bad!


@10 Jackkay, fuck that shit. Republicans are no better, if not worse. Republicans have little interest in infrastructure (just look at Republican vote on recent infrastructure bill in congress).

Republicans only interest in "governing" is to take away rights from women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ - pretty much limit citizen rights in whatever way they can, while giving more money to rich people, corporations, and the military industrial complex. Oh, and they're intent on destroying our democracy, just for shits & giggles. None of that is debatable.

(that's not to defend WA state & Seattle Dem-controlled governance - they do a spectacularly shitty job... but they are far superior to the Repubs who are fascist shitbags)


@10 - which half century are you talking about? Republicans had control of the state Senate for half of the last decade, and split control of the Legislature around the turn-of-the-century. When Dino Rossi ran for Governor, he bragged about how much influence he had on budget-writing in Olympia.


@10 letting infrastructure decay seems to be a PNW tradition that spans public and private, Republican and Democrat, or for-profit or nonprofit.

A Washingtonian isn’t happy unless they are ignoring some much needed maintenance.


@10, the next time some cheap grifter tells you that we can maintain our transportation infrastructure on $30 car tabs, just say no.


Don’t be so hard on yourselves, allowing critical infrastructure to decay until it kills people is a way of life for this entire country


@15 FTW!
And tell him to return that goddamn chair!



Granted, but you can't blame poor @10: over the past century or so conservatives have developed what amounts to long-term amnesia when it comes to trying to recall who did (or didn't do) what or who was in-charge when, especially when the outcomes reflect poorly on their own flagrant mismanagement, graft, corruption, and general distain for anyone who doesn't sport at least a seven figure bank balance.