Slog PM: Stop Thinking About Snow, Seattle; Joan Didion Lived a Life; If You Do Not Feed the Africans, They May Not Know It's Christmas Time



Merry Christmas Charles


Snow in Seattle is magical. I have such fond memories of our February 2019 encounter, when the first frosty sprinkles sent the city into a panic. I took a stroll down Denny from the hill, and just basked in the gridlock there, on Mercer and I-5. People were furiously honking impotent horns, in an incredible, rageful rush to go absolutely nowhere. Brother was turning against brother. Parent against child. Cyclist against everyone. And nothing was even sticking yet! So I just stood there and watched, smoking a bowl and taking solace in the fact that should we ever face anything truly inconvenient as a city, or a nation, or a world, it shan't be long before we descend into total madness and render ourselves into sweet oblivion. Merry Christmas all!


The cost of a passport is only going up 20 bucks, which is an other 2 dollars a year for the lifetime of the document. I was anticipating a steeper hike than that, twas hardly enough of a pop to blow out a flip flop.


Merry Christmas, Raindrop. Merry Christmas, Charles.


Merry Christmas to you, to Charles and to Raindrop!
In a world of cynicism, we still hope for good!


Dear Joan, what heartache she went thru. Another Xmas without her family was too much maybe. The Year of Magical Thinking, very powerful work on grief.
Happy Christmas Charles, & all you slogers. Snow or not, keep warm & give peace a chance.


Fuck off forever, Tim Eyman.


Merry Christmas, Charles, and everyone (yes, raindrop and Swiftress, you too).
Snow or no snow, everyone stay warm and safe.

@4 pat L and @5 LavaGirl: Amen.

Rest in peace, Joan Didion.

Tim Eyman doesn't need Santa. Timmy needs to get cornholed in prison alongside Donald Trump.


Merry Christmas y'all. Thanks for confirming my suspicions that the Christmas in Africa song is ridiculous, Charles.


Both seasons of South Side are fantastic, but season 2 is exceptionally smart and so, so funny.


9 he’s referring to a christmas song about a famine in africa, calm tf down


The funny thing is that is WASN'T Christmastime in Africa. Orthodox Christmas is in January.


Right back at ya, auntie. Merry Christmas Swiftness, Pat L, and all above. May your Christmas be absolutely Martha Stewart perfect.


That goes for you too xina


Merry Christmas Chuck and all the bloggers.


@2 Brent Gumbo: Your comment on the chaos of Seattle's Snowmageddons is precisely why I put my beloved VW SuperBeetle into annual hibernation during the fall and winter months. This year is another La Nina, bringing additional high winds and severe wind chill factor (in the single digits!!). I have been stocking up on non-snow days and hibernating, myself, although I did brave going for a brief walk down my street on Christmas Day. I can't imagine living where the outdoor temperatures are below zero.

Everyone stay warm and safe-----if you don't need to go out, it's advisable that you don't. Weather like this makes me feel appreciative--and sorry for---essential workers everywhere in the PNW. I would really hate to have to commute during this time of year.