Slog AM: Here Comes More Cold and Snow, Parking Is Free Today for ... Reasons, and Guess Who Refused to Shovel the Sidewalk Outside Their Fortress



Good grief Matt. It just snowed, property owners will start clearing their walks. I have a young man coming over later to do so, or would you prefer me to try with my bad hip and knee?

Also, thank you #1.


Right on Mr. X!!! Matt's anticar crusade lowers his intelligence to minimal levels. And, by the way, kids sliding down streets that aren't blocked is the height of stupidity, which is on full display here in Seattle today (people crossing the middle of the street in front of traffic, people walking in the street, etc). Whether you're in the wrong or right is immaterial if you wind up at Harborview.


All this snow and not one bit of furry news.


Bum Mat digging deep to find some outrage today. There has to be a better writer available, stranger.


So fun and cute when cops smile and "fake arrest" people! Cops just love incarcerating ANYONE around the holidays! Such a fun crowd those cops!


And what were the charges? Harshing Jesus?!


Apple reviews apps as applications, not as platforms of fluid content. Which is the way it should be.


It snowed! Nice one. Now what , you say? Now enjoy it, geez.


What #1, #2, #3, and #5 said. Quit being such a whiny little anti-car douche.


"Apple's bonkers" ... good one!


Yes, strange reasoning re free car parking & they didn’t edit their tweet. Stay outta cars is my suggestion if possible.
Lovely pictures , yeah, that looks like fun. I’ve never seen snow.


I see that Matt keeps posting those comic book articles. I never read them, but I became interested as to whether any one ever comments - a direct correlation as to whether anyone is actually reading them. Most of those articles have zero comments, or if there is a comment, it’s to call out what an asshat Matt is. However, there was one comment in particular a few weeks back (that I’m not going to credit or link to here, for reasons) that so perfectly encapsulates so much of what I would say myself, that I’m going to repost, in part, here:

"I remember when The Stranger knew how to balance cheekiness with facts and education. Is it any wonder folks like me rarely even check in with what is becoming nothing more than an infantile, overly-subjective rag? As a rabid progressive, I have to say, your overgeneralization and high school newspaper modus agendi is growing tired, outdated and, frankly, a serious dumb-down to our urban community. That I agree with you on many political issues is hardly enough to make all of your idiocy and cheapness stomachable, to say nothing of how unresponsive to so much your editorial staff has become. If/when The Stranger dies away, I'll be anxious to see what better media outlet replaces it."


This mornings SLOG is indicative of much that is wrong with the current iteration of The Stranger.

I'm out. This is my last week reading or commenting on this website until there's a significant change in the direction of content.


@13 Looking south down Broadway E from between E Harrison and E Thomas, I believe. Julia’s is on the left.


By all means we should encourage people who, as a group, are not known for their driving skills to dig out their cars, and attempt to park them someplace else because someone is cross about everyone having all these cars.

And, I should add, this effect of this petty proposal would fall primarily upon poor and working-class people, as they are the ones who tend to have to park on the street. Not to mention the pedestrians who are enjoying this temporary relief from traffic.


@18 - Exactly. And the burden would also fall on all the people who are hit by the ones forced to move their cars into an icy street. BTW, I am curious when the last time Matt rode in a car was.


Rest in peace, Desmond Tutu.

@18 Catalina Vel-DuRay and @19 dvs99: Thank you both for offering two more reminders for why I am grateful to have fall and winter storage available for my beloved Volkswagen. We're already looking forward to spring and summer 2022. This season's La Nina is forecast to be particularly cruel in the PNW.


@12 MichaelClayton: Whenever it snows we have neighborhood kids sledding down a steep residential hill that comes directly down toward my apartment building and the entrance to our parking lot. Usually there are parents overseeing the wintertime fun, and the street is partitioned off in part by a right turn lane with a yield sign in the middle of the intersection. I'm not a parent myself, but sometimes I do worry about safety when careless drivers come barreling around the corner. It's not a thoroughfare but we do have USPS, FedEx, and UPS vans as well as trash / recycling pickup trucks, cabs, residents' vehicles, etc., coming up and down the street as well as through our multi-level parking lot.


@2 Phoebe in Wallingford: I'm sorry to hear about your bad hip and knee. I have been struggling with long term back and recent cardiovascular issues and feel your pain. Sending hugs, positrons, and VW beeps.

@14 LavaGirl: Snow is pretty but hell on Earth in or part of the world once it freezes over. Then outdoor surfaces become one big ice skating rink and it's a booger to get around. Black ice can be lethal.
Lucky you to be enjoying beach weather! My beloved VW and I are envious.
Sending hugs, positrons, and VW beeps. :)


It's refreshing to see some sanity in the comments here. I've gradually learned to filter out certain other writers for The Stranger, but this article was the point that reminded me to cancel the recurring donation I've had during pandemic times. Local journalism is good, but this isn't good local journalism.

As all of the other commenters have said, it's a GOOD thing to give people reasons not to try to drive in this snow. We don't have the infrastructure to quickly clear most streets, we don't have the infrastructure to sand or salt anything, we have hills, and frankly the drivers here are pretty bad in the best of times. Telling people to go move their cars and worry about parking fees and time is a recipe for disaster, and thinking that a one-day moratorium on parking fees is a bad thing is so out of touch as to be a form of parody.



Since I knew my landlord wouldn't do squat about it, I took MY bad hip and knee out and shoveled the sidewalk myself. Hoping the MRI tomorrow will tell me exactly WHY I have a bad hip and knee, but I'd prefer not to fall on my ass and break something before then.


I hear David Frum is otherwise engaged.


Well, that's one down, about a dozen to go...


@24 COMTE: I hope all goes well with your MRI tomorrow. I have a nuclear stress test coming up next month in cardiology that I'm not thrilled about.


@16: This isn't an airport, and you're not an aircraft, so no need to announce your departure.


Fortunately SDOT takes its transportation advice from experts in that field and not from random dimwits.


@28: What's up, Bugs? What made you such an old, crotchety, mean, buzzkill type? Which of the Grumpy Old Men are you, coming from the Midwest, Max Goldman or John Gustafson?
We're having a heat wave......a tropical heat wave.......


@31: Max Goldman and his muskie limit-catching Green Hornet. For me, it's Ariel Truvax. I'm creative, independent, musical, and have similar hair color. And I love snow angels.