Happy New Year, Charles.
I can’t with the virus during this week of the year change over. Got to sort my (paper) diary & decide on NY’s resolutions.


My patience with anti-vaxxers is so thin as to be nearly transparent at this point. If I were in your place, Charles, it would have taken every ounce of willpower to keep myself from completely going off, even though the rational side of me knows it probably wouldn't do any good.

I could understand a bit of "vaccine hesitancy" early on. Before billions of doses had been administered worldwide. Before the death toll in the US climbed past a half million. Before Delta. Before Omicron. But this woman wasn't just a nervous Nelly who needed a little calm understanding. She's just spewing blatant falsehoods, fed by a steady diet of bullshit from Faux News and Faceborg.

Yes, yes, she has the right to play Russian Roulette with Covid by refusing the vaccine. But if she wants to be a functioning member of society, she does not have the right to play Russian Roulette with the passengers on that train.


@3 I don't think she would consider that worth being important unless her security structure told her it should. Her and the Brandon caller are sheep. They don't trust their inner instinctual guidance so they require an external source to tell them what is up and down. They also don't completely trust that source either so they feel they must signal that they're worthy of being protected by these bizarre public acts.
They're terrified people seeking security and certainty because they have zero faith in anything. That aspect also makes them easy to manipulate through sowing uncertainty and doubt. That's why you get Alex Jones and Q-Anon.


Too bad you took the conversation as a personal assault....she said nothing about you personally but seems you felt the need to attack her in your article. Name calling is the defeateds weapon of choice in any conversation.



That was my initial guess too, but the profile's been active since 2019. I'm sure our friend will be back soon enough, but I don't think this is him.


@7 that is the first time in all my years I've heard someone.uae."flyover country" without irony.


@7: first class Amtrak tickets don't cost that much more and offer more single seats with a table. Also reduces the chances you'll be in a car with noisy, undisciplined children. The extra $ totally worth it.


Kelso/Longview is not your "penultimate station" if you're going to Portland.


I can think of few things more Marxist than being paired with someone from a completely different station in life. After all, there is no educated vs non-educated, no rich vs poor in the communal society.
Having written that, I am looking forward to the 4th jab.


And this is why I avoid the Bistro car.


I take some solace in knowing that many of these types will end up the recipient of a Herman Cain Award.


As our digital life permeates our material one perhaps we fall greater to risk to living as "light through" rather than "light on" creatures. This passenger was transmitting bits of information she had consumed, fragmented and without evidence, through her increasingly translucent mind. This quote from you Charles made this connection for me.
"you must not only receive this worthless inspiration, but transmit it—even to the president himself. And you must say it as if it's all you are inside."

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