Steven Weissman

I went to my favorite Vietnamese place in Ballard where you were sitting with a friend, without a mask, coughing profusely. Now I know you’re young and don’t care about the rest of us, but that’s truly an asshole move. And I had to consider if I really wanted to pick a fight with you about how selfish you are to expose all of us in this packed house b/c you couldn’t order to go or get delivery. So I was sitting there masked and pondering if I should just get it to go when you both finally got up and left. I hoped for the best, talked myself into “it’s probably fine,” and decided to enjoy my dinner in the restaurant.

When the very next morning I woke up with a sore throat that turned into an upper respiratory infection that kept me out of work and income-less for three weeks, resulting in two covid tests, a round of antibiotics, and juggling bills for the next few months. The restaurant checked our vaccination statuses at the door, but I feel like I’m lucky this thing wasn’t worse. And no thanks to you, you selfish piece of shit.

You know you’re not supposed to be out when you’re sick. You know how sensitive this time is. And you SHOULD know that you can infect others. Next time, I’ll publicly chew your ass out like it’s a spring roll.

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