You are one lucky sidewalk to get even this.
You are one lucky sidewalk to get even this. Charles Mudede

I said, "The one good thing about this really cold weather is it's killing the rats. They must be freezing to death." She said, "The rats around here are enjoying it. That's what I saw when walking to work. Lots of them around the snow. So, I don't know what you are talking about." This conversation happened between a bartender and me in a restaurant not far from the rat capital of Capitol Hill, Cal Anderson Park.

Pacific Northwest Ballet presents: Romeo et Juliette at McCaw Hall
Romeo et Juliette returns to PNB to sweep you off your feet – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Remember the album 10 Inches of Snow? Well, that's not happening here tomorrow. The weather people expect on Thursday 1 to 3 inches of snow. Meaning, no big white penis will fall from the cloud-cold sky and rise from the ground.

But after the snow, best believe it's "ice, ice, baby."

What's all the fuss about? People are stuck at the airport or had their flight to God knows where canceled because there is snow on the ground and a deadly virus in the air. It's as if no one knew the snow was coming in the middle of pandemic.

Also, don't expect your garbage to go anywhere anytime soon. KIRO 7 also has information of other delays you should keep mind as the city freezes: "Wednesday closures and delays across Puget Sound after snowfall."

Fleet Foxes report: "In the quivering forest/Where the shivering dog rests/Our good grandfather/Built a wooden nest/And the river got frozen/And the home got snowed in/And a yellow moon glowed bright/Till the morning light."

Shannon O'Donnell, KOMO News' meteorologist, asks this timely question: "Why so cold and so snowy for so long in Western Washington?" Her answer is one that might rattle her Trumpy bosses:

Most climate researchers are in agreement that climate change will result in greater extremes in our local Pacific Northwest weather profile.

In other words, our formerly moderate maritime regime will start shifting toward hotter conditions in the summer and colder conditions in the winter.

We had a very hot summer, and now we are having a very cold winter. Welcome to the capitolocene.

The trees of Seattle are beside themselves right now. What is the outgoing Mayor Jenny Durkan thinking? Ending her commitment to them and all of the wonderful things they do for the city for free. Why? How horrible of her.

Seattle Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell, who is known to love cars like there's no tomorrow, added "seven new members of his leadership team." You can read all about it on

Mike Lindblom of the Seattle Times has this to say about a suggestion made in Matt Baume's post "Seattle Sidewalk Hall of Shame."

No dumb cars and neglected sidewalks, but lots of trees, birds, and people.
No dumb cars and neglected sidewalks, but lots of trees, birds, and people. Bruegel's The Hunters in the Snow

A way to fight inflation that not enough people are talking about? Price controls. It has been done in the past; it can be done again. And it's a much better way to cool prices than the one, if given the chance, the GOP would obviously implement—a sharp increase in interest rates. But, as my friend and philosopher Nic Veroli pointed out to me the other night, sharply raising interest rates was something you could do in the 1980s, when consumer debt was still low. Today, this action by the Fed Bank would essentially wipe out the suburbs, the middle class.

That essay I wrote a little over two years ago about my brother's passing, ended with: "I will miss you, Kudzai." But it should have ended with this Fleet Foxes line: "I love you, I love you/Oh, brother of mine."

Of course the jury found Ghislaine Maxwell, the right-hand woman of a man who was regarded by many as nothing more than a high-end pimp, the dead Jeffrey Epstein, guilty. The Associated Press reports that Maxwell "faces the likelihood of years behind bars," and also claims she showed no emotion whatsoever when she heard the truth. That's how you do it. Back straight, lips cold, eyes dead.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Omicron just keeps looking less and less scary. Yes, it wants to infect us, but it's not so big on killing us, particularly the vaccinated. Viruses and humans can, after all, get along. Indeed, some see the virusphere as the R&D of animal biology.

Goodnight E.O. Wilson. You were a brilliant scientist, and I still believe in the subject you introduced in 1975, sociobiology. You began with ants, and end with another superorganism, humans. But what you did not understand is that our sociality is no longer in us but outside. This is called real abstraction. Meaning, humans in a market-centered economy have become the most abstract thing ever, an individual, and, at the same time, are alienated from what makes them the animal they are, their sociality. I will stop there, because you were a biologist, not a Marxist. The ants will also miss you.

Let's end my last news post of the year with this heartbreakingly sweet and so wood-warm cover of "Blue Ridge Mountains":

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