Slog PM: Cancel Whatever You Were Planning This Week or It Will Cancel For You, Ghislaine Maxwell Is Found Guilty, and the Rats Are Doing Just Fine in the Snow



From the MyNorthWest article: "Among them is Derrick Wheeler-Smith, who is the current director of King County Zero Youth Detention. Wheeler-Smith will join the Harrell administration as interim director of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights....DeVitta Briscoe, a leader on police accountability whose brother Che Taylor was shot and killed by Seattle police in 2016, was named by Harrell as the the gun violence prevention liaison. "

It certainly looks like Progressive Mayor Bruce Harrell is appointing Progressives to important leadership positions.

Where are all the Stranger SAWANISTAS who spent the last half of 2021 yelling that Bruce Harrell was a vile conservative supported by Trump MAGATS?

The truth is that every candidate for city-wide office in the 2021 election was very much on the progressive side of the political scale. Harrell, Nelson, and Davison were simply savagely vilified by extreme activists who have no idea how to actual govern something as complex and unpredictable as Seattle.

No the City Council needs to elect Progressive leader Debora Juarez as Council President so they can all begin working on the difficult tasks ahead of them.


Let's just all stay home next Thanksgiving and Christmas and not go through this again.


@1 Now the City Council needs to elect Progressive leader Debora Juarez as Council President so they can all begin working on the difficult tasks ahead of them.


How about we hire people who really need the work to shovel sidewalks? And you can clear 100' or so of sidewalk in less than an hour. How do you figure that is worth $200?


@3 you should take the $200 and hire somebody to do the actual work at minimum wage. Don't forget to wage theft them, you owe it to the shareholders!


For all the game music links I have posted, this orchestrated version is the best.


Fun fact: Price controls ended Nixon’s presidency because it fucked the economy. Watergate was just the means of getting rid of him.
Sorry Chuck, the market, free or black, will always undermine your socialist/communist dreams.


I went out today because I am losing my mind having been inside my home for nearly the entire pandemic. When I got home I decided I don't want to go out again anytime soon.

Every single person either had their mask on under their nose (the only person who looked at me and pulled their mask over their nose was a child - I'd say she was about 7 years old) or they had no mask at all.

It is abundantly clear that it is more than likely that everyone will get COVID no matter what, because of all of the assholes who have refused, continue to refuse, and will always refuse to do what needs to be done for the greater good.

It is abundantly apparent that no amount of death will matter and that everyone only cares about their own lives. No amount of distress or collapse on our health care system matters either.

And if COVID ever does go away, there is no way to know the amount of health problems and disability it will be contributing to in the future (given they're now stating the virus can stay in your body and affect all of your bodily systems and organs for lengthy amounts of time). Pediatric hospitalizations are up by shocking numbers. How many of those children will require respiratory assistance for life? Lung transplants? Be unable to work during their lifetimes? How many will die (I mean when it was old people dying everyone was like who cares they would have died anyway will the response be the same when children start dying? All children under the age of 5 are still unable to be vaccinated).

Even the CDC has chosen capitalism above all else - sickness and death be damned.

One day people will look back at this time and wonder what the fuck was wrong with people that they did not give a shit and allowed so many to get sick, so many to die, so many to suffer, and so many to experience life long repercussions. The only question is when will that be and what the numbers look like?


xina @7: "Every single person either had their mask on under their nose... or they had no mask at all."

Where is this? What locale?


Informer. Snort! Yeah no actual young people read this rag.


@7 the pediatric hospitalizations are not because of Covid but those in hospital for other reasons but are asymptomatic and tested positive because they are testing everyone regardless of symptoms. But don’t let facts dampen your drama queen show.


@8 I live in Seaside, OR. It was at the Costco in Warrenton, OR.


@11, I was wondering because here in Seattle mask-wearing is the norm, not the exception. I realize Seattle is itself the exception in this matter.


@11 - Costco? That's not so horrendous in the parking lot or in the store, given it's ceiling height and it's pretty easy to maintain social distancing.


@11, the virus hangs in the air for hours, where it has been exhaled; it doesn't rise to the ceiling. Social distancing means nothing, because people are moving around into the virus that someone else has exhaled; they're not staying in one spot.


And I meant to reply to @13, not @11.


Yep, "capitolocene" still sounds just as dumb today as when you tried to coin it a few months back. Try to convince a Marxist that their convictions are silly, though...

I'm glad you've received news that we won't be seeing any BWC falling from the sky. The rest of us weren't expecting that, but at least you should feel relieved. Was it the bartender who disabused you of this notion, like with the rats? Could you maybe ask her about Marxism, and save the rest of us the future eye rolls?


Jeffery Epstein was murdered in prison. He knew too much about all his guests at his Fantasy Island, Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, and on. They also sent a team to scrub all records at Epsteins house and other properties so that no identification can be made of who was where when.

That's my theory and I'm sticking with it


"A way to fight inflation that not enough people are talking about? Price controls."

People aren't talking about it because it's stupid. They never work, goods just disappear from the shelves. Maybe you should read about something other than dialectical materialism.


Aww, thank you for sharing that version of Blue Ridge Mountains. Happy New Year to you, Charles!


@4 FTW!
And while you're at it, after the IPO give yourself a muti-million dollar bonus, before the share price collapses!


@4 - OK, you got me. I admit it. I was planning to burn those $100 bills and use them to light me up a landlordly cigar. But no wage theft was contemplated.

And if shoveling snow is not a minimum wage job, please feel free to tell me what IS.


As to interest rates, I figured Charles would jump at the chance to kill the middle class and those bourgeois bastards in the suburbs. I actually doubt that would happen anyway- lending standards are much higher now (as in they make an attempt to see if you can actually repay the loan), and fewer people are now taking out adjustable mortgages than 20 years ago. What raising rates MIGHT do, however, is rescue people who are living on their savings. Right now there is just no safe investment that will provide any kind of return, which is terrible for retirees and older people.

@17 - it's not just your theory. It's the only remotely plausible explanation. I'm sure it has crossed Ms. Maxwell's mind as she contemplates her future (or lack thereof).


@16 - don't be silly. The USSR made no contribution whatsoever to climate change. It's all the capitalists.


I blame Mayor Harrell for the lack of recycling and garbage collection on my street.


Let's fire him.

Also, Sawant would make a great City Council President.


oh and @11, @12 is correct. We all mask up here, and some of us fully vaccinated and boosted people are double masked. You should too.



Charles, I took a photo of a dead frozen rat on Tuesday. You just aren't looking hard enough for them.


Happy New Year to Charles, and all the many sloggers!



Replying to your own comments is sort of weird, you know that right?


Not after people have walked on it, cars have driven over the driveway parts of it, and it's had several days to melt and re-freeze, you can't. I've been watching my neighbors using metal shovels or edgers, attempting to chip away at the roughly 2" of solid sheet ice on their sidewalks for the past couple of days (I shoveled and salted mine on Monday during the short break between snowfalls), and it took them a couple of hours to get maybe 20 or 30 feet cleared - and that was mainly just narrow strips barely wide enough to walk single-file over.


@1 Davison is a progressive? Give me a fucking break. She ran on a law and order platform.

As for Harrell, yeah, of course he is progressive. The problem with Harrell is not that he will be a terrible mayor, but only that he won't be nearly as good as Gonzalez. He is a very nice guy, quite qualified (unlike the last half dozen or so mayors) but his policies are simply out of date. He governs as if nothing has changed over the last twenty years, even though housing prices have skyrocketed and traffic is much worse. He would have been a great mayor in a different era, much as Rice was a great mayor back then. Rice has admitted that some of his policies (like urban villages) are no longer appropriate -- time will tell if Harrell's thought on subjects like that actually progress.


Charles: Your morning run-downs are a joy (and funny as hell, occasionally).


@10 Bullshit.

The omicron-fueled surge that is sending COVID-19 cases rocketing in the U.S. is putting children in the hospital in close to record numbers, and experts lament that most of the youngsters are not vaccinated.

The scenes are heart-wrenching.

“They’re struggling to breathe, coughing, coughing, coughing,” Offit said. “A handful were sent to the ICU to be sedated. We put the attachment down their throat that’s attached to a ventilator, and the parents are crying.”

None of the parents or siblings was vaccinated either, he said.

The next four to six weeks are going to be rough, he said: “This is a virus that thrives in the winter.”

Pediatric COVID-19 case rates, hospitalizations 'on fire' amid nation's latest surge

U.S. children hospitalized with Covid in near-record numbers


@10: Whoa there, little MAGA troll. Did you get tired of bazooka-barfing psychedelic misinformation? And now you're pushing insecure middle school male chauvinist smut?
Spoiler: FOX TEEVEE is a silent killer. Get out while you still can.

@27 pat L: Happy New Year to you, pat, Charles, everyone at The Stranger, and all fellow sloggers.


@31 xina: Those really are heartbreaking statistics. I can't imagine being a parent with school-aged children right now. What is really shameful as you have so aptly and repeatedly pointed out, is that all this could have been prevented if we had had an actual President of the United States from January 20, 2017 through January 20, 2021.
Donald Trump has blood on his hands and must be held criminally accountable.