You Tested Positive for COVID. Now What Do You Do?



Derrrrrp gee I don’t know, go down to the bar and try to make out with random folks, right?


Curse Xi Jinping and his evil regime, then regain composure.


What does UW’s sleep clinic have to do with getting medical care for covid?


Actually I think the UW Medicine advice is to self-isolate for 5 days after testing positive for COVID and then ONCE YOU HAVE NO SYMPTOMS get tested again and even if negative wear a mask for 5 days AFTER that.

But hey that's easily verified at their website


"The best thing you can do is get vaccinated BEFORE you get sick, and the second best thing you can do is avoid people as much as possible for a week after a positive

Uhh... so Plan A is get vaccinated? Plan B is to pretend you're an introvert for a week?

Get vaccinated and boosted. If you still get COVID - you should ISOLATE AT HOME for the period recommended by the CDC.