It would not be hard to make the city's review and approval process for affordable/supportive housing more expedient than it is now, my goodness. Please do so with all haste.

Also, I've never been scared to go to our lovely parks, and have never been in any perceivable danger in or near them as a frequent visitor. Would hate to spend a day in Ann's parallel version of the city.


I look forward to this swing away from anarchy in Seattle politics.


Predictable lightweight woke stuff from Rich Smith's little sister.


@2: seriously. Ann Davison seems determined to make as many people irrationally scared of Seattle as possible. I’m sure downtown business owners are overjoyed at her campaign to make every citizen too terrified to go within a mile of 3rd Ave.


@4: “Rich Smith wrote the stuff about City Attorney Ann Davison.“

Even his little sister refuses to refer to Davison as a “Trump Republican.” Give it a rest, Rich.


@5 Pre-covid people didn't listen to government officials to tell them what to be terrified of.


Lots of "vagueness" accusations here; warranted or not, it's an accusation that is pretty rich coming from the low level of journalism the Stranger has become known for.


Go, Ann! Lock 'em up.


Pretty fucking sad, even for slog conservatrolls, to jump straight into the toxic masculinity and define the author as a diminutive version of a male counterpart whose style and perspectives said trolls take exception to. Like even for trolling it’s weakshit, and like we get it: conservatives hate little female looking things about as much as they wish they could tame and control them. Tired.


@6 Rich Smith is the Ted Rall of The Stranger staff, a disgruntled Bernie Bro who will never let it go.

Maybe in the future he can join Rall over at Sputnik and get paid for his schtick. Unlike Rich though, Rall actually did have talent before he went insane.


The current iteration of Downtown Seattle reminds me of the Downtown Seattle of the 90’s, after Frederick’, I.Magnin, and Klopenstein’s closed: kind of empty, but not sinister. Waiting for the next chapter.

The only part of Seattle that is dangerously skeezey is The Ave, but the city has let it be that way for the last forty years - and that’s not likely to change.


All I know is that I've seen WAY MORE broken windows and damage under Mayor Harrell, even after his swearing in, than in any prior administration.

Just look at the U District.

Can't even keep people safe above the Ship Canal.



Ann Davison evoking the collision of two of the Stranger's conflicting editorial impulses: pretending to care about reforming the carceral state, and pretending to care about gun violence.


"a comment"


Sorry bout that... Difficulty logging in!

What I wanted to say is that I love Bruce Harrell's way of taking every position at once (rhetorically).
Obviously, we will have to see what, if anything, he does. But it's a solid "I will care for the poor by sweeping the parks and showing leniency to dope fiends by locking them up in affordable housing which I will pay for with money, sweet money, don't we all love money? Don't forget the poor and the crazy, they are part of Seattle too, and we care about them not being in the parks. Parks are free! One Seattle under money, with money for my family!"
I'm obviously not as good at taking all sides as he is.
Anyway, I like how he does it... Sound and fury signifying nothing! Go Sonics.

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