Slog AM: Kent Mayor Wants the Resignation of Alleged Nazi-Loving Police Officer, BlackBerry Is Dead, Expect a Maddening Mix of Snow and Rain Today



"Obergruppenführer" is analogous to a "Senior Commanding Officer" military rank.


"In fact, it's rather shocking that he has been around for that long"

Charles, you are a smart man. There is no way you are shocked American police forces embrace and protect Nazis.


@2, is my irony that flat?


"Kammerzell" means "chamber cell" in German, an appropriately named Kent polizei nazi.


@1 Good excuse, oh wait, he based his display of it on the TV show where it is the rank of the top american nazi. This excuse doesn't hold water; demote him; fire him; and take away his pension


I wonder if Mein Kampf is banned in Tennessee prisons.


“He has apologized for his conduct and, since his return to work, has fulfilled his responsibilities in full compliance with the department’s values and policies. The Police Department expects Assistant Chief Kammerzell will continue to abide by the department’s values and policies in the future.”

It’s ok guys he said he’s sorry and he is doing a great job of not being a nazi when he is on the clock


@7 I have no doubt he is operating in "full compliance with the department's values"


Most nazis were folks who were bullied or malcontents that couldn't fit into normal society, and the power that came with being a nazi was intoxicating to them. It's not surprising that some police in the United States fit into this mold. Could you imagine having this guy as your boss? Someone who thought of himself as something akin to a general in a paramilitary organization, and took it so seriously that he put rank insignia on his office door?


What a wretched spectacle, the Guild 45th in that state.

First movie I remember seeing there was Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings when I was a kid.


It may be that Omicron is how the pandemic ends. I read a little blurb this morning saying that preliminary indications are that this variant is about as deadly as the common flu virus. Because it is novel, highly contagious and we are without evolved defenses, Omicron is ripping through the world's unvaccinated populations like a wildfire.

The pattern is similar to how the "Spanish flu" eventually become endemic. The various descendants of that virus are what we try to protect ourselves against by getting an annual flu shot. More virulent versions of the coronavirus will still evolve of course, but they will have to compete against the highly contagious, relatively mild Omicron. In this kind of competition, it's always an advantage not to kill your host.


Saw The Road Warrior there too. That weird stucco apartment building with the bubble window around the corner burned down must be almost 20 years ago now.


Good dog! Who's a good girl? Yes, you're a good girl!


The bearer of the ring,
The wearer of the ring,
Stands on the very brink of fate.
Staring into eyes of darkness and despair,
That rise and shrink with hate.


@15: I suggest you take a comedy fix.


"that preliminary indications are that this variant is about as deadly as the common flu virus. Because it is novel, highly contagious and we are without evolved defenses"

In epidemiology these two things are totally contradictory.

If a virus is more contagious it will kill more people.

Here's a though experiment presented by an Epidemiologist on NPR: Which virus is more deadly? Ebola or Covid19 and it's variants?

Ebola: 11,310 to roughly 20K deaths in 44 years since its first human outbreaks in 1977.
Covid19: Almost six million IN TWO YEARS.

So you can say "Ebola has a higher fatality rate." But Covid19, being orders of magnitude more infectious with a perniciously long infectious asymptotic phase, has killed orders magnitude more people therefore is more deadly.

Infectiousness is virulence and that makes this disease much more deadly than any common flu. The new variant is still killing and hospitalizing unvaccinated people at about 5-7X the rate of common flu.


The reason Blackberry died out was because their later incarnations (like the Storm) sucked. SOOOOOOOOOO SLOOWWWWWW. iPhones took over because they work.


@17 Of course Omicron will kill far more people than the flu in 2022. Infectiousness refers to frequency; virulence refers to severity. Delta is far more virulent than Omicron. Omicron is far more infectious than Delta. In the past week, 95% of the sequenced covid cases in the US were Omicron. This strain has rapidly become dominant and, in the long run, that's probably a good thing. The next few months will be pretty bad because the absolute number of cases will be so large. Even with a lower rate of severity, the health care system again will be overwhelmed.


💜💜💜 Mudede


@16. Fine. The Energizer Bunny was arrested and charged with battery.