Oy, Schmaltzy, please! Enough with the yiddische cosplay if you're going to serve pork and bacon, and put meat and cheese on your sandwiches. What does the "The O.G." stand for, The Old Goy?

I don't keep kosher either, but then I don't pretend to represent jewish yiddish culture. I wish you'd either tone down the schtick, or make it clearer that this is "jewish-style" cooking with glaring violations. Maybe then you could lean into it, and it could become a bit that makes headlines. "Steeped in tradition…not stuck in it," doesn't really cut it in Seattle where almost nobody knows what rules you're breaking. These people will tell their friends they know a "real, authentic jewish deli" in Seattle with the BEST BLT and an AMAZING pork cuban sandwich!

No charge for the marketing advice.

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