Thank you!


Lesson learned I guess.


This seems a bit unfair to autobio comics. You're specifically referring to ones about recent happenings, which has always had issues.


Terrific work, this comic is superb


I very much like the style of this entry. Well done.


Autobio comics do have their place, but why force it if you don't feel good about it? I enjoyed reading this, and I think many people do enjoy reading autobio comics because we can relate to people's inner thoughts in a way that feels less... For lack of a better word, icky, than an IG story (IG is after all, the inverse of art imo). That said I can see how from a creator's perspective they could feel that they come across as embarrassingly self-centered. Never a bad idea to think "what would I like to see in someone else's work?" because sometimes that is a good guiding light and also freeing from your own creative history. Keep making cool, readable comics. Thanks for this.


I enjoyed this and I'd love to see more of your work. One little critique, though: If you're going to make a habit of using ampersands, you might want to do them the right way around--all here were mirrored. I definitely drew (wrote?) several backwards myself before I got the hang of it.

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